The black church as we know it is the only institution in the black community that is still the last one to do away with segregation and seperation, in the Black church we do not let our women in the pulpit i must be honest a women can preach to me she can't pastor me. I have not been converted on that issue yet.

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Brother Delbert,

What a subject! I agree that the church has areas of differences and Gender is one. This is where the church needs growth, understanding, and clarification. There are many women who are gifted in ministry and have God's word in them. I believe this with all my heart. I feel that women can minister in certain situation where a man can't.

There was a woman battered in a domestic situation and she came to the church with the wounds still fresh. At that time she did not want to see nor be near a man, but some of the women gathered around her and ministered to her needs. I wasn't offended but pleased that they ministered to her needs.

I do agree about the pastorial position. I know I will have plenty of commentors, who will disagree but I find it difficult for a woman to pastor a church as a leader but if she is living by the word, under the covering of her husband at the house. This could possibly be a point of confusion or conflict. I know some women who pastor, but they are not married for this reason.

For those who don't agree, please don't be offended. I don't offer this as an limited opinion, but tell us your side.
Vaughn, Im praying on this issue, you and I have discussed it many times it seems trivial to worry about who God can use and who he cant because if he used my sorry tale, Could he use a woman? I am at a church where the Pastor doesnt allow women in the pulpit. I have been converted on several issues dealing with the gender question and as it stands right now i dont think in my opinion that a woman pastor lines up with the word of God. If it doesnt line up with the word how can it be. but in the book of Isaiah it says "My ways are not your ways my ways are beyond your finding out" so in what capacity God chooses to us anyone is Gods perrogative. There are alot of powerful women ministers in the world and they can flat out say it. Vaughn I guess we will haft to ask jesus when we see him.
I see a move towards a change in some churches (Baptist) but it's slow, because as the seasoned generations transition the younger generation has adopted or embrace women to be all they can be. But the cry of the church needs to be WHERE ARE ALL MY BROTHERS? The question should be a wake-up call. The call would not be so greatly needed if Man would only return to God. There are some churches with effective Men Ministries. At my church, we struggle to keep the young men. If you have an effective men's ministry, what are some of the methods used to keep them in the church?
Pastor Moore, how are you ? Fine i hope all is well with me. Now to the business at hand we as men weather preacher or Layman we need act like men by treating our wives if married right, be Possitive role models for our kids, most important WE as Men need to stop excuse me but i have to keep it real that is we have to stop Bull Shiting God! i think when we as men can learn to be true to God and true to our families then and only then can we be classified as men. God bless You Pastor! P.S. sorry for the bad language pray for me
I feel your pain my brother, however you are correct. Only when we seek his face will God return unto us his strength & Joy. I writing my brothers remotely from the combined Baptist meeting here in ATL. Good preaching!!!!!! but my question. With an opportunity like this, in a city like Hot-lanta, why there is not one effort to reach out to young men. I have pleaded with many in leadership to begin anational ministry specifically drivento reach young men. Why don't they realize that their precious convention is dying before their eyes. They will wake up one day and find out their onlly legacy was the death of the next generation.

We need a new slogan
Each one, reach out to ten or more.

I'm done complaining .....but it is a shame when at a national event such as this.....I can only count 4 brothers under the age of 40 among thousands.
Pastor moore i do think a change is going to come in2009 when my frat brother takes office as the next President of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc. i am talking about Julius Scruggs because he loves young preachers now Shaw on the other hand does not care about the future of our Beloved convention. What shaw does not know is that he is running all the young gifted preachers away to Thurston's Convention. I know it is HOT in HOT-Lanta. God bless you man
Tradition, past relationships and teachings without proper understand of the Word of God. The Word should be “Rightly divided by Truth”; until man stop using the teachings of our slave forefathers who had limited understanding of the Word. Division will continue to destroy of Christian foundation. The knowledge which of slave’s masters and forefathers had was for time which was to increase the joy and give peace mentally to those in a struggle with right and wrong as well as the Battle within the Mind. In other words, in due season slavery will end but will you hold out to your change.

We need divine revelation instead of what an old preacher has past down from generations without true understanding of the Word.
Each generation receives a deeper Revelation of the Word of God. Why just like in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the explanation of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ was taught to the different groups because of there ability to understanding (mindsets: poor, middle class or rich and the well-educated mentality) what really happened. Some preachers use to teach that these scriptures contradict themselves but in reality and studying the Word in compliments one another but teaching everyone on their level of understanding.
Listen, I know Pastor Thurston who is good for the convention. He is a man of vision and a great Preacher/Teacher as well. On a national level he has worked to fix what was broken in the convention while the assignment to State Pres. was to deploy programs/ministries to incorporate the missing young preacher into the convention. Yet, none of the convention have actively pursued young ministers because either they fear losing power or love power to much. I have suggested that each presidential board member should have a younger understudy to train/lead/prepare that person to go into the convention. Every convention needs a shot in the arm for new ideas.

Report from Atlanta: Thousands of people attended but nothing was resolved. We listened to speaches from congressmen and heard skillful preaching at it's best but where do we go from here? Nothing for the future? This is sad indication for all the conventions as they struggle to squeeze the spiritual life out of the church while striving to put tradition on life support.

The biggest problem at the convention was that those who attended were winded as they had to exercise to travel from the hotel to the convention hall. Our youth meeting had 8 attendees. there wasn't even a room for them. while the exhibit hall selling clothes, hats, ties, and was filled to capaity. Something is wrong here. I guess two generations from now it won't make a difference as the conventions will die from within if they don't do something now.
Is this forum on Gender Bias against women?

It seems that each one of you and other men who is chasing the dream of preaching at these large convention are more concern about trying to make a name for themselves. Yes, we all want change but when must start within. Is any of these conventions are willing to include women?

As read the responses to this forum not one of you men address the issue, why?

I would love to hear the argument that you feel women can not Pastor (you) or a church? Biblical views, please!

Why the men are willing to compromise the Word of God to fit their agenda?

If you are not willing to accept the Full Gospel, which clearly shows women is Pastoral roles and Apostle, Prophets, etc...; please explain your position.
Dr. Gadsden,
You are correct in your statement. We have not addressed the issue of Women in Gender Bias, which was not fair. I want to state my concern with the convention is in line with your purpose of your question. The convention has to grow and change but this will only happen over time. There are those who believe that their view is correct on both sides of the spectrum, which is ok to do. However, in the reference scripture you used 1st Corinthians 11, which begins with Paul stating the order of headship, this is restate by Paul for purpose. The confusion in the church at that time was not over the right of women to pray in the church but the image being presented by younger women who were not "covered" or wearing the traditional veil while praying. Even in his assestment of the situation we read where he stops short of making definite opinion or arguement based on Jewish customs but advised caution to those men who sided with the side of the women who refuse to wear the veil. Most people miss the point: Women where allowed to pray in public. Yes, tradition dictated the need to wear a veil, but remember no one ever said they could not pray.

Headship does not cancel out relationship. Regardless if I ever Pastor a church, my main concern is over relationship not headship. I can reach a person to help them establish a relationship with Christ without the title of Pastor. I do it everyday. I'm not waiting until I'm a Pastor or if I become a Pastor, I'm in my assignment right now. Purpose does not equal Title and title has no bearing on purpose when it relates to God. That's the beauty of serving God. I don't need a title, I just want to do his will. I ask you the Question: Why is it so important for you to be accepted? THey didn't accept Jesus, but he still went to the cross. We spend to much time trying to change the mind of man when God wants to change the heart of man.

Man can't limit you, only you can limit you. We can discuss the Pastor point, but to discuss it to prove that you are qualified? Or to say it's ok for a woman to Pastor a church? Why? What's the point? In the real big picture, we can chose to spend time discussing who is qualified to be in charge (just like they do in the conmvention), spend time discussing who's interpetation is right/wrong, or we can spend time on God's agenda reaching to the lost. Mt 28.

When we spend so much time trying to justify ourselves and quantify ourself, are we doing this so man can acknowledge us? When I announced my calling to my Pastor, he said one thing: "Son, it's not my responsibility to question but yours to seek God's guildance for His plan for you and only you. No Man is qualified to judge God's call on your life. Never let it become a wall that blocks you from seeking God because you are worried about the opinion or acknowledgement of Man." Therefore, I say to you my strong Sister. I'm taking Paul's advice. If you want to Pastor go right ahead and let no one stop you. I don't have to share the same opinion with you, however because we are on the battlefield together I will fight along side you cause I want to get to Heaven just like you.

You are who you are and I am who i am because we are both children of God.

Stay Strong in your struggle.....traveling the rough road makes you stronger.
Thank you and I agree with your points.

I will continue to walk into what our god has called me to.
by the way.............They are too scared to let me preach at the convention. Somebody might get

Dr. Gadsden, you are much like my mother-in-law, who is pure Holy Ghost Power trapped inside a 120lb body of a woman. A true student of God's Word. She, like most woman had to spend time searching for a church which would allow her to speak. A daugther of a powerful southern baptist preacher, who knows she was called by God, but could not allow her to minister at his church because of gender bias. She has at one point or another been affiliated with different churches, too many to name. We don't discuss her struggle much now because she has slowed down in life, but in reading this post, it has made me realize that she has had to endure both the struggle of the call and being a Woman. I want to encourage her, so what can you advise me to say?

FYI.....I am still growing in Christ and old habits/traditions are hard to break, but i'm getting smarter everyday. Keeping praying for me and I will for you.


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