The black church as we know it is the only institution in the black community that is still the last one to do away with segregation and seperation, in the Black church we do not let our women in the pulpit i must be honest a women can preach to me she can't pastor me. I have not been converted on that issue yet.

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LOL, let's go to the conventions and get those old boys delivered. I like that!

Tell Mother,
I thank her for all the hard work and the new generation of women will not let her and others who has walked before us down. We know that it is God called us not man and on judgment day they have to answer to God for their behavior to the Elect Ladies whom He called to carry the full gospel not the polluted gospel.
Rev.Moore i agree with that statement she can pastor if she so desires let no man or woman hinder her. But you and I both know what is wrong with our convention.
As I read between the lines my brothers - Many men say one thing and still believe in the traditional ways of not letting women preach and pastor.

Mr. Vaughn, you can say what's in heart about us women. Believe me we have heard it all. We are free not you men need to get free. The word is where the women whom God called stand own. Not half of the gospel but the Full Gospel.
Dr. Gadsden, Help me understand your postition. How is it possible for a Spiritual Husband be subject to the Woman as a Pastor, but she be subject to him in the home? This would or could produce a conflict. The 1 Corinthians 11: Passage clearly indicates the headship. Paul intentually included the preface of the discussion by stating the ordinace what was in-sync with the word of God. The definition of Headship does not make one powerless but it makes one accountable, and we are all accountable to God.

Genesis is clear of how God as Creator personnally formed Man and after assessment of Man, decide to create a helper comparible to him. Not his equal but comparible (as used in the NIV) because while Adam was already on assignment from God, it was realized that Adam had no helper comparible to him. God did not form a Woman out of the dust in the same manner in which he made Man, that would/could make Woman his equal. God remove a part of man and made a Woman, which he presented to Adam in the manner which all other things God create for Adam to have dominion over and name. Adam said: This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; She shall lbe called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. My point is that which is a part can not equal a whole. Woman was created to be the mate not the match.

Statements such as I stated, often causes anger in Women, because many instantly take offense. My statement is not intended to belittle you, but empower you to understand that God also formed you as well. God loves us equally but gives us different Gifts. My Gift doesn't make me better, it makes me usable. It is my responsiblity to maximize my Gift.

I hear Women argue that men are not "Free". I'm Free: I can agree with you on certain points and respect your wisdom and who you are as a person. I'm Free: to disagree and hold a different view and respect your wisdom aand who you are as a person. But don't label or judge me. I state earlier for you to strongly and boldly be all the God allows you to be.

If you feel that the ol'school preachers is wrong for holding you back, then you need to stop listening to them and stay in communication with God. THe Pulpit is not yours nor is it the Ol' School Preacher......It belongs to God. We are the ones concerned about "Who is in charge" and in the big picture......It's God.

My pray for you, is that you recieve healing for anyone that may have hurt you and that you move forward and let yesterday fulfill it's course in becoming history.

God is in control........Not Man/Woman.
Dr. Gadsden,
If I was a Pastor...........You would, could, can, and should speak in God's Church. We are fighting on the same side and on the same field. Our opinions may differ, but our God is the same.

God will and God can.
Rev. CMoore
Yes, Pastor our is the same and I respect your opinion.
Your question:
How is it possible for a Spiritual Husband (man) be subject to the Woman as a Pastor, but she be subject to him in the home?

Dr. Maxcina:
There is a difference between your home and the church. Remember, God is the head of the church not man. Man is the head of the home.

This is often what we do with 1 Tim. 2:12, "I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man" (NASB).

We make in biblical interpretation occurs when we take one isolated verse and build a doctrine around it - even if the verse seems to contradict other passages.

Most theologians believe that this passage was addressing an isolated situation in Ephesus. They came to this conclusion after studying the myriad of references in the Bible to women in spiritual authority. The Old Testament records that Deborah was a judge over Israel, and God blessed her leadership in battle (see Judges 4-5). Other women who held authority over men include Miriam, Huldah and Noadiah.

Jesus issued His first gospel commission to women (see Matt. 28:1-10), and both men and women were empowered to preach on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4). Priscilla, Chloe and Phoebe were leaders in the early church, and one woman, Junia, is called an apostle by Paul (Rom. 16:7).

The promise of the prophet Joel was that "sons and daughters" would prophesy after the Holy Spirit was given to the church (Joel 2:28, emphasis added). Yet we have taken one misunderstood verse from Paul's writings and used it to negate hundreds of other passages that support the full release of women into ministry.
A man needs to "cover" a woman in her ministry activities.

This idea came from a distorted interpretation of the Apostle Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 11:3, "the head of woman is man" (NKJV). People have used these words to bolster the idea that women are subservient to men or that they cannot approach God without a male authority figure in their lives.

Paul's teaching in 1 Corinthians 11 about head coverings is a difficult passage, and Bible scholars don't agree on its meaning. However, most teach that Paul is addressing specific cultural concerns in first-century Corinth and that he is calling for propriety and order in a society where immorality and paganism had blurred gender distinctions.

Paul was not placing men in a position of generic ruler-ship over women. Because there is "no male or female in Christ" (see Gal. 3:28); women can pray, worship, study the Bible or minister without a man present. How silly to think that a man, because of his gender, could add credibility to prayer or Spirit-empowered ministry! To believe this would be to trust in the flesh.

Search your concordance. Scripture never describes men as "priests of the home." This man-made concept was popularized in evangelical churches in the last century. We have one priest, Jesus Christ, whose blood atoned for our sins. It is a mockery of the gospel to suggest that any human being needs an additional priest apart from the Son of God.

The Bible says all believers are priests (see 1 Pet. 2:9, Rev. 1:6); there is no gender restriction. Husbands function as priests when they pray for their families or when they minister the Word of God to them, and wives also function in this role.

Christian men need to stop being defensive and recognize that God has called us to function in unity with our wives. We need to listen to their counsel, consider their opinions, and pray together for the mind of the Lord rather than putting our foot down and shouting, "I am the leader of this family, and what I say goes!"
Adam is the spirit of Adam, and Eve is His soul; the tree is the human world, and the serpent is that attachment to this world which constitutes sin, and which has infected the descendants of Adam. Christ by His holy breezes saved men from this attachment and freed them from this sin. The sin in Adam is relative to His position.

This is one of the meanings of the biblical story of Adam. Reflect until you discover the others.

Marital status is not a qualifier for ministry. The Bible does not even state whether certain key followers of Jesus, such as the twelve disciples, were married or not.

The highest calling of all believers--married or unmarried--is to develop a relationship with Jesus. Any other earthly relationship is secondary, and Christ Himself warned us never to allow people we love to become idols that distract us from Him.

Genesis 2:18-25, in which Adam is provided a "helpmate." The Hebrew word used here often is translated "companion," denoting intimacy and partnership. But through the centuries, it has been used to imply that Eve was some type of domestic appendage.

Gen. 1:28, She was not created for servitude; she was fashioned to be a co-laborer with Adam so that they might rule together over creation as God commissioned them to do. In fact the word help, used to describe Eve's role in relationship to Adam, is the same word frequently used to describe God's help to people.

Eph. 5:22, We assume this verse means women have no say in family matters or that their opinion is second-rate. In extreme cases, women have been told to submit to abuse in order to honor male headship. But this is not a Christian view. Paul also told the Ephesians, "submit to one another" (5:21). I have heard teachings by male clergy on the subject of male headship, but I've never heard a pastor encourage men to submit to their wives! Yet in a loving marriage, a man and woman will defer to one another as they make decisions.
Dr. Gadsden, you are correct in the reading on Gen 1:28, but that was the relationship before the fall of Man. In Gen 3:16 however, God himself says in the B clause "Your desire shall be for your Husband, and he shall rule over you." Before Sin, She was named Woman - the female compliment to Man, but after Sin she was renamed by Adam, who had the covering and authority over her to call her Eve - meaning to Live and the mother of all living. What are your toughts on this?
Go head no sista bring on the big. My dear sista trust and believe those ones they are operating in the flesh and those are the ones that God said he is about to expose starting right in the pulpit. Watch and See! Peace N Blessings. God Bless you...

Prophetess Teresa


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