It appears that there are many married couples that have suffered in their marriage, because of a spouse that is involved in ministry. The cause of suffering, their focus is more on ministry than on their family. There is no time being spent at home or doing things together as a family.

Recently, I have met a few couples that are working in ministry together and they seem to like it very much. Their take on it is, that they are able to spend more time together and their marriage is being enhanced.

Are any of you in the network married and working together in ministry? What are you finding to be the benefits from doing so? Are there any of you out there that would not want to work with your spouse in ministry, if so what would be your reason?

I would love to hear from you on this topic. My husband and I are discussing this now on our show would love some guests to call in and be on the show. Please get in on this discussion. If you think you and your spouse would like to be on the show please email us at we'd love to hear from you.

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A few couples said it was hard to work together at first because they both wanted their ideas to be put in place. Would you say things were the same with you? If so, how did you get over that hurdle? May I ask if you agree the correct order in life should be: God first, family second and ministry third?
I want to say this is an excellent discussion. I am engaged to a Bishop and I am an Evangelist with my own ministry as well. I was very concerned about the fact that we would be joining ministry together and if I would lose my identity so to say because his church is totally established. I was feeling how would I or how would my ministry fit in with his ministry. I have read the stories of the wives who because of the husband stature get lost and just become another first lady. I didn't want that my ministry was very important to me and I didn't to put it on hold just because i got married and needed to be involved in that ministry as well as take care of the family. Well I began telling my finance how I was feeling and we both talked about how we still needed in the both the ministries and that we didn't need to do a subtraction we could add because my part of the ministry was the missing pieces that he had yet to established and I already had a good beginning there. amen.. And we have even agreed on a new name for the ministry so we can be one totally.
God Bless, and Stay there don't move, for soon yall shall be lifted higher and higher
Evangelist McQueen, I am glad many are finding this discussion needed. I felt lead by God. You would not believe how many women have felt and do feel that way. They don't want to be lost in the sauce. We all want to maintain our own identity and it seems to be hard when two ministries come together. Now, I would have to ask some other sisters to join in on this one because each one has handled this differently. I believe that your identity can be maintained joining together. The ministry you have now can it function as a ministry in the church?
I believe God is going to bless real good through this discussion.
Sis. Rivera, I love you also. First, I apologize for such a delay in responding. I just got back home from Hollywood, CA as I won the talent competition I was requesting votes for. Please forgive me.

I found this discussion to be somewhat needed. Many people do find themselves placing ministry before family. I have always been taught that the order was: God, family and ministry. It is sad to say that so many marriages end or face rough times due to ministry being their first priority. I believe God wants us to take care of our families. When a person preaches take care of your family but neglects their own for ministry sake, do you think that would pose a problem to those being ministered to? Now, neglect mind you doesn't mean the family isn't being fed or provided for (God forbid), but I mean in the sense of not spending time with their family. Quality time holds a lot of weight now a days.
I believe every couple can work in Ministry together if they keep their lines of communication open. Prayer together plays an important role. However, there are some people who place their ministry before their family thus resulting in turmoil.

If one can't have order here first, how can they minister any type of order to others?
Great topic. There are some married women who attend church alone. I am such a women. I also function in many leadership roles w/o my spouse. I have learned that I have been called to walk a unique path. Once I accepted this, I asked God for wisdom in how to balance my roles, set healthy boundaries to protect my time w/my spouse, and redefine my personal concept of married women in ministry. Although my spouse does not attend church, at this time, he is very much supportive. Before I accepted the leadership roles or even speaking assignments, I consulted and do consult w/my spouse. There were times he told me "no". And I submitted. There were times he told me "yes" and I went forth with his blessing. If there are women struggling w/this, please know God does have healthy role models of women in ministry with and without their spouse. And better yet, He may be calling you to be such a model.

Thank you for joining the discussion and sharing. I know I am so late in responding please forgive me. I hear you and thanks for stressing that you consult your husband before you accept any invitations and then you also submit to whatever his answer is. You area role model because you know we as sisters have a problem some time submitting. I believe your husband will begin attending church soon because you are being the type of wife that will win the husband. My prayers are with you and I know God is able.

Stay encouraged and thanks again for responding.

Evangelist Howard
My husband and I work together in ministry. He is a Bishop, I an Apostle. I am the Senior Pastor, he is the CoPastor. It takes two very dedicated and spiritual persons for this role. We have seen where one spouse seems to outshine the other and it causes problems. My husband and I are very aware of our callings, our abilities and who we are seperate and together.
That is awesome!!! It can be hard sometimes but I believe God put us all together (those that are married) to work in ministry. Our marriages are not just for sex, procreation, fun or extra income. We all have that extra something the other spouse needs to carry out the plan of God. Married couples let's work together. Find your calling, abide in it and do your best to try and not out shine your spouse. Push one another to the next level in God, that's going to bless our marriages immensely!!!
Grace and peace...
I enjoyed reading all the words of wisdom and commendations that everyone had to say. For one, I believe that it is God's best for both the husband and the wife to be in the ministry. We compliment each other when are in the roles that the Lord has ordained for us to be. God has called us to be one, so if one is in the ministry and the other isn't, something is off balance. I have only been saved for about 10 years now and God has done a tremendous work in me, my husband and our marriage. And He began that work once we committed to do His work. Isn't that something? It looked like we were destined for divorce, separation and God said Not so!!! (Praise the Lord!) But it really took some dying to ourselves, particularly myself, because many times I was the one who refuse to submit. Now I willingly do so, first unto my God. My husband is my minister and pastor, of a church we started about two years ago (officially). God has also directed to produce a FREE monthly newsletter and a video daily devotional. God is wonderful!!! I bless God for the question.
A servant of the Lord, Sis. E


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