Searching seeking scrambling trying to
figure out how to unscramble the clue,
Going out searching resources after
resources leaves me with just a few,
Just a aspect, of who to elect,
Courageous people all around
now what can he or she expect,
Some folks on their knees praying
faced downward
Come out the closet no longer will
the enemy have u feeling awkward
Now that you are out of the closet
lift your hands up high
God loves you he will never forsake
nor will he leave you, He’s a God
that do not lie,
People may think God don’t forgive,
but let me remind you he does,
Murderers, rapist, thieves, drug addicts
A sin is a sin God forgives no matter
what just give him a buzz,
Still trying to unscramble to find answers
You just found your best answer which is
repenting and prayer,
God will wash away all your sins know matter
if it is washing off layer after layer

Copyright ©2008 Teresa Ann White

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