I had a discussion with some one in my family about another family member who has had an alchohal and drug problem.

He has been on and off of alchohal for years now, and she feels he has been on drugs as well. Me personally, I have never seen him do a drug or even act as though he was on a drug (I know from working with people who have abused many drugs) but ok.

I was talking with her about having to go and pick him up from a customer/friend's house (we do home remodeling on the side) who had called me because the fmily member had gottne drunk.

So to make a long story short, I'm venting to a person who I thought I could be real with, without fear of judgement. Ministers you know what I mean. Sometimes you need to just be Brandon, and not Min. Brandon, feel me?

Well she told me I was stupid for having faith that he could change. She didn't care if he died because to her, he was already dead.

She had more to say, but I was like, "Are you serious?" what is the point of reading the bible and believing in God if you don't believe in his power?

So decided to share that with you all to see if you're as taken back as I was by this. I thought we served a God that can do anything, and he has all power in his hands? But if someone is seemingly beyond repair, we just forget about them?

It's amazing how when it came to finances, or everything being alright she was very religious. But when it came down to her own family, it was let him die, I care nothing about him?

Crazy to me.

D you not really believe that God can do exceedingly abundantly above all? I mean that's not just a cliche. Not jut something we say to make us feel good, HE REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING!!! I don't know, how bout some imput on this?

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What about we who know the Lord, shouldn't we have the power of God working in us, the problem lies when we just continue too talk about the Lord but never show him. There is a problem preachers, prophets, Evangelists, teachers, Apostles, most are just in word, but never in deed. He has the re-hab worked, but who is working in the center. Folks held captive because there are too many sissified expressions, instead of Godly demonstrations. Consider what th Apostles did, you don't read where when they were used that the demon possessed ran around the Church/Building. No my brethren alot of folks are being exposed, for not being servants, just trying too be me, istead of what God has me too be. Look out man, what good are we if we do not have power. Too simply shout because we say we possess the Holy Spirit, doesn't say much now does it, when we as men of God show up something is suppose too happen. Stop perverting the ways of the righteous. and walk in them. And see what Our Father can do in these Earthen Vessels.

Min. West
Herein lies the problem. We expect "God" to do the work, when His word cearly states that this is our job. He has done everything He has set out to do. Now he has commissioned us to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. It is ours to cast out devils. We are to bind and loose, cast down every high thing that exalt itself against the knowledge of god. He gave us authority and power. It is pointless for Him to do so when He himself do not expect us to use it. He has planted in us the seed that we need to produce the fruit that He wants. Truth be told, we do not see great works because of fear, and because of pride. Even some of us who do lay hands fear, and do not believe, because we do not realize the power. Just because the power is in you, doesn't mean that it is turned on. It must be stirred up, and mixed with prayer and faith. And with great confidence, doubting nothing, you will find that there is a miracle in your mouth which was already formed in your belly just waiting all the time to be born for such a time as the need arose. Yes HE REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING, and HAS DONE EVERYTHING. It's up to us now, to transform ourselves by His word, and conform to the image of Christ. So that the scripture might be fulfilled which says, "As He is, so are we in this world." There should be greater works without us if the Greater One is within us. It is written, "They that venture out into the deep shall see mighty exploits." Brethren, good sailors are not made on calm seas. Like Brother Adrian has said, we have become to soft. You can't save many men with a sissy gospel. Love You Brothers.
Ephesians 3:20  Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, The power is in you. Put it to work. If you do not work it, it might as well be dead. Selah.


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