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Yes , this is hate, anytime a man/woman asks God too damn anyone (person,place) it is no better than the rhetoric that is passed down, by other hate groups.
Though drugs, three strikes are out there, it is the LAW, if you break the LAW, you pay. If you are doing these things that are illegal, then you pay. Who is too say that it is all the Governments fault. When you what wrong is, and you go on and do it there is most assuredly consequences for your actions.Instead of holding the Government and its policies accountable, hold the individual accountable for their actions.
The Soulk that Sinneth it shall surely Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This man is not preaching the GODSPEL with all of it's Love for humanity(ENEMIES), rather this is no different than the Prosperity preaching. The Hate Groups of today/yesterday, use the same rhetoric. We as the CLERGY, should and must know better than too be as such. Never are we told too preach damnation, yet Salvation....

Min.A.L. West Sr.


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