What do you think of G. Craige Lewis preaching on the issue of hip hop?

I want to ask you a question. What do you think of G. Craige Lewis preaching on the hip hop issue? Do you agree with his messages or disagree. If you want to learn about G. Craige Lewis, his ministry, and his messages, go to www.exministries.com and http://www.dallasobserver.com/Issues/2005-12-08/news/feature.html.

I want to say that G. Craige Lewis is right about secular hip hop being filled with idol worship, sexual impurity, perversion, drug and alcohol use, materialism, and immediate gratification. Yes, I respect him as a minister of God's word and he makes clear points. But, I disagree with his statement about hip hop being a religion. I don't believe that hip hop is a religion. It's just a culture. Yes, hip hop can be used as a religion, but hip hop is not the only musical genre to be used as a religion. There are jazz, R&B, rock, classical, rap, Salsa, pop, and other genres that can be used as a religion. What G. Craige Lewis is doing is throwing the baby out with bath water when he said that Holy Hip Hop or Christian hip hop is an oxymoron. I believe Christian Hip hop is okay as long as it glorifies God instead of self, edify the saints, and reach out to the lost. Also, G. Craige Lewis is wrong saying that Bobby Jones and Hezekiah Walker are gay. Although I don't prefer to have my ears pierced, I believe it's wrong to judge men with pierced ears as "gay" or "effeminate".

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His ex-lover is a well-known gospel recording artist and because their relationship was put out in the open (after his divorce) and he had to leave in order for this man from losing his ministry.
This you won't find online but trust and believe me when I tell you I am not the only one who knows this. I'll even go as far as to say that there may be someone else on this big network knows exactly what and who I am speaking about.
It's funny how the church can "see" some things in the "spirit" but they can't "see" what they need to see.
This man's ex-wife even went around testifying to the mess he was doing.
But what did the "church" do?
They turned their back on her and treated her like a traitor.
G. Craige Lewis talked about a whole lot not just hip-hop, how do you feel about the other things he talked about?
G. Craige is a FRAUD and don't think I wouldn't tell him to his face.
He wanted to be in the spotlight, he found his way to the spotlight by working on the ignorance of church folk and now he is laughing all the way to the bank.
yo young brother i don't see the facts in what your saying about lewis, I do understand where your comming from. I agree that the church sometimes is overly religous and its always looking for some new message to make it self look good or a new revelation when there is none. I believe in the the authority God,Jesus,holy spirit, and the authority of the bible, but if we focus on hip hop and not on the many authors of the bible we are wron, if we focus on clothes, hair, technology in the church (amps,screens,mics,computers) we are wrong. If we focus on weight, transporation, songs, hyms, poetry, we are wrong. My point is everything in the modern church to day wasn't in jesus days and we can't live the way we lived 2000yrs ago or we can't worship the way we did back then i'm amazed a people bashing Hip hop in the church God is progressive from genis to revelation we still don't know everything that happens in heaven, So don't feel bad about what you believe, if it wasn't for (flame,or Da truth) speaking about their exp in the church i never would have came back, even though i love the old school gospel it didn't have the message that i needed to hear at that time. So stay strong stay positive I know i still listen to the so called sinner and amazingly they can educate church folks if they listen, because Jesus did.
I love Gospel Rap!

Go Cross Movement!

A yo Lunie 380!

G.O.D Squad!
I agree brother. Do you listen to Gospel Rap?
Instead of all the preaching about it/ lets just Preach the Kingdom/ I have heard the Brothers take on it as well as read alot of the ones here/ But like spirits we must deal with...

The Gospel Hip Hop is no different than the R&B gospel that many are in love with Today.....

There are just too many people wanting to do something for YAH which is good/but it would be better if we just do what is already asked............don't need anything new..............
Those who oppose the Absolute Infallible Word of God are under the Anti-Christ spirit that is now moving swiftly through the Body of Christ in this last day. Minister G. Craige Lewis speaks the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as does other True Ministers of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. He does not use manipulation (WITCHCRAFT) to "draw" anyone to Christ; that's the work of God's Spirit. There is no "Holy Hip Hop!" It's all worldly/secular. The so-called Holy Hip Hop is such a wack knock-off of true all-out Hip Hop. Why listen to Da Truth trying to be and sound like Jay-Z, when I can just listen to Jay-Z. All of those so-called Holy Hip Hoppers mock true Hip Hoppers. They are followers of the World/Satan not followers of Christ.
Sister you are blessed. When the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.
Hip Hop means Booty Shacking. That what makes Holy Hip Hop an oxymoron. Christian rap is acceptable without the hip hop culture. Hip Hop is a religion and this website is the proof, templeofhiphop.org. KRS1 wrote the gospel of hip hop.
I can totally agree that some rap music is not good to listen too. My major problem that I have with G. Lewis is this. If God gave you this message to teach and pass along to the multitudes why are you putting a price tag on it. You are no different than the hip hop artist profiting from ungodly or(satan) music.


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