We are praying for in Ghana.

THEME: WITH UNCOMMON FAVOR YOUR MIRACLE IS NO LONGER ON HOLDHe will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe awaytears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he takeaway from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it. (Isaiah25:8)Do you sometimes feel like your breakthrough can't get here fastenough? We all know the saying, "He never comes when you want Him butHe's always on time!" My friend, this is true; however, when you haveGod's Uncommon Favor in your life, one thing you can count on is thatyour miracle is no longer on hold. Even though you cannot predict thetime or the moment when God's
Uncommon Favor will strike yoursituation, you can rest assured that it has been sent into theuniverse to be released into your situation from the Lord. The Uncommon Favor of God releases expected and unexpected resourcesthat fill your earthly account. Opportunities arise that wereseemingly never there before. You can now march confidently forward inlife to meet your good. God's Uncommon Favor allows you to prepareyourself to receive the best. Since it is God's will that you prosper,you will find yourself in favorable conditions. There is no need to believe that your breakthrough is tied up whenyou have God's Uncommon, Unmerited Favor in your life. Let go of fearand be filled with faith. Allow the Lord to empower you with Hisdivine peace. When you feel like you are at the "end of your rope",let go and trust God. Let go of doubt and begin to accept the truththat sets you free. God wants to show you how it's done! Let go
andlet God show you how it's done!I see your situation being handled by God's Uncommon Favor; I seeyour health being strengthened by God's Uncommon Favor, I even see Godbringing back things that were lost into your possession again becauseof your belief in the prophet and the words that were spoken over yourlife!Know that your potential for breakthrough has increased a hundredfoldand that you can expect the Uncommon Favor of the Lord to enter intoyour situation with a vigor and a passion like no other. Your needsare being met! You can start to claim the victory in Jesus' name! AMENAND AMEN. Delete Comment

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