I impose the question to ask two questions for those who are serving in the office of Pastor, Apostle, Bishop or Overseer.

Question # 1 Please share your experience in having associate ministers under your leadership moving into the office of Pastor. Did the Lord reveal to you that this minister was called to a higher office? Also, did the associate come directly to you? What would you advise?

Question # 2 When you moved in your call to Pastor did you go to your Pastor? As a female in ministry-.knowing the many barriers women have received in ministry, this may be difficult for some to answer. I am seeking spiritual advice from those who 1st believe that women are called to pastorial ship and how to approach my Pastor? What advice would you share?

Thank you for sharing as I am seeking God on this matter. I do believe he has placed many powerful men and women who can be mentors in this network.

God Bless you and thank you


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Well God bless you my sister first of all. my answer is going to be Biblically based...In the book of Judges 4 we hear of a Judge that was one of five women to be called a prophetess in the Old Testament, The others are Miriam(Exdous 15:20) Huldah(2Kings 22:14; 2Chr.34:32) Isaiah's wife(Is.8:3). and Noadiah a false prophetess(Neh. 6:14)The reason i am going old testament with you is that if man did not protect you and up lift you then,What makes you think he will now. If you are looking for the approval of man. U have just set us back along way...as you read further here Deborah is a key figure in making man go and fight and is the turning point in the Israelites mission in the battle because the Man leader is scared. that is the reason she said the prophecy that she said to him.And it was another woman that was the true victor here as she was not even known as being a Christian or Jew, Her name was Jael,a Kenite woman.
In His Service
Pastor Robert
There are many women in leadership that have spiritual Church fathers, there is nothing wrong with that i am not going to go in deep with this answer but i will ask you this how did Paul approach the apostles??? He tells you he was called by God not man!!!So if you know that God has allowed you as women to bring His offspring into the world!!!!!!!
Pastor Robert:

Thank you for your affirmation through the biblical word and for we know that Paul was originally rejected by the apostles. Women are fulfilling roles that are making some men uncomfortable. Yes sir, God indeed did call me. I am encouraged that this 1st response came from one of my brothers in the ministry. It is good to be reminded that when it is all said and done that this Joy the world did not give it too me and the world cannot take it away. "The Joy of the Lord is my strength." Thank you again my brother for being so honest with me.

God Bless you,

Thank you so much for this wise insight. I agree with you and that women do have to contend with a lot of prejudice in ministry and I have come to accept that this is part of the journey.

However, you have enlightened me that the call is actually assuming the active role of the calling. Just recently I had been asked to speak frequently at a church where the role of the position of Pastor has become vacant. The church does have an Elder at the church. I notifed my leadership at the church - and they pretty much told me to go since there was an elder in the church. So I believe God has strategically placed me here as a new begnning of what yet awaits to happen. Of course, you know I did not get any encouragement to go on this assignment, but that's ok, I just want please Jesus, and that's really all that is important.

Again thanks for your wise council, I am confident that what the Lord began in me and shall come to completion.

i love it when my people don't read and they just responding the book of (Judges 4:9) tells you about a very powerful woman by the name of Deborah, or let's take it back to Adam and Eve her is way before the Roman empire and Catholics..They were both called Adam but were created male and female(Gen 5:2) and then let's look at (2:18 Gen)And then let us go to 2:20-24. There is not a distinct order here so you can feel the flow of the Spirit of God.Man likes things to be placed in a logical order to man. But the God we serve uses this same knowledge of man to confound man. that is why scholars still disagree on trivial matters. Our God chose woman from the rib of man so that she would be a cover to his heart and to stay beside him in all things not behind nor in front BESIDE him Amen!!!
We all know what submission means so if you are called of God Don't let man bewitch you out of your calling.
In His Service
By His Grace
We Run This Race
Pastor Robert

all done with that agape` love
Thank you.

Amen to that I am moving forward in my call from God.

God Bless you all.
Thank you my sister for those words of encouragement. It is truly a blessing to be used by the Lord in such a wonderful way.

I am blessed to connect with such wonderful women in this network who have empowered me to stay on the journey.

You are so right, no one can take away the wonderful gifts in which God has placed within. I count it all joy to be found worthy in His sight for such an assignment. For I know for much is given too- much is required.

Blessings and Peace
Unto Him

I do apologize that we seem not understand that we are doing exactly what the enemy intended to happen the debating God's Word.What i was pointing out was the Word of God that stated that Victory was going to be given to the woman (4:9 Judges) Barak hesistated to lead the Israelites in battle.In verse 8(personal opinion He was scared). His lack of nerve forced the the prophetess to go with him and subsequently the glory of the victory would go to a woman..We as Men would naturally think that this woman was the Prophetess Deborah but we discover that it was Jael, a Kenite woman Judges 4: 17-22...My only question is why when a prophet is a man does He get recognized as being about God's business..
i see that a lot of people are telling me and like believers that Paul Timothy Titus, My question is what did God say, This woman was a Judge that means she was above an overseer. This is after Joshua the Son of Nun dies.This woman was the 4th Judge, Judges were appointed by the Spirit of God.She was from the south of Ephraim near the territory of Judah, The problem of course was in the North she ordered the Israelites to send troops.. please believe that God moves anyway and time He choose's with a man or woman. He is soverigen...Amen
In HIs Service
Pastor Robert
God BlessYou
I can not comment fully as our offices although different, bare similarities. I also can not comment as we hold some what different values than some "Christian" groups. Our opinion is if you are a part of a group or organization then you are bound by their rules. In our methods herding sheep was both a male and female position ergo they are considered equal in our groups.
Prophets were both male and female so again we embrace females into that ministry. Emissaries (our title to your Apostle) again as were the first evangelists women. There is record that many women took an equal share of "pastoral duties" with their husbands. And single one hosting events for the Emissaries (Apostles) to promote the "work"
Over time I have served in various positions under women "pastors" , never once challenged them as I felt God picks the ones he wishes in charge. "Upsirt" is a dictatorial term. Many of those I have served took more a servant posture which really made an impact. In several occasions Women have had to step up and govern when a "man" as slipped up. My advise is that if you are called into ministry check with those that have "Charge" over you as to how they feel.


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