I impose the question to ask two questions for those who are serving in the office of Pastor, Apostle, Bishop or Overseer.

Question # 1 Please share your experience in having associate ministers under your leadership moving into the office of Pastor. Did the Lord reveal to you that this minister was called to a higher office? Also, did the associate come directly to you? What would you advise?

Question # 2 When you moved in your call to Pastor did you go to your Pastor? As a female in ministry-.knowing the many barriers women have received in ministry, this may be difficult for some to answer. I am seeking spiritual advice from those who 1st believe that women are called to pastorial ship and how to approach my Pastor? What advice would you share?

Thank you for sharing as I am seeking God on this matter. I do believe he has placed many powerful men and women who can be mentors in this network.

God Bless you and thank you


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Did anybody read her questions, why is there a debate. She asked some very simple questions and I've read but I didn't read any answers to the questions she asked. I'm new to the group here, could someone please answer the questions. It seems to me that someone started questioning her question. I'm a pastor I have no assistant pastor or ministers under me that I see moving into a pastorial position presently. When I went to my pastor to receive the blessing of the house there was none. I never remember them blessing anyone that left to start their own ministry. It was said to me because they hadn't blessed others they couldn't openly bless me either. I run into so many new ministers doing it along or sucking the breast of another ministry after they leave home. Some pastors unknowing create fatherless children because of fear of one knowing the inside of the house. They give you nothing because no one gave them anything. I worked and I gave faithfully to the house they built. Yes, you should tell them you are called to start and ask that they prey with you about the time of your departure with all due respect. Remember the seeds you sow will sprout up in your ministry. Don't leave any doors open for the devil to work against you. If they lie on you make sure it's a lie they tell. Be blessed as I loose the love of God on you. Stay on your knees during your birthing season and remember timing and purpose brings destiny with a harvest. Love Ya.
My Dear Sister in the Ministry:

Thank you so much for that authentic word of wisdom. You have indeed answered the question in which I did not want to debate. I shall await and stay in the birthing position for I know the best is yet to come.

God Bless you my sister and I love you with the love of the Lord.



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