The other day as I was channel surfing, I came across a Minister who caught my attention. I listened as he went on and on about his financial blessings. His cars, home, helicopters, planes, and etc. He keep mentioning seed planting and how it has changed his ministry. He mention the "sacrificial giving" and how the bible has soooo many references to Prosperity. He mentioned his conferences, his CD's, DVDs, and etc. The program concluded without an Alter-call. No Salvation invitation, yet the church was full.

We are in a day where Men/Women are involved in one scandal after another. Some ministries have annual budgets larger than some corporations, which is causing the cry for investigations. Million dollar homes, lavish lifestyles, & private jets, makes me wonder at times, why? Has the S in Salvation been replaced with a $ sign. Everyone wants to be rich and no one can buy their way into Heaven but if you listen to some of the rhetoric on TV today, many believe differently.

Now, I not mentioning any names, churches, or ministries, but I believe some of these places have lost their mind. Maybe I'm worng but I draw the line when they ask me for my W-2 along with my membership information sheet.

What's your opinion?

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