I have one question to ask you. What is your opinion on Tyler Perry playing the Madea roles? The issue with Tyler Perry playing the Madea roles can be controversial because some people, including Elder G. Craige Lewis, feel that Tyler Perry is wrong for playing the Madea roles, citing that he violated Deuteronomy 22:5 by cross-dressing.

I don't think Tyler Perry is trying to be a woman nor he's cross-dressing. It's not like he's walking down the street dressing like a woman. He's just playing the Madea role for movies and plays. Also, the movies and plays with Madea in it are very funny and inspiring. Through his plays and movies, Tyler Perry is ministering the message of forgiveness and reconciliation to people. Remember that Tyler Perry is not gay.

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I don't see anything wrong with Tyler Perry playing Madea movie roles. It amazes me how people like G. Craige Lewis (an angry, bitter little man) can point fingers of damnation against people like Tyler Perry but choose to turn their heads to the sin in the church they CHOOSE not to deal with.
I didn't see any messages from G. Craige when Jamal Harrison-Bryant was cheating on his wife and had a child out of wedlock that he wasn't providing for.
I didn't see a message from G. Craige when Tye Tribbett was committing adultery with a woman in the same choir his wife was singing in.
I didn't see a message from G. Craige when J. Moss was committing adultery and told the woman he was cheating with to have an abortion.
However, G. Craige has an issue with Tyler Perry playing a ROLE in a movie.
G. Craige needs to get over the fact that he didn't make it in the music business and realize that the deception he is spreading around the world through his arrogant, prideful and bitter messages will come back to haunt him!!!


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