Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recently I have been meditating on something called "Apostolic & Prophetic Succession". I have looked at the levitical priest hood according to biblical standards. As I looked onto the scripture I noticed that many of levites followed the bloodline of the fathers occupation. Levi was High Priest and His Sons Followed in the occupation.

Aaron was consecrated and set aside so was his sons and there sons. So what do you think, can there be such a thing in Five Fold Ministry. Can a family have prophetic or apostolic heritage.

Let me know what you think.

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I would say it's not really the family heritage but it's God himself who choose those of His chosen. Knowing that we do not give ourselves our gift and knowing that we do not call ourself to do work for God so I wouldn't say that would be so. Then when you sit back and think about knowing that God sees those of the righteous and he see how they operate so he chose to use them in the prophetic or which ever gift he chose to use them to operate in...
What you think about that?
Interesting Point, but can God choose a lineage of people to carry on an particular office? If so how do we know

I would say He can if that is what He chose to do. We should know this because we walk by faith and not by sight. So we must trust and believe that it is He who choose us and others from generation to generation. Which ever office one walks in is suppose to be because God called them and chosen them to walk in that gift and to operate in the office God has given him or her.

Prophetess Teresa
Greetings Apostle!

I myself, come from a lineage of preachers. Every since christianity was introduced to the slaves, my ancestors have preached the gospel, even until now. My son, will also succeed me. One common gift that we have all shared amongst each generation was the "seer anointing". Each one has had to ability to speak prophetically. Being that an Apostle is a "sent one", truly I would agree with your analogy of the Levitical priest hood. Also, I will even add the "Sons of Thunder", John and James. It is something about the "Blood"! Glory to God! Not to say, some men have bad blood flowing through their veins, but the purity of one generation to the next, is the fulfillment of the promises of God. Consider, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! It's something about the "Blood"! According to the scriptures, a child's blood is identified with his fathers blood. Just as there are generational curses, so are there generational blessings. It is the grace of God that we take on the heritage of our father's to become generational Apostle's and Prophet's.
OK I like this, I hope others will look at this discussion and answer
I agree with you because as the bible say train up a child in the way you want them to go and when they grow old they will not depart from it. So I feel that if a child is trained up in a home where they always see their mother or father or their mother and father praising God , living for God worshipping God preaching for God just doing great works for the Lord I believe that child will follow those foot steps. You know with me I grew up in a household where there was abuse going on where i watched my daddy beat on my mom and so on where I use to go everywhere with my dad and he use to have this white stuff that he would sniff up his nose, yes I saw all this but one thing for sure the devil is a liar I did not and will not follow their footsteps in Jesus name amen. Now if they showing me something good then I know I need to follow and become a great leader myself and because I didn't follow their wrong footsteps God chose me to be a leader for Him that through Him using me as one of his vessels to bring the lost souls in. Maybe 88% of my family do not go to church.
Greetings, This is interesting...I was just thinking how ironic it is that my half sister and I are preachers of the gospel..she has the gift of teaching and I have the gift of prophecy(seeing,dreaming)and we have of course different mothers but the same father who operated in both of these areas and he also was and Apostle..Like Paul the Apostle my father wrote letters encourging the church and individuals. As, I think about it there are no preachers or any who have been called to the five fold from the lineage of our mothers. Apostle Lanier...there has to be truth to what you have come across because only father's carry seed and in that seed is the DNA of the father...we are all replicas of our Biological and Spriritual Fathers.

I Thank God for your time of Study for it has encouraged me to study -Iron Sharpens Iron
Minister Karen Evans
Yall are taking this some where, yall keep dividing this. The anointing of the Father Upon the seed, IF the sins of the for fathers were upon the 3rd and 4th generations. So can the anointings be passed on to the 3rd amd 4th generations.
I agree that in the lineage there is a calling, was not certain blood line set apart for the fulfillment of Gods purpose? I can see gifts being passed down through the line of ones family heritage but as we all no that doesnt validitate their (for lack of a better term) apostleship. Just because my fathers, father was a preacher doesnt mean that Gods chosen vocation for my life is to be the same. I would love to think that it is possible but there is nothing monochromatic about the Gospel.
That is very true, only your choosing to obey God makes you chosen. But Gods Destiny for peoples lives often resembles the traits of there father. I do believe that we will take on the spiritual attributes of the our fathers, but may not operate in there same office.
Not to get to far out there. But do we choose God or does he choose us from the foundations of the world? I would take a Calvanistic approach on the choosing of Gods elect. What do you think?


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