JEREMIAH WRIGHT is all Right with me.... The Media ain't though!

Recently, the Black church has come under attack. The media is vehemntly denouncing Wright for his explosive preaching which is nothing peculiar to the black church experience. We all listen to passionate sermons every week! But dig this they never berate Hagee and Parsley who copy our style and use it to denounce and decry Muslims and Palestinians. They purely preach gospels of hate. Wright on the other hand is a former Marine who has served the nation and thus earned the right to critique our military exploits. In addition he being a Black male has the unalliable right to crittique society at large. What we're witnessing is a 21st century lynching!
He spoke out about the wrong doing and injustices of society and he's being publically dehumanized for it. If he ain't a prophet then who is! (definitely not those tv guys and gals who profit-sy.... they're really soothsayers and diviners.... ouch I ain't talkin' bout ya favorite preachers am I? Well at least I ain't drop names. Dr. Gadsen, I'm growing in Christ you must be praying!)

Here's the deal, the media cuts out the whole sermon of Wright about Obama and Clinton. Then they take only a clip of that clip and air it! Talk about eisogeting! Where's their integrity! Ah HA we never call it into accountbility! Secondly the complaint is that he actually said something. See the white nationalists (AKA evangelicals and conservatives, and nearly all of American Christianity.... yeah them folks who write the books we read too!) push and promote a gospel of status qou! (I suggest reading Peter Gomes' new book the Radical Jesus) Wright challenged the status qou and had to thus be killed off through charachter assasination.
Now to do this they said his words were insiduary. What? yeah right! So a Black man can't speak freely, only docile and meekly. Sounds like the slave codes to me.
So have we really progressed down through the years. No! we're still being lynched just with different ropes. And you though all that speaking in tounges, praising and shouting was breaking yokes! Shame on you! Even when the Isrealites sacked Jericho God knocked down the walls but they still had to fight! So here it is:
please don't reply plea the blood, Jesus did His part He took a stand it cost Him His life, please be willing to do the same

As always your questions, comments, critiques and concerns are welcomed, wanted, and warrented. (P.S. sorry for all of the spelling errors)

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That is your opinion, O.K.
But is that Christ like? who is he or anyone else too damn, any person place or thing. i believe that it was his charisma that took him over the edge. surelt being a leader of a flock, he read where the radical jesus said
too love your enemy, and to do good to them that hate you, and that was after you have heard it said an eye for an eye. What happened to the true movement, the one that says we as a people. that statement is never put into it's proper perspective. we as a people, not just a race.
it is time too put away our own opinions and keep our hands to the Gospel Plow. No my brother we are lynching ourselves, remember Peter cut off Malcus'( i think thats right) ear, and Jesus said if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. the tongue needs too be kept in its sheath at times. Hey if rev. wright, or any one else wants too damn them, that is their perogative.
But again the Radical Jesus would and does advocate the opposite. remember God called and sent Jonah with a prophecy, which was really an ultimatum. But he did not damn them, the only problem was the one jonah and his contemporaries had with their enemies.
What can we do/ Love the Lord thy God with all thy soul, Might, and strength, and thy Neighbor as thy self.

Min. A.L. West Sr.
First of all, Why in the World is your picture so big in this discussion forum!? Secondly, I agree with you that Wright speaks to his people from the Prophetic Tradition which will at times tear down, that it might make way to build up something new. To be honest I could not figure out what the big deal was about what he said. America has done somethings in its past that it will have to answer for. That's the truth and it cannot be questioned. Thirdly, our dear Brother AL West's suggestion that this is not Christ-like is very weak. Christ comes from the same Prophetic Tradition and his command to act in Love does not go against that tradition, but rather enhances it. No one will take the time to speak correction to something that they do not Love. Hebrews says that we know that we are Children of God and not Bastards because God loves us enough to correct us.
I appreciate the comments. It is mindblowing that so few people have responded to this forum. This ought to be the hub of the blog post in that this misrepresentation is an overt attack on the Black church and Black preaching.
Sorry Bro. Harris......just now posting on your discussion......
Every Prophet was first rejected, ridicule, and mock when the people heard what was said from God. The reason why is because they were living in offense to God. Living in sin will make you deaf to what God says. It will offend your character or irrate your beliefs. It will cut and hurt because it burn the imagine of your perfect character. We are living in a age where social values are place above Spiritual values. Morals have been replaced with less offensive termologies to show accept for all. But i thought we were the called out ones? in our attempt to be all inculsive many have adopted this "Make me feel good theology" We even want to stop using the word CHURCH and find less offensive ways of identifing with people so when they attend they feel comfortable. Our hearts have become hardened like Pharoah and when we hear how God feels about the way we are living, we cry out foul!!!!!

The media kills me letting these people who thinks God is a citizen of the USA and should bless us because of who we are. We need to realize that it is the media who corrupts, who influences, just to make a buck. And Rev. Wright is RIGHT, because if you look at the Kitrinas, 911, the American Dollar, Gas prices, Wars, and threat of war. Post Egpyt era......the Israelites adopted the ways. ideal, culture, idology, customs of people of the land. They forsaked God and God turn his face from them. Rev. Wright was not only right, but right on it. God loves us but hates our sins.

Wright was only bringing to light what is the truth.......We must not silence the prophet but spread the word. It's ironic that the next potential leader of the US.....the most powerful position in the world. Heard it first

God is in control...............
No it is not Christ like. Weak! now prophecies have tradition, that's weak. The truth is that if America is damned, so are we.
prophetic? what was so prophetic?
When you have something too say, say it. but don't make ludicrous assumptions.
It is not like the prophecies, for if it was, he would speak for GOD and not his people.
Black folks have/continue too do the samethings, we may not have bombs, but we do kill far more of our own than any one else. Propheticaly tradition that. You know we must learn how to love in spite of. If their is a tain't of hatred or damnation, we must be ever mindful, to discern where it is coming from. Too many times so-called men of God, who are more charismatic than holy are put on a pedestal. Though you feel it, doesn't necessarily make it so.
remember he who controls his tongue is perfect.

Min. West
Next time please read carefully before you reply: I said the "Prophetic Tradition" not that Prophecy has Tradition: Now if you have never heard of the "Prophetic Tradition" then we need to have another conversation about expanding your reading list. God gives inspiration, insight and the spirit of discernment to those who are called to speak to specific situations. I still believe it is a weak statement simply to say it is not Christ-like because it lacks Love: well does not love come in speaking truth to correct, and to inform, and to empower, and to liberate. Love takes many forms, and most of those forms make people uncomfortable because it challenges them to see things differently. Even Christ called people Vipers, King said that America should be condemned because of Veitnam and its arrogance, Even Rome, the most powerful empire of the Ancient world crumbled because fell into degradation. The Prophet speaks in an effort to bring our mistakes to light and pull us from destruction. And sometimes in order to pull people from destruction they at least need to know that judgement is real. Now you go and Christ-like THAT!!! In Jesus Name
Do you also believe that correction must come from within ones self. Don't let your belief in intelegence, and the tradition, make you insignificant. when your statements come off as you can't handle who you are, nor appreciate it. you see many kingdoms must fall and all will fall. but the nations shall be judged. all of them according to the word of God. So too damn america, is too damn all of us. idiotic at best, or just another sissified expression at best. we should as real men take it to the limit. alot of people like too speak for God and are really babbling idiots with a degree. Nothing personnal, but at the sametime we are not told to damn, nor corrupt anyone, you see too insinuate that God damn america, insinuates another is more righteous, loving, and spiritual. another form of rhetoric. Funny how we can be so prophetical. And don't comprehend that there is always a way out, do you prophetical traditionalists know that. Christ-Like this, don't you idiots know that all shall be judged according to their works, damning america or any other, may very well Damn you.
Christ-like enough for you.
Funny folks damn America, and Tolerate sissies/ in Jesus name.
Bro. West
THis has nothing to do with tradition. When Wright said God Damn America, he was referencing that God literally block the channels of blessings not claiming damnation upon america. If you look at the context of the sermon, you will realize the effectiveness of the use of the word. America is ina recession, the value of the dollar is down, and the moral decay surrounds us. We may be the new traditionalist and say.....But God is good.....But when I see the world around us falling deeper into Sin, I'm not going to put on a pair of spiritual ray-bans and stop looking at what is taking place in the world and figure that if it is out of sight it is out of mind. If Jesus was walking through the streets of America, would he be happy. What we are experiencing is the beginning of God blocking the channel as the once steady flow of blessings trickles down to a simple drip. We can not be selfish in our views thinking I'm saving only myself and forgetting about my brother and my sister. God has always sent warning signs that we are living foul. Wright wasn't asking God to damn America, he was stating that God is going to block up the channel until his people return to him.

Now you can take a Pharassic attitude like the Pharisees and disclaim the truth. Be like the media and assasinate the character of Rev. Wright. Stop having the sound bite mentality and listening to the spin factor theology. Dont just lift up your hands crying bless only me, me, me; but use your hand to help a brother and let them know that they need to change the error of their ways. not by judging them but by blessing them.
Hey Min. West it ain't cool to call folks idiots, and please don't call gay folks sissies. Isn't it ironic that while you're blasting Wright for offensive language and preaching his own agenda you yourself blast folks with a healthy dose of your own crude language and personal biasness. (by speaking of personal biasness I am referring to your preferential reading of the Scriptures which allows you to discriminantly select for yourself a canon within the canon.) Don't take the parenthetical commentary personaly, we all do it some of us are just aware that we do it.
Awesome words!!!!
I did a Google search for the words, "black church" and all my eyes saw was the name Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright up and down my monitor. Because of the current political atmosphere his name has been brought to the forefront and with him the institution we know as the Black Church.

We all know that the Black Church is a system of different beliefs, customs and denominations which was developed during a time when separate but equal was the rule of the land in America and racism was up in your face, (today it smiles in your face and does its deeds behind your

There is such a thing as the Black religious experience and now it has been labeled along with Rev. Wright as controversial and unpatriotic because of pieces of messages that have been taken out of context. As this plays out the ugly head of racism and its byproducts are peeking out of the cover we call tolerance. We don't need to tolerate each other we are in need of reconciliation and first we have start with self.

You are asking for action, honestly we are a divided people and I am just talking about those in the Black Church. You have one group that fight for social issues and then you have another that fights for personal prosperity. Rev. Wright represents the first group which could also be considered liberation theology which doesn't fill up the pews like prosperity theology.

For instance I only been on this network for two days and I did a forum search for HIV/AIDS and I did not find one forum on this disease that is devastating our people. Rev. Wright was one of the first Pastors to bring HIV ministry to Chicago. Now with all of that said am I saying that Rev. Wright is perfect no but honestly I don't know the man but I do respect his message. Not the lil segments that the media gives the public, I'm talking about an entire sermon.


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