What do you think of G. Craige Lewis preaching on the issue of hip hop?

I want to ask you a question. What do you think of G. Craige Lewis preaching on the hip hop issue? Do you agree with his messages or disagree. If you want to learn about G. Craige Lewis, his ministry, and his messages, go to www.exministries.com and http://www.dallasobserver.com/Issues/2005-12-08/news/feature.html.

I want to say that G. Craige Lewis is right about secular hip hop being filled with idol worship, sexual impurity, perversion, drug and alcohol use, materialism, and immediate gratification. Yes, I respect him as a minister of God's word and he makes clear points. But, I disagree with his statement about hip hop being a religion. I don't believe that hip hop is a religion. It's just a culture. Yes, hip hop can be used as a religion, but hip hop is not the only musical genre to be used as a religion. There are jazz, R&B, rock, classical, rap, Salsa, pop, and other genres that can be used as a religion. What G. Craige Lewis is doing is throwing the baby out with bath water when he said that Holy Hip Hop or Christian hip hop is an oxymoron. I believe Christian Hip hop is okay as long as it glorifies God instead of self, edify the saints, and reach out to the lost. Also, G. Craige Lewis is wrong saying that Bobby Jones and Hezekiah Walker are gay. Although I don't prefer to have my ears pierced, I believe it's wrong to judge men with pierced ears as "gay" or "effeminate".

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I agree that Christians should not stop listening to Hip Hop. If we do; how are we suppose to know what we need to prepare (pray) for.

Our souls and our minds are always going to be attack. We just have to have our battle plan ready.
I totally agree with that Rev. Luckett!
There is some truth to what Elder Craig Lewis says on his DVDs. Many hip hop songs have subliminal messages. If you play some songs back, you'll hear the hidden messages of the songs. There was one song by Jay-z for where he said,"666, murder murder Jesus." 3 six mafia has all kinds of satanic chanting and worshiping in their songs when you play it backwards. Rihanna's song,"Umbrella", when played backwards, says,"lick her, lick her, which gives hint to lesbianism. One of bone thugs cds have 4 demons in the corner with a spell in the middle. So there's much truth to what Craig says.

I am a true fan of Gospel rap, and what Craig said about that, I did not like. It is the HEART of men that turns something into evil. Those who rap for the Lord are doing a good thing.

be bless!
I agree with you about G. Craig.
What is the name of G. Craig Lewis's gospel rap group?
If you don't care that Bobby Jones and Hezekiah Walker are gay then you don't care where they spend eternity because Hewbres12vs.14 clearly instructs, "Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord." (NKJV)
Check out this website, I know you said that you disagree with G. Craig Lewis saying it was a religion but if you check with your county for registered religious organizations you will find that Hip-Hop is one.


Pay close attention to the Divine temple comments.
Is it not something that is attributing to people being led astray?
I love Gospel Rap
G. Craige Lewis is a straight up FRAUD who is doing nothing but pimping the church. This same G. Craige has a gospel rap group that he is trying to promote. This same G. Craige is upset with the secular music industry because he did not get accepted by them. Yes, he was trying to be a secular music artist. He is a bitter, pompous, arrogant, deceitful man who doesn't deal with anyone who doesn't agree with him. You can't even send him a comment or a letter UNLESS you are saying something that he wants to hear. He has a strong distaste for homosexuals but there is one that sits in the pulpit of his church on EVERY broadcast that Lobias Murray preaches on. (And please ask me how I know that!!!)
G. Craige is basically doing what the majority of church folk do and that is find a niche, get these ignorant church folk in a frenzy and milk them dry.
It's not good to listen to people like G. Craige who are just bitter because they couldn't have a "piece of the pie."
Just research the church that he belongs to and you will see where his prideful and arrogant stance comes from.
(And please ask me how I know that!!!)

Ok i'll do it. How you know that?


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