Most churches, especially Baptist churches that are located in the rural are most time heavly traditional and resist change especially those which are found in the Word of God. How do you as a pastor deal with this issue, especially when you teach on certian doctrines as the Word of God teaches and people don't appear to be receptive?

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What traditions are they holding onto and what changes are they resisting? What doctrines are they resisting or not receptive to. Thank you.
Brother West as always has put it so true and right. You just teach the Word and let everything else fall into place by God. Don't worry that they aren't getting something, it will happen. Right on Brother West.
My Brother, The best thing to do in a situation such as this is too
"STAY HUMBLE AND STICK TOO THE WORD OF GOD" For the Trut h just as Love will never Fail.
Remember, God will fight the battle. All arguments stop at the word of God.

Be steadfast and immovable, and God will arise and Bring understanding, from the midst of the confusion.
Minister West
AMEN and nothing else to say about it.
Let me say just a little something and I'll gladly add more later.

This issue is probably the most dear to my heart because of what I am going through at the church where I serve as Senior Pastor. This Sunday, we will CELEBRATE my fifth anniversary. It has not been easy. But what has probably helped me more than anything is learning, experientially, what the Lord is teaching me so that I can change and become the man He would have me to become. My own personal transformation as His church transitions, and the church is transitioning, is something I will not trade in for the world. If you are serious about your own personal transformation, put more focus on that than on the transition of your church. I'm not saying don't worry about your church or anything like that. What I am saying is that if you make your own transformation a higher priority than the transition of your church, God will transition your church, wait, I didn't say that right, I mean, His church that He is allowing you to watch Him work in while He works in you!!!

I wish I had time to share some of my stories. I don't right now. But, Man of God, I done learned/learnt some stuff by just watching God work on me and the people around me. I'll gladly admit that I need more work than they do. Pride is so subtle. It can have you looking at what God is doing in the ministry under the impression that you're an outsider rather than the main reason God is saying and doing what He is saying and doing. Being God's main target is not always a bad thing.

My question for you is whether or not you are willing to question if you are as receptive as you think you are to what God wants to teach you while you serve? I think one of the most potent tools to transition a church is for them to see their pastor transform right before their eyes. Be what you want to see in your church.
Pastor Clarke, once again your in-site is truly valuable.
I too have empathy for this Pastor. I moved from a major city and now am serving in a rural church. traditional deep (so deep, I think they started have of them lol) my point: being the new kid and the youngest minister, my fear of acceptance wasn't spiritual but personal. The word has not changed, just the presentation of the presenter. The understand of the word has grown and th members will digest it according to their ability to eat. The babes will need to nuse on it for a while. The young adults will swollow it down quickly, the middle age will chew it throughly, the seasoned may knaw on it for a while but eventually everone that leaves the table full.
Lastly, i believe traditions of the church are fundamental, but the practice of tradition is not. Tradition should be used as a tool to build upon. That way those who helped build the foundation will always know their worth.

stay blessed everyone....


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