I think it is very important that preachers of today need to be seminary trained .

i say that because there are no more dumb folk in the church and i feel that it is a sad day for the preacher if he has somebody in the congregation that knows more about the bible than the preacher. Also i feel that if the pulpit is dumb then the pews are dumb.

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Well said Rev. McCall!
Please know that this is not a debate on my part.

Jesus Christ is the greatest tutor and Master In this great ministry he has called us too. He spoke to Peter in Matt. 16:18 Because Jehovah God revealed to Peter who Jesus Christ was and he turns to Peter and say Upon this rock I will build my church emphasis on "I". he gave the power to the disciples to cast out unclean spirits in Matt 10:1 and He sent them into the highways and byways.
God's People are not looking for our theology their looking for deliverance.

We must study to show ourselves approved when we are to preach the gospel to the lost, and seemingly hopeless. But you must be prepared to be use of the Holy Spirit when you are called upon by Him. He as called yes, But he has chosen and given the Apostle, Pastor , the Prophet, and Evangelist, to the perfecting of the Body of Christ. He also gave the teacher to edify the Body this teacher was to only speak the oracles of God which is the wisdom of God and not man's philosophy or doctrine.

God used Me to raise a Dead man to Life and it took the Power of the Holy Spirit and me hearing the voice of God instructing me. That, that man would live.
Higher Learning is great and I am not against it But ask yourselves how much of it do you use to destroy yokes and burdens.how much of it When it it time to lay hands on the sick that they would rise from their infirmities. When I pray for people in wheel chairs and those walking with a cane or a walker and instantly the Healing Power of God over takes them and they began to walk uninhibited.
Yes I am Dr. Linda Holliday but that means nothing to God. But He does honor my prayer, fasting and times of Conseration and my dedicated life so he can use this yielded vessel.

The Logos word has no power but that Ramah is Fresh Living Water from the Holy Spirit.
Ask Him to Breathe on all Your Theology and your seminary studies that you too will have the scale lifted from your eyes and ears that you may really be use of God.

many went to school because it was such a way to make money, get a pretty cute wife to stand by your side dress her up in her Saint John suits call her first lady, build the mega building to blind the people of God to still their money and off you go You can become a Bishop in a few months.

That is not God's intentions for the salvation of the saints of God.... There is a famine in this land for the Spirit of Truth and we the true Prophets of God Need to stand up and say so.....

I Challenge you wonderful people of God of Higher learning to Seek the Holy Spirit and not be those Pastors that God speaks about In the Book Jerimiah and the book of Ezekiel

He set the watchman in Ezekiel to bring the warning to the house of Isarel Hear the Word of the Lord.....
Dr. Linda Holliday Apostle/Pastor /Evangelist
I would think that any preacher wo does not pursue education is failing to equip themselves with the necessary tools to lead Gods people. The prophets had a school.The diciples had a school. We have schools. Were you called or chosen? many are called but few are chosen the chosen ones seek higher education in the craft that God has gifted them with. You will only limit yourself and put a ceiling on who you can minister to without it
God bless
Oh contrare, my brother check the record again, read the word and notice the men whom God used for His good pleasure.
The Wisdom of God is greater than the wisdom of men. Are you not taught in your seminaries that a little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump? Who can honestly tell me there is no leaven in the seminaries. I say, all preachers pursue an education. But should all pursue after seminary? I think not. Does seminary empower me to judge my brother as a failure in the work of God because he himself did not attend? But what saith the scripture? "Who are we that we should judge another mans servant? He belongs to God. The necessary tools to lead God's people come from God. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God. God did not gift me with a craft. He gifted me with His anointing. And that same anointing teaches me what I need to know to prosper HIS work. Trust me brother. There is no ceiling. If the people can speak and understand english, the language that I speak, I can minister to them. The truth of the matter is this. Some of us need not consort with men (where there is leaven and much inflation of pride) for the knowledge of God and the work of the ministry. We need to go somewhere and get alone with God, and get some anointing. It's not going to happen in the seminary. God anoints you when you are alone. The prophets of old had schools, and the disciples had schools. This is true. But this was what their educational system offered. This is how they learned to read, and to write. A man with a GED is as apt to preach, teach, and understand God's word as a man with a PHD. And I sincerely hope my brother that you are humble in spirit enough to write a recant regarding the statement you made, But I do not charge it to your heart. You just don't know any better. There are hundreds of people on this network, and all of them did not go to seminary, but they are beautiful. and you are too. "Beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel... "
Pastor Melvin
Great response sister. You know I agree wholeheartedly, with what you have spoken here. And still you will have some who want the ways of the World. I learned alot during the days I spent in Seminary, Yet I find that we have many Sons of Sceva, You see Power and dominion over the things which permeate this World has never and shall never come from School. Ever notice that the Disciples were known as ignorant and un-learned, yet were known to have been with God. Amos emphatically stated that not even one from his family was ever in the position that God placed him, yet there he was.
brother west Im praying for you
The disciples were ignorant and unlearned until they spent 3y with Jesus I think that qualifies as the ultimate seminary training. That took them from un-learned to trained. God can use anybody he wants. I just feel seminary is beneficial to those who teach and guide Gods people. Learn to sift through what you need at seminary and what you dont. Seminary doesnt make you a preacher, it doesnt tell you what to say, it gives you more to say. I incourage ministers not to limit themselves. Amos was a poor farmer a picker of mixed fruit he probably couldnt afford Seminary. We live in a world today where grants and financial aid are offered if you want it no matter your position or status. School is available now for everyone.
God bless you doc!
I personally don't believe in any and everybody praying for me, but thanks anyway.
What you feel and think makes me no never mind, I believe that everyone should be led of the HOLY SPIRIT........
Dope is available for everyone as are many other things, but it does not make it beneficial,
Spend more time studying the word, and you will have been taught by JESUS.
may God bless you
I will agree seminary is a good thing.But we must be called by God, chosen by God, and taught by God. When I first received my call as Prophettes/ Pastor from God the first thing I wanted to do was go to seminary school. I thought I would be better equiped and qualified to speak for God if I did so. But I am so glad that I spend intimate time with the Lord through consecration, prayer, and fasting, because God directed me not to go to seminary school, and not to bother with going after education. God said before you were born I knew you. I chose you and appointed you as a prophettes to the nations. I have equiped you. God then asked me to leave my job and spend my time with him and through the Holy Spirit he would teach me. Higher education is good, training is good, seminary is good, but God has a plan for each of us, and when we acknowledge him in all of our ways. He directs our paths. I have seen God through his Spirit use my hands and brought healing and deliverance. I have seen the power of God through his Spirit use my testimony to bring hope, and deliverance to others. I have experienced the power of God's healing when he healed me of cancer without doctors, education, chemo, or radiation. God has always used the unlearned and the simple to confound the wise, and he will continue to do so.
In His Love
Well said my sister. ergo the Wisdom of God.
You r on the wrong site my sister, I am not try 2 b funny, but this site i believe is 4 people who did go 2 school do not hate, GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF MESS
Brother Jackson, why do you say this site is for people who did go to school? I have seen no evidence that indicate the so-called unlearned is unwelcome on this site. I thought the gospel and the kingdom of God was about unity of the saints (inclusion, not exclusion). Are the so-called unschooled to be cast aside simply because they are not as academically inclined as you say you are? But alas, I don't think this site was meant for seminarians only. I believe that the men who began this site had a greater vision than that, and I am grateful for them. You are correct sir. God is not the author of mess. I honestly don't see anything messy about what the sister has said. She was articulate, respectful, and full of grace. I should hope you've learned yourself to convey these qualities during your tenure in SCHOOL. You went to school. This is good. But practice what you have learned, lest you appear to be the barbarian you were so afraid of being before you cast a shadow on the seminary floor. Let us show respect, one for the other. You have your diploma. Therefore you have your reward. If you feel that you have gotten much, then sobeit. But remember, to whom much is given, much is required. Chill out man. It's all good. The kingdom of heaven is not about being a snob, or rubbing elbows with people in an exclusive group, or joining fraternities and the like. Its love, peace, and joy in the HolyGhost. If you are going to be excellent brother, be excellent. Cherish the knowledge that you have found via education and govern your tongue thereby. If you would look closely you will find some residue of wisdom amidst that tiny degree of knowledge you have come to think is so great. None of us have arrived Our knowledge is nothing to be compared to the knowledge of God. But if we are humble in our hearts; if we are meek in spirit; if we are faithful to our calling, and to Him who sent us, we shall find the very knowledge of God. It is in His Son, not in our institutions. Again, I do not knock seminary. I am sure that there is much to be gained from it. I only believe that it is not a path suitable for all. God bless you brother. And Damon, try not to be so exclusive. you'll be surprised who you entertain unawares. It could be that you are cheating yourself of a blessing. Do not forfiet your portion; not even part of it. Peace my brother.


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