I know this should spark a good discussion. I open this conversation for an opportunity to review and share your perspective and views.

I'm a Dem. (by choice) and I have been watching the race closely as things become interesting. Question? Why is it that Hillary takes the African American vote for granite? Time after Time she sends Bill in to rally the ol' guard to get the support, but will not show up herself, why is that? Why has some of our Civil Rights leaders, who claim to have fought for the DREEAAAM!!! to reach this point when we could have a good candidate, who is African American to run in the race and they refuse to support him because they feel we are still entitled and owed Bill for his years in office. Bill is not Hillary. Hillary ain't no Bill. History is repeating itself. We pray for the opportunity, which is then granted, and we refuse to accept and go back and pray again.

People, this is the closest time we have been to seeing the Dream come to life and instead of celebrating, we sit back and ask the question "is this the one or is there another?" I'm a supporter, but I'm not suggesting who you should vote but that you need to vote. We have complained tooooooo long about what is going on and we need to get involved or we will be left behind again. What am I saying? Don't give your vote away, but let it be earned. Learn what each person is saying and how you feel about it. You have a voice, you can say what you from your candidate, and you do count.

I think it is amazing what history is occurring in front of our eyes. People are forsaking color and looking for who is best to represent and not concerning themselves with the candidate of entitlement who you will not see in your church anytime soon. a recent CNN report qouted Hillary as saying, "I'm send Bill because he knows how to speak to them and he is carrying my message." I don't know how you take it but you decide. If you have not registered...do it now. If you are not informed....seek answers now. Do the research and make your decision. This is not an endorsement but a challenge to get involved.

PS.......This is News/Events. Todays News is yesterday's history...be careful who writes your history or you may become history.

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Bro. West.....you depress me. your moaning and groaning. THis is not an indicment on man, I leave that to God, but while we are here on earth it is good to discuss what is taking place around us. Why is it that we can not discuss this issue with people who care. Apparently you don't, but dont rain on everyone else because of your hang-up........Well to counter your response. Through God......there have been A FEW GOOD MEN who have (through God) impact the world. God can use any man to accomplish his purpose. It was true no man on his own can make a difference, but a mon of God can make a world of difference in this world. I know this to be true........In your lifetime you have made the world a better place for someone.........thanks
I agree you have valid points........and this forum was not designed to review those exact points but the relationship to Obama to the Tribulation period is an interesting observation. I'm not putting him in position yet The tribulation period is near because the signs which are so clear, therefore we must be about our Father's business....First and always. My point is that we must always be aware, observant, educated, & keyed into the events which are occuring within our midst. There should be no shame in discussing these things for through our communications we educate the masses, not our silence.
Never Give up on God. 200 years after slavery the United States has a African American candidate for president.
Study History::: Those who do not are forced to repeat it;..
Another Halocaust is coming:.
*The Folks from "Slavery had the Option to become Soverign" ~~~Had that happened,.. Then This whole Picture could look different...Friends we have LOST our Soverignity ~~~Every one of us.

It is No Longer a color issue which it Never was.
It is Now a survival Issue,.. and we all Need to take our country back. "We the People for the People"
A TEA PARTY in the Boston Harbor is in order:...It is Time to throw the tea off the OTHER Boat!.
The Clock is ticking and ONE man in the "House called white" is Not going to make a difference ~~545 Legislators control this country and steal your heritage DAILY"
Steal your hard earned Pittence that your trading your time for dollars earns~~~and 200,000,000 hard working, able bodied Sheeple ~LET THEM>>>Shalom~~~Enjoy your journey

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvtGzYBgH3gTHIS one is a WAKE -UP call.

As I said earlier~~~ PLEASE' Pray for Mr "O" ~I Can't say more at this time....But Pray for this man and His Family.
It is not Mac Cain as you referenced in your reply, the candidate's name is McCain.
Good work Shannon:::

Yes it is well to refute foolishness...and we do need to SEE the weightier thing,.. Like Last week Mr. McCain was in Texas speaking about Releasing the Oil Embargo in the Gulf Coast..and to get our own Oil..stop giving our enemies $$$-66 Billion dollars each year to Arm the Enemies of Israel...
Even the governor of Alaska is Suing Mr B and Company at the House called White because they will not Get all the oil that is Up in Alaska...What's up with that?

Now not that I follow Politics Much, However it was also Interesting that the Following day in the YAHoo news Mr B" in the House called white announced that Congress should investigate that very same issue...Why Not 7 plus years ago Mr B"????

SO Really what is Weightier..How about getting OUT of the U.N. That is only $-9 BILLION dollars a Year spent wisely,.. That is a Earmark' as they call it, that would be better used to take care of the American Need,.. Like Free Health Care..But then It is Politics as usual.
And do you think it is funny that when a Young Man takes an Oath to Fight for the Constitution of American and defend HER SHORES that he is told to take OFF his American Insignia and sent to some UN Peace keeping effort...and is MADE to wear the U.N. One world orderArmy Patch,or he gets court martial...Hmmmmm do you see a problem with that( Look it up it happens)
I personally have an issue with that....But then who am I.

Now Lets Take the BILDERBERG Group those 125 elite people that Control this world and Profit from Wars lets see in the Last meeting in Virginia who attended it..oh Yes Mr-and Mrs-Clinton-and Mr-OBAMA,..Many of the Federal Reserve boys And the Very Long List goes on..all those who belong to it are very interesting folks indeed the bohemian grove Group.

OH' lets Mention the illegal Tax system,... Has any of these great candidates said they would Abolish that one,.. It is Not even Ratified in the 16th Amendment,.. It is absolutely illegal put into place by Rockefeller-Walburg-Rothchild-Bush-Grandfather)Morgan of Morgan Stanley....See all the Proof Here watch Zietgriest-movie
Yet three months of your hard earned go into the Pockets of the Federal Reserve Bankers Those Boys listed above' and there loving families who Profit off your livelihood.
Now that would be a good thing to run your campaign on Going after any of those three Weightier things... In My Opinion..

And IF' just IF" someone did attack one of these entities,.. Let me Remind you of Mr J.F.K. who did,.. and we know what happened just five months after he tried to Call in the Fed Reserve Bank Notes,... Which by the way Have absolutely no value except the Amount of Paper in circulation...WHY? Because those controlling Names above "Fed Reserve elite" used the Government to call-in all the Gold and silver in 1933 or you would face ten years in Prison.
Sounds like the IRS threat to me....same ol same ol.

OH I should Mention,...The Only candidate who did say he would Do any thing about those three issues OF course did not get any airtime from the FOUR major media Mongols..I seem to Remember His name was Ron Paul....
Funny how they wanted to Shut him Up..

see TotaleterianAgenda on NingWatch the Video of Zeitgiest lots of expose
Dear Family:

God is best candidate as God will decide the winner.

Bishop R.Mitchell
I agree with what Moreh Yehoshua Ben Yahweh has said. However, I still say whoever can do something about the cost of gas, pretty much got my vote. They all tell us lies. We simply vote for the one who can tell us the best lie, or most believable lie. Nobody is going to be totally honest. They are all men. And in their mouths are tongues which prepare leavened bread for our consumption. We trie to eat part of the loaf and leave the rest. But is not the whole loaf leavened? A little leaven leavens the whole lump.They will lie. And they have an agenda that you know not of. They are going to do what they are going to do. I just hope that whoever is elected feels the same way I do about these gas prices. Yes. I am aware that there are other issues and concerns to be worried about. But that's what we are for. We can activate and implement programs to address most of the issues that are on the table. But we can't do much about that gas. Shalom.
I am very happy to contribute in this discussion though i am not an American, but i love America and i always pray for the Nation America. we heard a lot about this up coming ellection, on November 4th America will choose a new person that will lead them to the promised LAND, who are this person? I just want to remind all American that they should not take it so simple by chosen who will LEAD them to the PROMISED LAND, and also you Americans should not forget that you are the HEAD of pollitice in the world today, remember that if any thing happen to the HEAD the whole body is in problem, the world is watching you.

Now my brothers and sisters in America , pleese vote for Bible, on november 4th vote for whom you know that can LEAD Americans and even the world to the PROMISED LAND, my prayer is that God will choose the person for Americans. May God bless America
Considering the TotalaterianAgenda it is hard the find a Tzaddakim/Chasidim= A Pious benevolent person" to lead this country...


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