Can believers of Jesus Christ assist or promote productions that showcase homosexual acceptance?

I would like to know if the word of God means abstain from all appearance of evil relates to those believers of Jesus Christ who are marketable and beckoned to help in productions that clearly showcase homosexual acceptance. Should they do the production and set aside their religious faith as it is just fictional characters or is their evil intent behind bringing these productions to the mass population... meaning subliminal messages.

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Brother MarQ, I will answer your question. The answer is Never. People will never remove them, because it is they who appointed them. Men habitually heap unto themselves teachers, because they have itching ears that want to hear a certain sound; a sound that will tickle their emotions, and influence their desires. But no one is prepared for the battle. it is written, "If the trumpet shall make an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for the battle?" We don't want to know about the battle. We want to hear another sound that will distract us from the battle. We like distractions. Besides, if we rid our churches of all homosexuals where then will we find the good music? Who's going to make the church "party" happen? LOL

That is so true Preacher. Please tell Christains to leave the Government out of it. For with everything they give you , it clearly states no discrimination So why do we continue to accept their help please answer this for me.


The has both a figurative and literal meaning, the phase is "from all kinds of evil you abstain" this is a command in the second person and the middle voice and the imperative mood, meaning this is something that you yourself by the command and in light of the context of the chapter which deals with "The Day of The Lord" and us being children of light vss 4,5 along with Paul's contrasting us as livening in the day and not the night and for us not to sleep (unconscious of what's going on around us) vs 5, but conscious of what's going on vs 6 (be sober). But, we are to deal with others who are weak in love vss12-15 and do as he says in verse 16 Pray without ceasing. In short to answer your question, yes a subliminal message is being sent to the culture that this is o.k. and by no means should we support it, this is done under the rubric of tolerance which is the cry of society today. There comes a time in our walk with Christ just like Moses and Israel's backs were up against the wall at the Red Sea that we have to do like God says STAND STILL and SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD, Paul reiterates it in Ephesians 6:14 Stand therefore having your loins girted with Truth. The waist is the center of your body, to the Chinese in martial arts the belly or waist is the center of gravity, and to the Hebrew as often used in the Old Testament the bowls of compassion is a term used for the inner man. So bound your whole being Spirit, Mind, Soul with God's truth. We ought not promote the world's agenda.


God Bless.           

In response to MarQ's statement: "These church folk STILL IN here condemning homosexuals?!"

It is not that we so-called church folk hold homosexuals in condemnation. Homosexuals are not the subject, but rather homosexuality. Homosexuality cannot be condemned as it has been condemned already. Have an already condemned building ever been condemned again? No. It is condemned once. Now there's only one thing that can happen to a condemned building. Tear it down and build a new building. People who are involved in homo-activities are abiding in a condemned building. And my advice to them (in love) is that they should get out of there, because the building is scheduled for demolition and if you are in the building when the building (homosexuality) is destroyed, you will perish in the building; because it is condemned already. When a building is condemned, everything in the building is condemned. But the good news is, although the building cannot and will not be saved, the content, and or life in the building can be saved if they are gotten out before destruction. Homosexuality is condemned but it is not yet been destroyed. But it will be destroyed for God has condemned it. Come out of the Homosexuality... I mean building... I mean...before it's too late.


In love, Pastor King

That's a Good Word Pastor...

We love the sinners, hate the sin...Amen...

No................ what part of abstain , evil, or avoid do we not understand?

Amen to my fellow steadfast unmovable Christians.  Heaven and earth will pass away but the Word of God will last.  God will never compromise His word.  Homosexuality is not of God.  God didn't intend for people to mate with same sex.  I love people but I can't compromise with that lifestyle because I'm trying to make it into God's kingdom.

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As for me I don't think that we should partake in another man's sins.

The question is can believers of J.C. who are marketable and beckoned to help in production...showcase any lifestyle that is contrary to Scripture, not just homosexuality. I would NOT be a part of a show like "Modern Family" or something like "Friends"...

Psalm 139: 23, 24(ESV) "Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!  And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!"

Psalm 139: 23,24(KJV) "Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:  And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."

Search me Yahueh! We may not always recognize the evil within ourselves or an endeavor but nothing is hid from the EYES or SPIRIT of Yahueh. That is the purpose of asking Yahueh to reveal to us our intent before we embark upon an endeavor. Thankfully, the Scripture has already given us Yahueh's answer regarding any matter: abstain from the very appearance of evil. This COMMANDMENT (it is not a suggestion but a directive) does not come with an exceptions clause. When we seek an exception, we are actually seeking to go around the word of the Most High. We may deceive ourselves and others but YAHUEH, bless HIS Name, knows the truth.


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