I was placed in leadership over a particular ministry, and prayed and fasted for 21 days for the Lord to instruct me on what to do and how to do it. I beleived that I had received specific instructions from the Lord and presented it the head,once head reviewed it they were very negative and discouraging, basically toward the specific things that was given by the Lord. The things that were picked with was things such as the name of the ministry,the colors for the group,the theme for the ministry and the material that was to be used. The theme for the ministry was "a matter of the heart" so research was done, and Juanita Bynums book showed up,a (study guide) so that was the material that I decided to use.

I presented the material to Leadership and immediately was told "No" use somebody else and she became very opinionated and passing judgement on Juanita Bynum and said she's not living right and she didn't want to use anything pertaining to her, and she has her right to say who she does not want to use,don't get me wrong,but my whole point is her going against everything that I felt the Lord had giving me, I spent nights getting up at 3 & 4 o'clock in the morning with these ideas,just out of the blue. i know without a doubt these things were giving to me from the Lord and felt crushed when all of them was shot down.

This began to make me question if indeed I had heard from the Lord.I was told all of these things must be voted on by the rest of the women in the ministry and I told her respectfully that I didn't feel that if the Lord instructs on something it needed to be voted on and we need to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and that God must be the spearhead and if he could not lead I will not have a part and that's why the other ministries did not work out and go anywhere.

I don't want to be disobedient in anyway,toward neither of the leadership or the Lord. I just want to do as the Lord directs. I beleive the lord has called me to do women ministry and I will do just that, I have ran from this for a long time and has purposed in my heart to say yes to the Lord. I am wondering if I should just step down as Director of the church's women's ministry and take it to the street.

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