Some people, including the old school church folks, find something wrong with using Gospel music to mix with rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Salsa, Bebop, Blues, Latin, Soul, Neo-Soul, Country, Smooth Jazz, Bluegrass, and ethnic music. They'll say that Contemporary Christian Music is of the world. But, I don't believe that blending gospel with different rhythms is of the world. Psalm 100:1 says "Make a Joyful noise to the Lord, all ye lands". And Psalm 150:6 says "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." We as Christians should make a joyful noise to the Lord, whether it's through Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, jazz, old school gospel and hymns, Opera, Latin, ethnic music, Blues, Rock, Country, or any other music. Don't forget that Gospel was derived from blues, jazz, rock, and country.

If Gospel was mixed with sex music, that would be sacriligeous and wrong. I'm not condoning mixing Gospel with worldliness. My point is that Christians from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds have a way to give God the praise and worship, evangelize, and edify believers through different types of music. I myself love both the old school and new school Gospel. I happen to love hymns, it can be because I had came from a United Methodist background. My favorite hymn is "Blessed Assurance". It's good that hymns should be sung in all churches. Also, people could do remixes of the hymns and the old school gospel songs.

For a person to say that Christian Rock and Christian Rap is of the Devil, it's like a statement saying that speaking in tongues is of the Devil. That's blasphemy. God is using different kinds of music for his glory and he loves flavor and diversity in music. Just because some parts of music was used in the world doesn't mean that we shouldn't use them in Gospel music. What God had sanctified, you shall not speak out against it (Acts 10:15). God created music, but the Devil duplicates and perverts music. It's good to play Christian music with your voice, percussion instruments, Drums, woodwind instruments, Guitars, brass instruments, piano, keyboards, string instruments, and organ. Contemporary Christian Music mixed with different elements is good as long as it's used to glorify God instead of entertaining people.

If you agree with this bulletin 100%, give me an amen.

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amen man

i do certainly agree with this approach and reasoning of you .

however they are many people in this world that this disregard

or simply ignore this issues . they pretend to be naive and not take notice 

of these things . i had a work colleague at this building signage melbourne firm i was working at

and he complete ignored these  thing . even though everyday i did remind him that all this music was

all worldly and has nothing to do with the life here after . one day i was at a directional signage job with him and 

he just kept listening to music . to be honest it was quite an annoying job for me . 

anyways keep it up mate good luck and thanks  . 


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