There's a question that pops up in the mind of people: Can a woman preacher still keep her femininity? The answer is yes, a woman preacher can still keep her femininity. About the women preachers, there are some who would try to fit in and preach like Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Noel Jones, and Bishop Eddie L. Long. Yes, these men can preach their butts off. But my point is that why would you women preachers try to be like men when you can be yourself. You women preachers don't need to fit in and try to be rough to impress the men who oppose the women preachers. Let the anointing and boldness that the Holy Ghost put in you speak for themselves, and you'll be able to bless people's socks off. With me, no, it doesn't matter whether a female preachers are loud or not. If they are loud, that's just their personality trait and it's fine with me as long as it makes themselves and God happy. However, there's no need to be like a man filled with testosterone and try so hard to impress male preachers, especially the ones who oppose women preachers. A woman preacher doesn't have to impress me. She should be impressing God, and God will handle the haters.

Just because a women is a preacher doesn't mean that she should be a stereotypical butch, manish, and frumpy. She can still be pretty while casting out demons, prophesying, preaching hard, laying hands on the sick, and scaring the hell out of people. You women who are preachers can still get your hands and feet done, have your hair did, put on feminine and fashionable attire, wear high heels, and put on makeup. If you women preachers think about getting a sex change to be a man to fit in with the male preachers, that's a huge no-no. Be happy with what God created and called you to be, and be true to who you are. You'll be more effective in winning souls by being yourself than trying to be someone that you're not.

Yes, there are examples of women preachers who still keep their femininity. They include Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Medina Pullings, Cindy Trimm, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Shirley Caesar, Dorinda Clark Cole, Jackie McCollough, Sheryl Brady, Darlene Bishop, Bishop Iona Locke, Bishop Ernestine Reems, Debra Morton, Joyce Rodgers, Suzie Owens, and others. My point is that just because you're a woman who happens to be a preacher doesn't mean that you're required to lose your femininity. Your gender doesn't matter. The anointing of the Holy Ghost in you matters.

I hope that this message is a blessing to you and if you ladies appreciate this message, say amen!!! Men who appreciate women preachers keeping their feminity can say amen to this message, too!!!

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The style of preaching has nothing to do with gender. If a women preaches hard or soft; then this is the style given to her.

Only men with problems with women preachers not the style of preaching.
Personally I'm confused by this whole topic of discussion! If the woman's not gay who cares what one thinks about her preaching! She's doing this for God and not to impress men. Some men need to keep their own egos in check and worry about what they're doing like is this for the Lord or myself. Ladies do your calling.
Amen! John I agree with you.

We can not put God in a box!
I agree that preaching has nothing to do with the changing of gender, if you will. If the woman preacher is married, then she is to be in full submission to her husband. She may hold a congregation, but her husband is head of the household.
Hi brothers and sisters in Christ!

“Can a woman preacher still keep her femininity?”

The answer is NO! I say NO!

A woman preacher no longer keeps her femininity!

A woman who holds authority over Men by preaching the Gospel in the Assembly and overseeing a congregation is no longer a Woman, but she has become a “Man”.

It’s not decent for a Woman to become a “Man” according to the Holy Scriptures.

This is the reason why I do invite all the Women to recognize their true position in the body of Christ.

The place of the Women is behind.

Please, leave the pulpits to Men!

Bro. Germain


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