Is it ok for a Christian to eat pork? We know that the Seventh-Day Adventists and other Sabbatarians would say that it's wrong to eat pork. To back up their reasons for their belief that eating pork is wrong, they use Leviticus 11:7 which state that the swine (or pig) is unclean because it doesn't chew its cud although it has cloven hooves. Also, the pig is considered unclean because it eats slops and has the worm-like parasite.

But concerning the issue of the dietary laws dealing with clean and unclean meats on Leviticus 11:1-23, that's what God had set during a time period in the Mosaic covenant. But when Jesus Christ died on the Cross on Calvary for our sins, it lets us know that Jesus didn't want us to live in the past and He put us on a transition from law to grace.

On Matthew 5:17, Jesus said that he didn't come to destroy the law of the Prophets, but to fulfill it. What it means is that Jesus speaks out against the way the Pharisees follow the law. The Pharisees follow the old Levitical laws in order to earn their way into heaven. And you understand how the Pharisees said that what you eat defiles you. But on Matthew 15:11, Jesus stated that what you eat does not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth defiles you. In addition on Matthew 15:17-19, Jesus stated that what goes into your mouth goes into your stomach and then out of your body when you take a dump. But what comes of your mouth comes from your heart, and these defile you. The things that come out of your heart include sexual immorality including lustful and pornographic thoughts, murder, adultery, hate, dishonesty, theft, evil thoughts, and slander. These things make you unclean.

The point that Jesus was making is that it's not about what you eat; it's about your heart. Abstaining from pork doesn't save you. Yes, you can abstain from pork, but if your heart is not right with the Lord, you are unholy still. You may find on Galatians 6:12-16 that it deals with people who would keep parts of the law in order to gain favor amongst people, yet their hearts are not right with the Lord. Although we should eat right, it's not about eating right. It's about living right.

To answer the question "It is ok to eat pork?", the answer is yes. On 1st Corinthians 10:25, it tells you to eat anything that is sold in the meat market without questioning conscience. Also you may find on Acts 10:9-15 while Peter prayed and fell into a trance, he was surrounded by animals and the Lord spoke to him saying, "Get up, Peter. Kill and eat." But Peter replied to the Lord that he will not eat anything that is unclean. Then the Lord told him that what He had sanctified, he should not call it unclean. What it means is that the foods that God had sanctified you should not call it unkosher. Concerning pork, it does have a worm-like parasite. But to get rid of the worm-like parasite from the pork, all you got to do is to cook the pork thoroughly at the appropriate temperature and pray over it to remove the impurities. But I advise you to use wisdom and not eat pork too much because it can put you at the point when you get high-blood pressure. It's not about what you eat, but it's about how you eat it. So, enjoy pork in moderation. Keep in mind that pork gives you the itis. Also, if eating pork causes your brethren to stumble, don't eat it around them.

I myself asked some fellow Christians who don't eat pork about why they don't eat pork. I learned that they do not abstain from pork because of Leviticus 11. I learned that they avoid pork because they have high-blood pressure, they get headaches from pork, they're vegetarians, and they don't like pork at all. And if you ask me if I eat pork, I say yes, but I don't eat it too much.

The reason why I typed this message is because when I was a Senior in high school, a Seventh-Day Adventist girl was constantly nagging me about not eating pork and telling me that I was doing the wrong thing because I eat pork. Concerning the Dietary Laws, it can be used as something legalistic and a way to earn their way to heaven. I'm not dissing the Seventh-Day Adventists and the Sabbatarians, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. But the point that I'm making is that Christianity is about pleasing the Lord, not living by a list of do's and don'ts. Also on 1st Timothy 4:3, it deals with how people give in to man-made doctrines commanding people to abstain from foods which God has created to be received with thanksgiving by those who know the truth.

It's not good to judge people what they eat. The bottom line is that what you eat is between you and God. So, don't judge what people eat because you are not their God and Holy Spirit.

I hope this message is a blessing to you and if you agree with this message, give me an amen. Also, feel free to repost this message as "Is it ok for Christians to eat pork?". I can't leave you without proceeding what your soul needs, which is Jesus Christ, baby!!!!

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or now and later(((FUNNY)))
Ok. Pray for me guys, I am fully aware that pork and some other food items are unhealthy. I still love me some pork chops.

I don't eat much pork anyway. It's just on occasion. So, I'm not a closet pork eater as Bro.Watson calls it. :-)

But I am slowly but surely weaning myself off it totally, and it is because of God's mercy and grace that I am making progress.

I appreciate the teachings of truth and your continued encouragement.

Shalom in Jesus
"Ok. Pray for me guys, I am fully aware that pork and some other food items are unhealthy. I still love me some pork chops..."

How about with some hot sauce, Sis ?

You'll get there.

You're right. They did not exist in His day.
When you eat things that aren't clean you bring their uncleanliness into your body. The dietary laws were given to protect the health of the people. Therefore, by ignoring them, we expose ourselves to sickness and disease. I know people who hardly ever get sick. It is almost impossible to avoid germs but if your immune system isn't busy fighting everything you eat then it may be able to handle the germs that cause sickness and disease before you ever have a runny nose.

I'm not a health expert but one of the problems with food is what happens when it starts to break down. There is a process through which things that are dead decompose. There are some very nasty things that can aid in this process. How many times have you seen flies on a carcass? I remember when flies used to get to catfood I had to put outside and you'd come back later to find worms. This year my wife forgot about some potatoes in our pantry and it was like an infestation of gnats. Had no idea where they were coming from until I found the bag of rotting potatoes. That was probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen in my life and even touching the bag long enough to put it in the trash I had little worms crawling on my finger. Of course the gnats were laying eggs, and the eggs were hatching into gnats. Do you think every animal leaves meat for the flies? Or do they eat it anyway? The less an animal cares about how clean its food is the more that animal is likely to be infested by parasites. And pigs are definitely scavengers.

If we are what we eat, how much of what we eat is what our food eats before it dies? There is no way that the Israelites could have known about micro-bacteria and other tiny agents but the dietary laws protected them. If you care about your health the dietary laws should be consulted. Also, spiritually, I think one should try to have a clean temple, not one that is full of worms or toxins or bacteria threatening to cause infections. And in doing so you'll live longer and feel better. Our Creator also created pigs and knows how he made them and for what purpose he made them for. They are not the best for us and so he gave us the dietary laws against things that are unclean because he loves us and wants us to be healthy and happy.

No argument from me!


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