What do you think of G. Craige Lewis preaching on the issue of hip hop?

I want to ask you a question. What do you think of G. Craige Lewis preaching on the hip hop issue? Do you agree with his messages or disagree. If you want to learn about G. Craige Lewis, his ministry, and his messages, go to www.exministries.com and http://www.dallasobserver.com/Issues/2005-12-08/news/feature.html.

I want to say that G. Craige Lewis is right about secular hip hop being filled with idol worship, sexual impurity, perversion, drug and alcohol use, materialism, and immediate gratification. Yes, I respect him as a minister of God's word and he makes clear points. But, I disagree with his statement about hip hop being a religion. I don't believe that hip hop is a religion. It's just a culture. Yes, hip hop can be used as a religion, but hip hop is not the only musical genre to be used as a religion. There are jazz, R&B, rock, classical, rap, Salsa, pop, and other genres that can be used as a religion. What G. Craige Lewis is doing is throwing the baby out with bath water when he said that Holy Hip Hop or Christian hip hop is an oxymoron. I believe Christian Hip hop is okay as long as it glorifies God instead of self, edify the saints, and reach out to the lost. Also, G. Craige Lewis is wrong saying that Bobby Jones and Hezekiah Walker are gay. Although I don't prefer to have my ears pierced, I believe it's wrong to judge men with pierced ears as "gay" or "effeminate".

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I agree with you to a degree. I am an avid fan of Hip-Hop. I love it. KRS-1 has rightly described what Hip Hop is. to be hip is to be up on things, relevant and up to speed. To hop indicates movement. That's what the music is a relevant movement. From it's offset, this is what the music was supposed to be about. It used to be, however, it's been hijacked to promote the drug culture and other negative foolishness! It's a tool to globally demean our race.

I love Christian Hip-Hop. It's real. and uplifting. Don't get me wrong I love the choirs but I need to bump something with some bump sometimes!
As far as Lewis' comments about Bobby and Hezy Walker, well they're probably warranted, they like a lot of gospel industry men carry themselves in an "effeminate"manner; however, Lewis' comments though warranted are not they're certainly not welcomed or appreciated. Who cares about their sexuality? I certainly don't!
Besides, why state the obvious? What was his intent? Was it malaciousness and perniciousness? What does they're sexual orientation have to do with their spiritual gifting?
By the way, don't forget the fact that G. Craige Lewis called Gospel Music Association "Gay Men With AIDS".
Are you gay?
Napoleon, it depends on what spirit. We all know that there are many spirits out there, yet only one Holy Spirit. personally don't care for either one, music/ don't watch the others program.

Hip Hop should not be precedented in the Church, It's like alot of quartet singers, they are caught up in the performance. There may be a few who are serving the Lord throught this genre, but I seriously doubt it. The world cannot/ will not prevail in the sanctuary. You know when you embrace a culture, you embrace what comes with it.
Don't you think it's funny these folks are so called artists, but the old-school is boring. don't know the words to amazing grace, but we come too praise GOD anyway, that's it ANYWAY folks see fit they try to praise and worship GOD, it just won't work.
I got a preacher friend who does Holy Rap. It's powerful. You'd love it, trust me! His newwest album is called heart of a servant. He is preaching on every track. It's just another medium to put the Word out. same message different means. Just like my Donny Hathaway Ablums, It don't matter is they're on 8track, 45's, CD's or cassetes just as long as it's Donny!

I don't care for it in worship either, but that'smy personal preference. I ain't really opposed to it either. It's just like Thomas Doresey when he was singing folks hated his stuff now whenever someone sings Precious Lord they turn the house out. Musical preferneces change with time. Look at Kirk he even got stuff in hymnals now!

There is a right and wrong way to praise God, and rapping can be a right way. Ever read the Psalms? that's poetry Song of Solomon? Job? Ecclesiastes? some of Job? Lamentations? Jeremiah? all of those books contain poetry that's all rap is poetry over a beat.
I believe it's better that they be bobbin' their heads to the gospel rather than the stuff on the radio. We are Africans, we live and die by the drum (beat) so it's natural that we relate to it. But what Satan is doing is using that to draw us in. b4 u know it you're memorizing and reciting horrible stuff. I challenge folks to listen to what's being said. Especially when they say ooooh that's my jam. I do it with my Lady in the car all the time and we stay turning off songs that used to be her "jam."

Yeah, u right we ought to encounter God as if God is God. Yes! But we also can not be so consumend by rituals which change. We must approach the eternal and unchanging one with sacrifices and manners that don't change and that is with a contrite heart! Iregardless of attire. When I announced my call to preach I was in a Lebron James jersey with big jeans and sneakers, and a fitted cap ( i remove mine in buildings too). That's how I came to church by choice, because that get up costed more than my cheaper suits! See we get caught up in ritual rather than right! I at least was wearing my BEST! So for me we can't knock attire so tough. But you're right we need to recognize that approaching God i serious business!

As far as dancing, well.... I'd rather they Superman at church than at the club and in a basement party! We can do that stuff dancing is okay! Most shouts are nothing more than dances. I agree the sense of appropriateness is LACKING though.

I like the idea of trying to get them in, but it's the message that does the keeping them. We can present the true message in a variety of ways, to get them in but we must not 4get that the mesage does more than attract it disciplines and disciples! Thus no matter the means of delivery, sermon or song, new school or old school if we're preaching JESUS He'll do the fixin up.

P.S. I loved the CantonSpirituals and Dr. Watts hymns when I was younger. I loved hymns and church anthems too. 4 me and my crew it taught us that church was utterly other than what we were accustomed to on TV and we treated it that way! Kids will like whatever is plyed in the house for the most part. It's there frame of reference!

Lastly, I ain't into judging and critiquing folks salvation, but you're point is clear. I believe them folks ought do more than be paragons of piety, they ought also let Christ influence how they treat people and share their resources. If they are doing this this to me proves that they are sho nuff His. Many Christian entertainers are outwardly saints and holy, but inwardly they ain't worth what the bird left on the tree far as how they treat folks!
Never theless point well taken and I ask where do we draw the lines of demarkation. Even for ourselves we must all ask how can I reflect the will way and Word of God at all times, especially on my job? Am I a secret saint an undercover 007 Christian riding under radar and blending in with those who aren't. Can I be recognized as a Christian? Am I mistaken for Christ on a regular basis?
U right, and let me echo you by saying if the inside is right they're outside (manner of dress) will adjust accordingly!
Check out the Soul Seekers they peform in jerseys and they're str8 quartet (my favorite) and fiery! But they ain't looking like scoundrels and like they smell bad either! I met them brothers they have real Christian demeanor, I ain't know who they were at the time but game recognizes game or said better, the Jesus in me saw the Jesus in them! Iregardless to the fact we were at a restraunt.
I have a question?

When Lucifier (Satan) was thrown out of the Heavens with 1/3 of the angels, did GOD remove his gifts?

Satan means (Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks)

What were Lucifer's gifts?

The answer:

When lucifier who name was change to Satan fell his gifts came with him. Satan is known as the Prince of the air waves.

Christian Rappers, Choirs and Preachers who believe in Holy Hip Hop must be careful in their messages! Its more than a beat! If you are weak that beat could give you flash backs of the good of days. Remember, the old man should died and the new man should arise. Now for those who do not know God they really must be careful in what they are listening too. They can be easily confuse with the beat and the lyrics. This will open the doors to Demonic activities.
Remember Satan playing games with the mind!

We must remember, the WORD never change but our METHODS must change to draw the generations toward Jesus. If we compromise the Word of God then we have put alot of individuals lives on the line because of the beat.
I love the Soul Seekers, Mary Mary, Tonei (old), and Kirk Franklin. Its not the clothing that matters. Its the music! All musicians needs to be careful on what they are trying to present to the public.

As ministers of God, we do not have to be in suits all the time. If I am going to the movies or dinner I am not putting on the Sunday Best. That's old school way of dressing is out of touch. We are suppose to relate to the people not scare them off.

Now, I do wear the appropraite attire when its time to minister. If the service is casual then I dress casual. My church has casual summer (June - August). We wear apprpriate atttire; nothing to short or tight; no saggying pants (got to wear a belt).
Contradictions... Singers aren't automatically ministers of the Word of Jesus Christ just because they are well-known. Singing is not part of the five fold Ministry! You stated it's not the clothing that matters and then later made statements on appropriate attire. Either it matters or it doesn't. Truth or Lies. Jesus or Satan. Heaven or Hell.
Satan understands that all of us have been wired with a desire to know our purpose and understand our personal value as a part of the creation. All of us want to ‘matter’. We all want to be important in some way and to be important to somebody. Satan perverts this by tempting us to satisfy this desire through our relationship to PEOPLE rather than through our relationship to God. He still does this today.

Satan is truly a deceiver. And he knows that his deceptions have the final effect of separating us from the will of God. The lies of Satan truly do lead to death.

My fear of Hip Hop in the church is it sending the wrong message if it is not regulated.
I hear you loud and clear. I still don't feel like we should be afraid of it though. Cautious but not petrified. I feel like Satan is already reeling havoc through non theological, non biblical music being tauted as gospel music.
We've stopped listening and are just going off of emotion. We love songs that are just down right written to stir us up. They are repetitive, catchy and then then shift octaves. That's all you need to be effective. We as the church ought keep guard, you're right! But in our efforts we ought not oust hip hop as a means of spreading the gospel!

The temptation is in music as it is in preaching, whom will the performer serve their ego, or the Christ?


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