Here we are looking at a new year and I wanted to ask a question concerning the Church! In a time when nothing is sacred anymore; people feel as though they can do anything in the church, say anything in the church, and believe anything in THE CHURCH. With all he “ministries” that are cropping up, one ministry says you have to be Prophetic, one says you have to be a “whooper”; one says you have to be Charismatic; one says give a poem and three points. If someone is looking for a relationship with the Lord and wanted to “work out what God has worked in them”, while in a church ministry, how will they know if they are in the right church? HOW WILL THEY KNOW?

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sister Teresa, you have given a clear idea
Why/ Why? Why? all of this looking for the perfect church, and then you are messed up. Seems that alot of folk have not, neither will they attend church, or do not like some churches because of tradition, doctrine, the pastors, deacons etc.. When the so-called church stops worrying about what one and the others are doing, then and only then shall they become one.

I am sure that all of us upon reading the 7 letters to the seven churches, realize that none of them were perfect either, and if you are one that feels that you are perfect, Hold On. for truly the promises, were to the ones who OVERCOME.
A right isn't involved in evenworrying what it is supposed to look like, because they are out harvesting, doing as the Lord has required.
Amen! Amen!
Yes, your view has raised many thoughts in the readers.
I believe our Body's are the temples of God and we should be clean and a building is not a church or a temple.
but we should meet as members of Lord
What is the "Church"...

The Real covenant followers are a Breaking bread, house to house fellowship, that is Among Between and Amidst the people with HIS Covenant Word...This is Torah Basics found in the book of acts...

It is not what we have built it to be An Institution...

IN simple terms:::
It is Being a LIVING EPISTLE" in the Community ..outside the four walls of Christology...Shalom
There is no perfect Church, there will not be one until Christ.
The seven churches written to in Revelation, all were commended, and then told to overcometh, and it goes to point of saying ( to he that) meaning the individual, God will have a spotless church, when we all get to heaven.
there is no where in the Word of god that you meet perfect people.(maybe the romans took it out)lol.

Min. West
Young Man, read your bible with clarity... the New Yerushalayim is in T'syion
Always look at the head and will n owhat's inside the tail. Many Christians are eating rotton tanted fruit.., it is a known factor that you become what you eat., Many Pastors and leaders have hidden lives., God have given them grace yet they continue in there folly ., it is normal for sheep to follow the sherperd., And many sheep will have the spirit of the sherperd., Many will profess that they are of the faith and will cuss someone out in the parking lot., the Bible talks about sheep in wolves clothing that do not carry the DNA of our God., When they fall their excuse is that their mare man., when the bible says he created man in the image of God., Powerless man and women of God....,Who lead sheep astray... Leaders committed these ungodly acts.,it will perminate into the spirit of the sheep., The bible says you shall know them by there fruit., however when the fruit is rotton it will start to affect other fruit in the church one bad apple spoil the whole lump., If there is no power, no change;. no recovery, if there is no healing., if everybody is devoiceing, its time to inspect the heads fruit., For the church is a hospital either your gone to get healed or die,, If everyvody is faling all over the place fornicating, lust and committing every deadly sin examine the head., For they are gone to be accounted for the lives of Gods people., And now the Chruch is inneed of a spiritual enema a cleansing because of the headship begalling ustabloe souls......Be a fruit inspector and you shall know what in the tail, 'for you shall know them by there fruit. Amen
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and to you my Beloved Brother in Christ..
There is no perfect church however if you find one let me know., Jesus said he will perfect us even until the day of Christ., And we need not look around at every one else salvation but to watch our own., we all must carry our own cross, and each and everyone of us will face the judgement seat for our good and bad deeds., we must study the bible for ourselves....,the bible says many will say Lord., Lord., I have prophesy., however Jesus said begone I never knew you., so we can not judge no one., but to let our light shine that man will see Christ in us lifting up one another, encourageing one another., loving one another., however we must be fruit inspectors to know whether they are of the faith., the bibles says you shall know them by there fruits., moreover we have a tendercy to look at each other how one praise, in how one worship, in how one speak in tongues., which is Gods business not ours., we act as if where not serving the same God., Judgement is at hand and is knocking at our doors.,., This is why every thing that was once hidden has now come to a surface., the bible says today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts., for today is the day of salvation.,However judgement will start and have started in the house of God., Love Minister Theresa Maxwell
Well my fellow yokeman of the gospel, your very right . We are living in a time where people have brought any and everything into the House of GOD and act as if nothing is wrong with it. a person that is looking for the right church must understand that looks can't determine the right church simple because the church is within the person. The Word of God declared that your body is the temple(church) of the Lord. So what must happen is that person who is looking for the right church must first let the Holy Ghost work on the issues within themselves by continuing to seek after God with all of their heart and might not leaning to their own understanding. the Bible declared that the Holy Ghost will lead and guide u into all truths. Therefore if they seek after the Spirit of GOD they will know when they are in the right ministry by watch how their spirit is feed. You don't have to be a whooper or a prophetic to be a effective minister you only have to yield yourselves to GOD and become as HE wants us to be submissive to HIS will for our lives.
i know this discussion is old but just thought id add to it ,
you know i believe that if a person is ready to lay down there old life and put on a new and holy one , God will appoint you to the right church for you. he knows if you are or not . i know that unless the spirit draws you cant even go to church , but when your ready god will lead you to the right one. there are a lot of churches and there are a lot of preachers, pastors ex ex The bible says many are called but few are chosen . it also says my spirit and your spirit will bear wittness. and if its not bearing wittness with your spirit. then it may not be right for you. but just because you get a little whoopin dont leave . its not the man who is whooping you its god through him . just like the bible was written by the inspiriation the word of God to godly men who then wrote what God gave them .
this is just my opinnion . but every time the devil starts tormententing me about changeing churches . God always shows me in some way that this is where im suppose to be . god bless you all love in the lord grannie


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