Leaders are supposed to set the example. Why is it that Leaders, YES LEADERS don't tithe?

We all know how we felt when someone stole something or robbed something from us. We all know how we would feel if it happened to us. We would all want the law to find the person, arrest them and give them the punishment they deserved for robbing us. Just lock up the thief. If it’s a family member or a so called friend who’s a known thief, we make sure we put up our wallets or our pocketbooks. Now let somebody take our stuff, we say the nerve of someone to come into our home and steal from us. The nerve of someone to steal our car. The nerve of someone to take something off of our desk. The NERVE OF SOMEONE TO ROB US. Well tell me what is God saying....Malachi 3 vs 8 states.. Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me! But you say, 'How have we robbed You? The reply was: In tithes and offerings.

Leaders are supposed to set the example. Why is it that Leaders, YES LEADERS Pastors, Reverends, Ministers, Choir members, Ushers, Nurses, Deacons, Stewards, I could go on...... DON’T TITHE. I know first hand because I served as the Chair of the Steward Board.

I know that there is online giving of tithes and you can also have your tithing amount be sent from your employer straight to your church checking account so why don't people tithe? Especially our Leaders. I could read millions of excuses and some may be even great excuses but tell me, is it about us or is it about what the word of God says?

What if God said to us while we walked down the street one sunny afternoon. “Son/Daughter because you have robbed me you will cease breathing from this moment on. A thief I will not bless or acknowledge.” Leaders are supposed to set the example. Have you paid your tithes this week? Why are the Leaders not even paying tithes?

FYI: A report published in 2003 by researcher George Barna found that only 3 percent of Christians tithe -- a decrease from 8 percent in 2001.

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You are right to say many still view money as their own. They forget that if it wasn't for God they wouldn't have money. God gives us the option to follow His word. He's not like the Government who says, because I know you wont do what you're suppose to do I'm going to take it off the top. God allows us the option to follow Him in ALL ways. I pray your comments does help someone else.

My people: Rev. Anthony Luckett said: "The Lord told him a while back if you don't tithe, then I can't use you". Don't let God tell you those same words. God needs everyone of us to lead the lost to salvation. To minister to His people. Don't let a dollar bill stop you from your calling. Like Rev. Luckett said. If you can't say Amen....say ouch!

Be Encouraged.
Prophetess Hitchen your remarks are true. Leader should set the example but they dont. It's almost like a parent who tells a child...do as I say and not as I do. We as Leaders shoule tithe and give offerings. You are right. NONE of us are above what the Word of God says. Maybe there are some that need to repent and get it right. True repentance is a turning away from something and never going back to it. They need to turn away from not giving tithes and turn to giving tithes and offerings.
Yes, there is a big problem in individuals not tithing or giving offerings.
Minister Galloway: Yes all need to step up as you say. It's not only the Pastors as Leaders but its all the Leaders. Leaders and everyone need to step up and give tithes. They should be reminded that in Malachi 3:9 it states: You are cursed with a curse, for you are robbing Me, the whole nation of you! God says in vs 9 that they are cursed with a curse for robbing Him. The whole nation of you! That ending part....The whole nation of you sounded like people had been robbing God from the beginning of time.
Most leaders in the Church become leaders before they learn to be Christians. Without getting too deep it's about the RELATIONSHIP not the religion. With a closed hand you can neither give nor receive. Many leaders have forgotten their first love.
Now that's a new spin. You are right to indicate that most leaders in the Church become leaders before they learn to be Christians. With a closed hand a person can't even praise God with lifted hands. I pray that many leaders go back to their first love. Like that old song goes......Take me back.....Take me back dear Lord.....To the place....where I first received you.
Be Blessed
Woman of this is such an awsome,Discussion that really I believe that it needs to be inforced more in the body of Christ so many people think that just your tithes is all it takes but your tithes is what you owe according to malicah 3:10, but as you read down it talks about rebuking the devour,but when you don'nt tithe you allow your seed to be uncovered,so alot of people are given with out (tithe), and thinking that there doin something,and some are prospering thing but are dieing spiritually so there is a misunderstanding about tithes and offering,the we really need to be very strategic about,and not be afraid to let the people now whats really goin on in not just things but in there life period The Apostle Paul said beloved I pray that you prosper ,be in good health even as you soul prosper, so we as leaders really need to take this tthis heart,and watch this not wait for our Apostle,or senior pastor to do this is a time now for all the leaders to sand and be example's for real AMEN
Obedience is the Main Factor.
The Tithe in Malachai is a Tithe of tillage~~~
Reference back to Nehemiah~~ When the Harlotry was going on what did he do,,...simple,... he replaced the Grain offering..
He did not tell the People they were in a bad way because they did not give YAHweh all the Gold and Jewels in their home.

Duet 10:17 ststes that G-D does not take a bribe,,... yet Christians are told time and time again,.... it moves the Hand of G-D...Get your Check books ready G-D is going to payy all your Bills....Give me a break

You can give away 100.000.00 dollars and still go thru the desert,..or wilderness~ BECAUSE HE wants to produce from you,.. by Obedience to Him and HIM alone....a sweet smelling Fragrance.

No it is not your "Tithe" that does it ,... A Contrite Heart Moves the Hand of G-D coupled with OBEDIENCE to Torah Truth...Somebody ought to teach that one..

Messiah only Taught from the Torah the Basics,... and That my friend is what The Master is trying to do even now in this time and Hour~~~ Bring HIS children back to Biblical Basics..

Search the Roman Church { The Imperial Church of ROME'~ as It was then named} and You will find the Tithe as it is taught today.. It was Instituted to pay the Priests and then it was abolished only to return to it after a few years.

All of this was, Some 400 years after the Messiah was Killed by Rome..and friends of Rome.

NOW the TEMPLE offering is another teaching,.. we can discuse at a later time...

People,. it is time to read read read your Bible until it becomes seamless within you...Then the TRUTH will set you free.

Shalom,....Rabboni Ya'aKov bin Adonai"~~~~A sephardic Jew, I should know.and do know. HIS way's are Higher than Your ways....
I was brought up in the church where i presently pastor. Our Pastor and his family were tithers and he taught us even as children: if you get a dollar allowance, you owe ten cent of that dollar to God. You should have seen us printing our name on our tithing evelopes and dropping that dime in it. We were trained to tithe and on the first day of the week to give as the Lord had blessed us. Our Pastor passed away at the age of 90 and I was grown and was pastoring in another city. I was away from my home church for eleven years. Upon accepting the pastorial appointment in 1985 of my home church, i returned and found a new generation of members who "did not know Joseph". For 11 years the pastor and other leaders did little or no teaching on stewardship or tithing. If anything was taught, it was that tithing was an old testament law and therefore believers under the new covenant were not required. As a result, the church's financial condition was very poor. They told me upon my arrival that they would not be able to pay me the same salary as I was receiving from the church I had left. Amazingly, when I was called to my first pastorage it was a two sunday church. (first and 3rd) My wife and I started there at a salary of $50 per week. Our personal tithes and offerings were 4 times more than what the church paid us. We included our outside work salary as well as the salary provided by the church in calculating our weekly tithe. I began to teach on stewardship and faithfulness. By the time I left that church(And I left in love and good standing) it was a full time church and the pastor's salary had rose to a whopping 150.00 per week. As a young minister in my 20's, i did not know any better. I was just thankful to God for that. When I returned to my home church, they told me that they had used all of their funds and CD's to build a worship facility 14 years prior and had been struggling to pay the monthly mortgage. But then they messed up and said "Now preacher as the Lord Blesses us we will bless the church and you". I began to teach and preach on tithing as I had done in the past. The first year I was here you could count the tithers on two fingers: me and my wife. Needless to say, some 27 years later, the bulk of our finances comes from Sunday School and Tithers. We have members who, as you said, have their tithes sent via electronic transfers or company checks. The Lord showed me also that every time my salary was raised, I needed to include that when calculating my tithe. Still there are members who still say that they believe in giving the new testament way only. They say that they give in accordance to the level of blessing the Lord has blessed them with. I find it hard to understand how, if 20 or so years ago when you were making 2.50 per hour on your job and were giving a dollar, that 20 years later at 12.00 per hour you are still giving a dollar and waiting on the Lord to bless you still.
I tell you that tithing works, even carnal minded Christians who have not completly yielded to the will of God in their lives but tithe, can testify that tithing works. God will not send his word out at any time and have it return unto Him unproductive or void. He keeps all of His promises including the promise to open the windows of heaven and pour out An un-restricted Blessing to those who return to Him what they took from him by force. Thats what robbery is-not just stealing, because I can steal from you without putting your life in jepordy of injury or death. I can appropriate something that belongs to you by deception or I can just wait until your back is turned. But to rob you, you have to be present and I may even use physical force or the threat of injury toward you in order to take from you what is yours. God says, yall have not just stole my stuff, yall have stuck a weapon in my face, strong armed me and taken whats mine by force. And as long as yall keep doing it, the devourer will continue to destroy the fruit of your ground and your vines. I intended for your land to be one flowing with milk and honey blessings. But because of your crime against me, because you refuse to replenish my storehouse and leave it with no provisions, you won't be able to benefit from the fruit of your labor when it comes. And you will not be able to help or bless anyone else in the church. Thus says the Lord God. JMS
Rev, I too believe that when the church is instructed and recieves the instruction openly, it does not have to then depend on the world to support it. We are to minister to the world. Besides I teach that there are people who cannot even afford a 6-10 dollar fish dinner and that we need to feed them. Now also there are members who want you to give them a sample of the fish for free. (smile) On the other hand, I have had the experience where some of our white brothers and sisters have come by car washes, bake and plate sales that our youth sponsor and have donated 20.00 to the project. So I don't condemn or critique those who still do it that way either. I just feel that there is so much more promise and blessing and purpose that we miss out on when we don't cross on over and appropriate them through faith and obedience. JMS
Pastor Smith you do bring up a very valid point. The vivid detail you indicated made me say wow....to rob.....you said you have to be present. .....and then you said "may even use physical force or the threat of injury toward you in order to take from you what is yours. God says, yall have not just stole my stuff, yall have stuck a weapon in my face, strong armed me and taken whats mine by force." I pray everyone who reads what you have said and is not tithing repents and begins. Thank you for such eye opening words.
I have a question??...
Avraham is the Father of the Faith"...in simple terms and as an average,.. Most doctrines of the NewTestament Church go back to the Old Testament to teach Tithing,... so in effect they are really Not a New testament church...Now with that as a Base..I would like to ask this one question and see where it takes us as SERVANTS of serious study:

Abraham met with the King of Salem and gave to him as part of an agreement to sojourn in the Land a "Tithe"....Abraham gave out of the spoils of war with the Tribes/kings he overcame in his journey...Right"

so with that abraham gave Once in his 175 years of Life to a King out of the spoils of War which amounts to us winning the Lotto or an InheritanceEG the spoils...
With that as a base thought,...How many times are we to"Tithe" in our lifetime?

Last note ...does anybody know what a Tithe of Tillage is...???


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