One Love

God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, for who so ever believe in Him, shall not parish, but have ever lasting life. John 3:16

The thought of love is the greatest emotion ever allowed and there is no way I would want to be with out having it, but there are a few things about this wonderful emotion that I always wanted to change, such as having the ability to love unconditionally to the fullest degree, or thinking with a greater purity, and of course having the ability to forgive completely, enough so that I can still love the another to a point of laying down my life, which is in essence not allowing pride, anger or other negative emotional acts to get in my way, when loving my brothers and sisters and realizing that God has forgiven me and i'm to duplicate that forgiveness and give it to others with love, which by the way allows me to understand that love is not just an emotion, but an action, a display of edification, an act of sacrifice.

I pray

God I want to be able to love as You do, for then I know that I'll be a better father to my children, a greater husband to the wife You will allow me when it's time, a closer friend to the people you bring into my life, Yes Father I want to be able to love in the Spirit, so that my actions reveal the fruits of You, which consist of love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control Galatians 5:22 . which will armor me, and help in my being able to fight the flesh, which brings forth much less, such as envy, anger or jealousy Galatians 5:21-22

In Jesus name I pray


Can you imagine being able to love unconditionally to a point that it does not matter rather or not if you're being loved back, yet you still provide that wonderful love because you have the power to love and regardless to how a person can display hate that you reveal the best of He, who abides in you,

wow!, what a wonderful Present our Lord and Savior awarded us with when He said this is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you John 15:12, which means to forgive, to have patience, deal with one another with long suffering and all the other beautiful gifts that can only lift you to great levels, while providing another with the gift of God, who abides in you.

Talking about having God in you, is exactly what I mean, for if you take a look at Genesis 1:26-27, you will see that He created us in the image of Him, well o.k., I know you know that....Let's take a look at this for a moment, Here we have the Creator of all things, loving us so much, He gave us Him, so we can duplicate what he does, which is love is love one another

Then He gave us dominion over all things and in my belief, it's because he knew that if we took care of what He put us in charge of with love, then like a gift, we can present it back to him, and not just the land, the birds, the fowl, No; that already His, but our free will to Him and each is entirely up to us, so if we present that love that is always give us, then in that love, we will always want to give the best of Him to others, which is a gift that we in return would be giving back to Him and in actuality would save our lives from being in places that can get quite hot.

Now there are times, when I think God has a wonderful sense of humor, such as Him creating some of us to be slim, heavy, tall short, Black, White, Asian and so forth and all because it give us the opportunity to look at our selves and see if in His, we are going to see beauty, which will lead us to building the largest school in the world, or to feed the flesh, which will lead to wanting to find flaws and in differences, which will cause us to remain a separate people, that will miss out on learning about different cultures, languages and styles, so that we all can share the gospel in different ways, as He shares His bread with us using different people as well as different things, to lead us to one important factor, the ability to have ONE LOVE

In Jesus name

I love you.

Brother De Baptiste

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