I think it is very important that preachers of today need to be seminary trained .

i say that because there are no more dumb folk in the church and i feel that it is a sad day for the preacher if he has somebody in the congregation that knows more about the bible than the preacher. Also i feel that if the pulpit is dumb then the pews are dumb.

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Brother i am praying for you i really dont have time for your ignorance if you think that preaching is not a craft or an art then you are a piss poor Preacher and i would rather you not respond because it shows that you are not a reading preacher God Bless you.
Amen Brother
Brother Vaughn,
You say that I am a piss poor preacher and you've never heard me preach. You judge me by your emotions. One would think with all your training and seminarian diplomacy you would have learned better than to judge a man so. But at least with the same breath you strained out the words, "God Bless you". Hmmm. How can this be? You are quite the mystery my friend. I am amused by you. It is as if I have beheld a fountain. A fountain which claims to be a river and a well spring of life. But when I began to drink thereof, I found both bitter water and sweet from the same fountain. Again, how is this so. My brother, these things need not be. How can you gain your brothers, or make disciples of your seminary when your words condemn and nullify your argument. We are both preachers. I pastor a so-called baptist church. I was not aware that that was a prerequisite to joining this site though. I happen to enjoy the people that I encounter here, and am very fond of them. But all are not seminarians. It's okay. We are all the sons of God and are partakers of His divine nature through the knowledge of Him and His Son Yeshua the Christ. Seminary teaches me that God alone is divine. Our Father which is in heaven teaches me that the true nature of man is the divine nature. But this is spiritual. The carnal mind cannot understand spiritual things. I like you. I think you're a little combative, but so was Peter, Samson, Moses, and some other of God's great sons who served Him. You are a son. Walk in that vocation. Wrap your head around that idea for a few days as you observe your daily meditation, and watch the power fall. And oh yeah, I almost forgot. Preaching is not a craft:) If I were a betting man (and I'm not), I would say you were a Free Mason. Masons throw that word craft around all the time. It does sound good, don't it?! Not condemning masonry. Anything that is not of God is condemned already. I can't condemn a bubble on the water. What you do is between you and God. Whatever makes your bubble gum is cool with me. God bless you Brother. You said that you are praying for me. This is good (i think). But I only ask that your prayers are earnest and fervent; because those are the ones that avail much, or rather makes much available. And right now with everything I've got going on, I need all of the accomodations of heaven that's available for me. How about you? In the immortal words of Jesus, "When you are converted, strengthen your brethren". I pray for you also Brother, but I mean it. Peace friend.
pastor King what are you doing on this network any way this is for American Baptist College Graduates
Then you might oughtta step, cuz you aint graduated yo sef yet! Come on brother vaughn. Get real. Do you know how boring and uptight this site would be if everyone on it was a baptist college graduate, trying to impress each other with swelling words and theolgical philosophies? Diversity is good. When I need a down to earth talking to, I don't want someone who is so impressed with his education that he misses the mark of my heart and of my need. But on the other hand, sometimes I need someone who can belch out a few blatitudes. It all depends on the appetite I have for the moment. If you don't want me speaking on this subject to you, don't respond to any of my replies. I promise, I will not take offense. Keep pray'in for me Bro. FOR me! I am praying for you. Peace and love be upon thy head and upon thy house. I still like ya.
Pastor King I am A proud 2008 Graduate Of AMERICAN BAPTIST COLLEGE I am NOW working on my Master of Divinity degree at Morehouse School of Religion (ITC) in Atlanta, Ga Thank you
Congrats are in order Sir. I just know you are so proud. What an accomplishment! I marvel at the very thought. Wow, a whole graduate! That is some impressive stuff for sure. And you're working on your Master of Divinity!? OUTSTANDING! Phenominal even. It must be very rewarding. I have a few friends that are a part of what they like to call the MOD SQUAD; MOD being the definition for Master of Divinity. Cool. To be able to master the very nature of God has got to be paramount in the journey of the christian faith. You are sooo blessed. I can only dream to master my own nature, much less, the all powerful Father of lights who reveals what He wills, and retains those mysteries for Himself that belongs only unto Him. But maybe if one is a master, he can access those hidden secret things (that belongs only unto God). Has God become a subject that He should be mastered? Maybe that's my ignorance talking. I'm sure it is. LOL. Sincerely though; Congratulations almost Dr. Delbert Vaughn. Man, that has a nice ring to it. Don't it? One day, God willing, you'll be called Dr. I hink I'll just go online and buy me a degree for my office. It will look so good on my wall. Keep on keeping on Preacher. I bid you God's speed.
Some of the greatest theologians, namely, John wesley, taught himself Biblical Greek. One does not need seminary to be a reputable pastor, scholar, or theologian. I do agree that if you want preach and hold a congregation, it requires a seminary degree. But, if you do not want seminary, you are not out of luck if you will.

Wise black preachers need to be trained, yes, but going to a seminary is not mandatory. I myself am doing a great job self studying Greek, biblical history, customs, and culture. You can use the same system a bible seminary would use. You just have to be disciplined enough to do it.
I agree that a degree should not be the requirement to preach the gospel.
You are a wise man James Pierce. Go with God.
Thanks Pastor
It is definitely the worlds standard. Men are become nothing more than a ball of flesh who uses only a tenth of his brains capability. Only a tenth! and he deems himself to be wise. Right was the preacher when he said, "ALL IS VANITY". When we can learn to operate in only a fraction of that other 90% of that brain, then we can talk. Oh, but that part is spiritual. We dare not wake that up. Keep preachin Moreh. Time is exceeding short.


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