I have one question to ask you. What is your opinion on Tyler Perry playing the Madea roles? The issue with Tyler Perry playing the Madea roles can be controversial because some people, including Elder G. Craige Lewis, feel that Tyler Perry is wrong for playing the Madea roles, citing that he violated Deuteronomy 22:5 by cross-dressing.

I don't think Tyler Perry is trying to be a woman nor he's cross-dressing. It's not like he's walking down the street dressing like a woman. He's just playing the Madea role for movies and plays. Also, the movies and plays with Madea in it are very funny and inspiring. Through his plays and movies, Tyler Perry is ministering the message of forgiveness and reconciliation to people. Remember that Tyler Perry is not gay.

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Some people are always looking for something that isn't there! Tyler Perry is an entertainer, screen writer and actor. There is nothing that I have seen that is filthy in his films and though he tries to provide a message he has comedy in his films and plays as well. Elder Lewis should concentrate on my pressing issues as a Christian than Tyler Perry acting a part in his movies and plays. We have leaders in churches, temples or whatever you want to call it molesting children, we have leaders teaching people wrong doctrine to suit themselves, we have leaders with a "that's alright let's just get along" attitude, we have leaders simple trying to fill their churches for monetary gains! Personally I'm not concerned with Tyler Perry portraying his Madea role in his films and plays. If in his fims and plays he was advocating he was a man trying to be a woman by cross dressing that would be another thing.
If in his fims and plays he was advocating he was a man trying to be a woman by cross dressing that would be another thing.

I agree with this statement... however..sometimes I just don't like when they joke with the Word of God....the word of God is serious...
Honestly the issue for me is simply that cross-dressing has become a means of success for many black comedians: Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Flip Wilson, Martin Lawrence...and others. The identity crisis among black men is hidden behind that of black women. In so many ways, their characters contribute to the anti-black male image that the world has and strengthens the heightened sense of responsibility that the black woman has embraced. I would agree that although the image is a positive one that reinforces Christian values, we as black men have got to find another way to be positively comedic without presenting negative, angry, and in the case of Perry, a crazed old lady-figure. LOL
I dont know about none of ya'll but I aint heard a person come out of one of those movies saying they felt encouraged to go on in the name of the Lord. Quite honestly I used to really enjoy those plays from an entertainment stand point but its quite obvious that now he is just pimping black folk straight to the bank. Nothing new nothing groundbreaking same lines from the play same lines in the movie, oh and lets not talk about the latest one the "preacher" in the movie handing out condoms and clean needles thats crazy!
Tyler Perry is also clearly gay...making him a hypocrite with his supposedly "christian" teachings
Tyler Perry ain't gay!!!!!
How are you so sure minister Sudler?
Why is his sexuality an issue?
Do we call into question everyone's sexuality that we don't agree with?
Why are church folk being concerned with Tyler Perry anyway?
We don't say anything about the "pimps" who put on their "act" every Sunday to get your dollars???
We need to get back in the Word and stop trying to tear people down with our religious man-made doctrines.
Everybody has a gift to share with the world and until he turns down a wrong road and starts doing foolishness he aiight with me.
I wish we were this critical about the "pimps and pimpettes" running across this country with all their "prophesies" and delusions.
But I guess we can't touch them cuz, "Touch not thine anointed" lol!!!
Funny that we can tear down positive people but we will gladly stand up for wrong.
And G. Craige Lewis is a joke so mentioning him makes it even worse.
mmmm hm...So was Lincoln perry but he was still being detrimental to black people

Tyler Perry does more harm to the black community with his show than all the preachers in the south
I doubt that.
These pips are worse.
They are destroying the spirits of men and women.
That is more detrimental than hurting the physical man.
and his coonery arent destroying the spirits of men and women?

His audience is bigger than the average pulpit pimp


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