Can believers of Jesus Christ assist or promote productions that showcase homosexual acceptance?

I would like to know if the word of God means abstain from all appearance of evil relates to those believers of Jesus Christ who are marketable and beckoned to help in productions that clearly showcase homosexual acceptance. Should they do the production and set aside their religious faith as it is just fictional characters or is their evil intent behind bringing these productions to the mass population... meaning subliminal messages.

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I cant even believe the question is being asked by the saints of God.

Sister Nightissa, do you think the Apostles would have assisted with something like this?

Come on!!!! I mean 'COME ON'!
Set-apart Spirit Filled God - Fearers, would not give a second thought to consider a production in need of anyone that is openly showcasing a lifestyle that is endorsed by the sons of perdition...scripture states that we should not be a partaker of another man's sin...we are not to even speak on such a lifestyle or judge it for the same measure you judge you will be judged the same measure... not just scripture but where do we draw the line in our own moral character? Are we going risk losing out on eternal life because we love the things of this world more than His Word? Every one has to make a choice and it is a decision to pay the price of death to allow mammon to rule and govern our personal convictions...if at all we have been born-again in the first is not even up for discussion. There are carnal minded people posing as Christians and doing wickedness among those are walking in the light / they never are exposed because YHWH has the last word in the end so... and it is presumed that anything goes .Does YHWH really need the world to help with His purpose for His people? repentance / turning back to The truth of the the ONLY production a will-ful sinner should be offered by believers.. Leave "the marketable and beckoned" to their sin until they come to the end of themselves and see their evil ways. And those that have the power to influence the mass population have to stand strong for their convictions...Jesus did not die private, how do we set aside our faith when it is suppose to be substained by God ?
It can be used as a learning tool. It is harmful to the body of believers when we demonize everything that looks evil. If we look at a lot tv evangelist some of those antics are pure outright manipulating in robbery of the house and children of God. But they are still good tools for teaching of things to be careful of but not of afraid of. If we demonize you will not be able to proselytize to it. Good question.
A believer is to avoid the appearance of evil, we should not send out any mix signals.
God definitely wants Christians to abstain from even the appearance of evil - especially if it is to help in some sort of production that clearly showcases homosexual acceptance! This is just another pitiful and ridiculous attempt of the majority of those who are apostate and have no root in the Word of God to gain acceptance from the mass population of this country by compromising their faith. And let's not get it twisted, homosexuality is SIN, PERIOD!

Unbelievers and backsliding believers have no understanding or regard for the essence of God. In arrogance they deny the power and glory of God by substituting other objects of worship.

Romans 1:24-28 presents anti-establishment unbelievers [sinners] being handed over to the consequences of their perversity. The first consequence is immorality (verses 24-25); second, sexual deviation including homosexuality and lesbianism (verses 26-27); and third, the function of evil (verse 28).

“Wherefore [because of heathenism – heathens are those who have not believed in Christ as Savior - and idolatry] God also gave them up [divine justice handed them over to judgment] to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor [degrade] their own bodies between themselves.” – Romans 1:24 KJV

In delivering unbelievers over to their own rebellious lust pattern, God is actually respecting their free will. They have deliberately chosen against the principles of divine establishment which protect and perpetuate the human race. Having rejected God, their sole aim in life becomes self-gratification. A frequent expression of this chaos is the misuse of the body and distortion of God’s design for sex, including the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism – a corruption of the marital relationship. Once the soul is immersed in evil, sexual misuse of the body results.

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile [sexual] passions [perversions]; for even their women did change the natural [normal] use [of sex in marriage] into that which is against nature.” – Romans 1:26 KJV
Sex is an honorable passion designed to be a demonstration of true love between husband and wife. Sex is a gracious gift from God, an expression of happiness in marriage. Without God, without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and without establishment in the soul, sex ultimately degenerates into perversion. There are four responses forbidden to the woman: response to herself (autoerotism – masturbation); response to another woman (lesbianism); response to a man other than her husband (fornication or adultery); response to animals (bestiality, Leviticus 18:23; 20:15).

“And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their [sexual] lust one toward another; men with men [homosexuals] working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” – Romans 1:27 KJV
There is no double standard. What applies to one gender also applies to the other. Male and female are part of the divine design of one husband and one wife. The passage states unequivocally that any man involved in homosexuality is depraved and any deviation from God’s design constitutes sexual perversion. People are not born homosexual: burning with sexual “desire towards one another” does not refer to an inborn flaw, but to the volition responding to temptation from the trend of the sin nature.

Since individual choice is the cause of homosexuality, to stop this corrupt lifestyle also requires individual choice. Homosexuality is an acquired vice and cultivated evil, cured by the same remedy as backsliding – salvation through Jesus Christ followed by maximum adjustment to the justice of God through the persistent intake and application of God’s Word – period.

The Bible states that homosexuality and lesbianism are not only carnality but a blight on the soul – a trap of frustration, unhappiness, and torment that can lead to neurosis or psychosis (2 Peter 2:6-16). They are also a cancer on society. Sodom and Gomorrah are the prototype of the special judgment and cursing God executes on this evil (Leviticus 18:22-30). Homosexuality attacks human freedom, corrupts family and marriage, and ultimately defiles the entire nation. When this kind of evil is sufficiently widespread and becomes culturally acceptable, society degenerates and the nation eventually self-destructs (Genesis 19:4-5, 24-25).

We, as Christians, do not hate those who are homosexual. Our issue is with the sin of homosexuality, not the individual. And the only way to deliver those who are in homosexual and lesbian lifestyles is lifting those individuals up in prayer, showing them from God’s Word the evil of this lifestyle and what it is doing to their souls, interceding for them by standing in the gap for them, and ultimately salvation through Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This is not an issue of hate. This is not an issue of “judging.” God’s Word has already done that. This is all about sharing the God’s love to all peoples of this earth, including those who are in these lifestyles…

Pastor Arlee Turner Jr.
Since homosexuality is an abomination to God, no doubt on the sinful level of murder, adultery, and false witnessing, but cannot be dealt with by stoning the sinner, yet since murders are imprisoned, and infrequently, compared to the prison population, put to death, shouldn’t homosexuals be dealt with the same? Adulterers in the OT were stoned, and still in some cultures are, yet America has become complacent with them. Christians verbally condemning homosexuality seems to sadly be making less and less of an impact as the political establishment is bestowing them with freedom and eroding Family Values (oops, won’t go there :-).
My sister

You are right on with the understanding of Yahweh our Living God's Word...He hates sin and we should hate sin IF we are truly born-again...It is written also in the Book of Proverbs chapter 6:16..These six things Our Creator God hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him; A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren....How can one walk together unless they agree? Cannot serve two masters, will love one and hate the other....From Genesis to Revelation homosexuality is SIN and those that practice such pervertedness are SINNERS and transgressors of the law....those that encourage such abominations are wicked according to YHWH our Elohim and they shall have eternal damnation...That is what the scriptures say and the conviction of the Holy Spirit reveals to those that have any intention of living a righteous lifestyle. Clean and unclean.....pure and unpure......righteous and wicked......your choice and your reward will come...
1 Thessalonians 5:22 - Abstain from all appearance of evil.

sidenote question: how do you "set aside" a faith?

I think it is clear that the gay community is seeking acceptance from society. They see themselves as being a minority group just like black people (they've told me this). A lot of the productions are made to get people used to and desensitized to the nature of it so that although it is still abominable to G-d it is no longer abominable to people. There is no better victory for them to use your name and credibility to promote their lifestyle. Because how can it be abominable to you if you're profiting from it?

Praise YHWH...thank you for that excellent reference to such an important understanding for the "set apart" ones...

exactly, one cannot hope to be "Set apart" without being "apart".

This text is a little (okay a lot) more blunt about it.

James 4:4 - Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with G-d? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of G-d.

Now who would sell out to being the enemy of G-d just to support and participate in a worldly production?

Dear sister,
Good question but there are things to know. there are two kingdoms and kingdomship. God and the Evil.
each should know in which he belongs to. can you sponsor terrorism and be against it? i don't think so.
the Bible says "Run away from the devil and he shall leave you alone". what do you beleive in? only on it shall be built the lay down of your faith.
My answer is NO. and a born again shall never do that.
May glory be to god in Jesus name.
I would like to know.If we as men and women of GOD , tell people it OK to play and act gay for money.Then how can we say to the gay man it's a sin?are we not then double-minded,and unstable in all our ways.


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