Can believers of Jesus Christ assist or promote productions that showcase homosexual acceptance?

I would like to know if the word of God means abstain from all appearance of evil relates to those believers of Jesus Christ who are marketable and beckoned to help in productions that clearly showcase homosexual acceptance. Should they do the production and set aside their religious faith as it is just fictional characters or is their evil intent behind bringing these productions to the mass population... meaning subliminal messages.

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Bro LBusby wat youz talkin' about!???!!!! I get soooooo much comic relief from watching TBN. Not to mention all of my goood stand up material. I'll need new material for my next family gathering. LOL
I'll have to read it later. Thanx for typing.
I hope I answered you correctly, but you will want more.....I promise. LOL

Where is Bro. John? Have you chased him away? LOL I hope all is well with him. Also, did you get my note to you about your conference call during the Christmas holiday? I was not able to join, but please give me another invite.

Peace be unto you and yours. Your sister in Christ Jesus.
Hey All, no I'm still around just needed to step away and do some more studying and praying. I just haven't been posting to some of the posts that's all. If we don't have our minds renewed and truly understand what it is for us to be in Christ and Christ in us I feel we miss things. I'll be back on posts and much love to you all, your Brother in Christ Jesus.
Good Bro. John....and it's good to see your chat. I thought about you while chatting with Bro. Moreh and figured I would ask. Continue in Him and be blessed always.

Your sister in Christ Jesus
You can count on it. Just have some things to sort out and ask the Lord for His understandings. I'm not lost. LOL
You are more educated when it comes to what the bible really says. I am just learning. From what I read I take it Salvation is a gift but like any gift it can be rejected and even done away with. Both scripture from the old testament and then new testament seem to agree with this. I would Like to hear your supporting scripture for or against this. The other gentleman just voiced his opinion. You seem to give scripture not mans traditional beliefs.
good question:
the bible teaches us that anyone who practices sin is not of God, the word practice means openly purposely,willingly lives a sinful life.homosexuality would fit that description.
its an abomination Romans 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
God Bless
Woman of God,

Yes believers can assist any production they desire. It is a choice. Now the question is should believers assist or promote these business entities? THE ANSWER IS ABSOLUTELY NO. Many people proclaim to be believers just because they claim Jesus Christ existed. A true believer lives and practices with will and word of God. What would Jesus do in this instance. Would he support such a thing? No he would rather reprove and rebuke this behavior and encourage repentance to follow after him and sin no more.

You also answered your own question. Yes of course the enemy is utilizing deceptive tactics for an evil intent to bring a subliminal message. It is a blessing you recognize the trickery. Think of all of the ministers who do not. We must pray for their eyes to be opened spiritually.

Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in the gospel according to the word of God:

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto the ministers the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: The eyes of the ministers understanding being enlightened; that they may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints.....Ephesians 1: 17 - 23 (read through vs 23),....Let no man deceive your ministers with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not therefore partakers with them...for we were sometimes in darkness, but now are we light in the Lord: walk as children of light. For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth. Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them, Ephesians 5.

Stay Strong Woman of God. Pray for our sisters and brothers in the gospel. Join with me as we partition the Father to release the anointing of discernment in their spirit man as well. Keep your eyes on God. Look at them the way God sees them and not the way man sees them. Do not focus on their weaknesses but rather on their strengths, this way you will receive their gift of ministry when God has transformed and illuminated their life shifting them into their God destined assignment for ministry to win souls and rebuke the enemy from the lost.

Pastor Alecia Beam
Sound of Judah Faith Ministry
Memphis, TN
I beleive the word of God is very clear on we should conduct ourselves when it comes situations like this. Rev . Luckett crossed the t's and dotted the I's. We are not to conform to the ways of this world, we are in the world but not of it. Sure we should show love and kindness because Jesus is Love, however we should not tolerate that demonic spirit nor should we in any way help spread it to the nations. Homosexuality is an abomination to God. If we promote a play, song, movie,book, artist etc. that wants to teach acceptance of this lifestyle than what standard are we holding up before the world. The devil is forcing this spirit in like a flood, but the Lord promised He would lift up a standard against him. Now we, the Saved, Sactified, Holy Ghost filled, church have to be that standard.
For many, I call the walking blind, who are deceived, this is what they believe, all nature is bisexual. It's a ritual science or tribal science, but it's not human nature, how was you created? You was created from a woman that's human nature. Sex has nothing to do with spiritual faith, if folks think sex is a ritual than they need to practice God ritual God gave women the law of science to reproduce, with the help of men. History tells us, it was the virgin Mary not the virgin Tom. "NO MAN CAN PRODUCE LIFE," I know that there are a lot of gay and bisexuals that are intellectuals but in this case science loves ignorance. How can you have faith in God when you go against his most natural nature human reproduction? I have nothing against gays and bisexuals as people, I believe in God, so I'm not judging, I'm just making a point. I just disagree
with same sex. I think the main reason many are turning away from the organized mass religion and seeking more personalized ritual because their seeking to participate in more priestly cult rituals some try to do both. To me this make being gay or bisexual an occult and not a minority, I mention this to say, I think it's wrong to group black minorities and the African American struggle with the gay and bisexual minority group.

I mentioned this to say, gays and bisexuals wasn't imported to the United States. There was never a system controlling mass behavior of the gay and bisexual minority group, making their culture or race inferior. Bisexual and gay people was never sold for less than 30 dollars whipped or hung from trees and burned because of their personal choice. You will never see an adopted child of a gay couple or bisexual couple taken from them and sold as property, their family was never split up and sold to work as cattle. Gay and bisexuals never had to fight for their civil and human rights.

You can hide being gay and bisexual, you can decide to be gay or bisexual, one day your gay or a bisexual and the next day you could have a wife, girlfriend and kids or both, plus, there are many different ethnic groups that are gay and bisexual and from different walks of life Republicans, Democrats, Independents, wealthy, rich, middle class, poor.

There maybe a lot of dimensions to being African American because of interracial relations, but no black African American can ever, never hide the fact that their black, not that you would want to.

But to go further with the occult theory Transvestite enthusiasmos can be seen as ritual. In this ritual it is believed that 'taking in' of female traits by the male, for the purpose of uniting his Anima with the Goddess' Animus, and it can be even more potent as a form of Ceremonial Magick. In many of the Mystery religions, enthusiasmos included transvestism. The Galli, for example, or Priests of Cybele [or Kybele, Phrygian Great Mother Goddess, or Magna Mater] ritually dressed in resplendent female attire, the better to identify with their patroness. Similarly, we are told, the Phoenician priests at the temples of Baal and Astarte 'dressed themselves as women, rouged their faces and eyes. Dufour, in his History of Prostitution, says that the priests of Baal 'were handsome, unbearded young men, their entire bodies being depilated and perfumed with fragrant salves. And in the Hysteria, festivals of Aphrodite held in Argos, both sexes were seen to cross-dress.

That my bother & sista's is an occult not religion.

I'm straight, of course, I never been gay or a bisexual, today you have to clear that point up because some folks change from day to day, I can not fully say I understand their practice.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith


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