I think it is very important that preachers of today need to be seminary trained .

i say that because there are no more dumb folk in the church and i feel that it is a sad day for the preacher if he has somebody in the congregation that knows more about the bible than the preacher. Also i feel that if the pulpit is dumb then the pews are dumb.

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My brother if others have attacked because of their own various reasons plear know that is not my style! I am ever learning and never place myself in a holding pattern when it comes to knowledge!
Now my statement about Colombus day comes from the fact that I am an American yes I am African-American, but American no less. Because of that fact, although I personally did not do anything to celebrate it, I still had to take part in this country's celebration because I did go to work, did not receive mail, and etc., but my real point was that Colombus through history that we have been taught has been incorrect, but being taught it made me study further!
On the subject of in love, let me take your own illustration. I don't whip my son to teach him! I whip when he goes against something that I have taught. I don't whip him to teach him my laws. I whip him when he does not get something that I taught him! I -my opinion- think that you use both together and many times are not heard because you place people in the defensive rather than an offensive mode! Defense is good, but it never allows a score!
On another subject, I personally agree with some your thoughts and dialogue on holidays vs. Holy Days! The Feasts are something that are not being taught in all seminaries, but should be! I believe that the holidays need to be studied from Easter to Valentine's day!
No where in your bible or no ones will you find the Father answering prayers. He answers,responds to faith, ask the dope dealers. It rain on the Just and the UNjust. The children of the world are wiser (apply themselves) than the children of yah.

Its Time
First of all the new Testament does not start with Matthew. Please step down if you are pastoring. This has done our people more harm than other folks.

I'll send you a copy of my First book when it is published it titled the LIES MY PASTORS TOLD ME.
No different than the Catholics calling and praying to Mary.

Wake up it is written in those days you will ask nothing of me but what ever you ask the FATHER FATHER in my name (Love) he will do it.

Sir Morgan, please learn to pratice not being offended for if you would than your reply would not open as it has towards the host. Love sees no wrong LOL.

By the way Jesus was not a Christian. If we are to be christians what was our father of faith Abraham considered himself? humm how about David? you get the picture.

This word as you know was ment by King Agrippa to be a derogatorive statement towards the follows of Christ. Same as Nigger

wake up

Its Time
Yes. Before the word was flesh, it was an abstract word. It did not have a human nature attached to it to be called a person. The word, which was abstract, was given a human nature, and a human name when it came to earth.

Most fellow Christians believe he was always called "Jesus"(for the sake of Moreh, Yahushua(smiles)), but he was given that name on earth. Let us study to show ourselves approved!
Wake up. Jesus was not the only begotten son. This is so misleading. Black folks are the begotten sons and daughters of the most HIgh.

I don't understand where you preachers get you teaching from it sure isn't from the Holy Spirit Ghost.

We have no problem saying and quoting Jerimiah i knew you before you were in your mothers womb. It amazes me that the church ( many can't grasp that yah is talking about all mankind with that statement) refuse to admit that we all was known before the mothers womb. Hello

In the beginning was the word. Now if we believe what we preach how come we don't believe we are also the words made flesh not some book many men over generations have had the opportunity to put in what they wanted for their advantage over the people of the time in question. Sound Familiar lol.
I don't even carry a bible I am the living word. You don't ever have to read no book to know how to treat someone right. This is a crutch black folks need to get rid of.


6And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.

I didn't complete 8th grade dropped out walked across the street and took GED Test. My brother and myself passed his score was 84 and mine 82. I said that to say this:

Does not the word first represent a beginning of more to come? So as I have stated to these Pastors and their blind folks how could we still say Jesus was the only begotten son? Is he the first begotton or only begotton. Hummm Thats why Jesus told the deciples don't trip I won't lead u comfortless but I have prayed to the Father that he would send the Comforter who, will lead and guide you to all truth.

Now for those educated folks if the Comforter would lead and guide us into all truth what did Jesus leave out and how can we get it going to Jesus if the Comforter has it?

This too is a reason why when some present what the Comforter has revealed to them others can't get it they are still praying to Jesus and the Comforter is just waiting to enlighten those who want it.
Its Time
Brother Time priest, You say knowlege is not power if it lies dormant. But I say, can true knowlege really lie dormant? There is no knowledge in the grave. I would be more ready to accept that knowledge has no power when it is forfieted as it is given up at the threshold of death. Just because something sounds profound to our hearing does not mean that it is profound. I am not a advocate for those who have attended seminary, neither am I against them. My position is for all those who would be named after Christ, and have taken up His Holy mantle. And brother Time priest, no harm intended, but before you ever mentioned dropping out of school in the eighth grade, I could tell you were an eighth grade drop-out. It is very apparent (hardly anything to boast about). I think you should have finished school (just my opinion). I am very sorry your pastor lied to you, but the whole lot is not to be judged by one mans error. Let every tub sit on its own bottom. I can see that you are sincere, and desire to please God with all your heart. I think you are a little confused though. A man's ways are often right in his own eyes. I do not reprove you brother. I encourage you. But so that you might understand the concept of Jesus being the Only begotten Son of God, I'll just say this… (And by the way, I didn't go to seminary either. I'm sure it shows. At least I hope it does..Lol.). Jesus is the only begotten, or Mono-Geneo Son. He is the only man that was physically, and naturally concieved of the HolyGhost. His paternal DNA was that of a divine nature. There was no man in the earth whose mouth could be swabbed to prove or say Jesus was his Son. But there was great evidence that proved He was Fathered by God Himself. Now if we must assume that the Bible is the first and final authority on all subjects, then we will agree that we are sons also, for it is written, "Now are ye the sons of God... It is also written that Jesus is the firstborn of many brethren. This is true. But ours is a spiritual birth, not natural. We don't re-enter our mother's wombs to be re-born. That which is born of the flesh is still flesh, but that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Even after we have come into the knowledge of Him, our flesh is still grass, but the spirit man, that hidden man of the heart is reborn, and renewed day by day. So then we are sons only if we are led by the Spirit of God. We are not the natural born sons of God. Jesus is. Our natural man is ADOPTED by the spirit through Jesus and faith in His blood. Therefore we are adopted sons in the flesh through Jesus, the second Adam, and we are created sons according to the flesh through the first Adam. But we are BORN sons by the Spirit whereby we were baptized into the body of Christ. Because time will not afford me to go into detail, I shall finish by saying: according to the flesh we are the created sons of God. According to the spirit we are begotten sons of God (I believe this is the part of the revelation you got and ran off with without hearing the end of the matter). What makes Jesus the Mono-Geneo is that he was the only genealogically, physically born Son of God. In other words, He is the ONLY MAN WHICH IS BORN OF GOD ACCORDING TO THE FLESH. NO ONE ELSE CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM. I have seen other errors you have made as well, but they are of no consequence. I just wanted to clarify that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God. If we do not believe this, we have in effect begun to unravel the very fabric of our faith. This my dear brother is of grave consequence. We must be careful that when we receive a revelation, that we ponder it and meditate upon it. Try it by the word of God, so there is no contradiction lest we share a contaminated word to our brethren laced with our own imagination and thereby mislead them unaware. I agree that we live in a time where revelation knowledge is much needed. I was called to such an anointing. God deals with me through revelation knowledge, but I
Time priest, God deals with me through revelation knowledge, but I still must study and meditate, because the enemy will creep in and spoil the gift if it is not guarded. But the thing you said about God not answering prayer...that is good. I always teach my people, GOD DOESN'T ANSWER PRAYER, HE ANSWER'S FAITH. HE DOES HEAR THE PRAYER BUT HE ONLY ANSWERS FAITH. For your encouragement, that was a revelation from God. May you be filled abundantly with God's knowledge and be always enveloped in His wisdom.
Pastor Melvin
Jesus was not taught by an educational system in this world conserning the Father. He himself stated he only did what he saw the Father do and he only said what the Father instructed.

According to custom No Rabbi went to Jesus and said come follow me as it was the custome for the priest hood. Therefore he never would have had the opportunity to go to no school. This is one of the reason he was continued to be called a carpenter son as a rebuke to him, In other words he continually heard like you as a matter of fact this is the same speach we as a people are told and so we teach it to our children. Same thing they told Jesus they keep telling us.
ask Barack Obama.
The sole reason Christ was not accepted as the messiah is because he was a black jew and born in the ghetto which is transcribed as a manger.

My brother you stay encouraged because just like Jesus had no new testament to back up anything he said and was doing he knew it was the more excellent way.

Remeber the poor you will have with you always.
Remeber no longer do he call us servants but sons. Not all but the majority of Pastors keep preaching that we are created to serve him and be his servants. Interpreting is not our job but, once true interpation comes than you relay the message. Cry out loud and spare not show my people who don't see, their transgressions. We are not servants but little gods.

So my brother stop talking and wasting your anoiting on the servants because, they have the servant mantility. You are trying to reveal the things that servants can't handle it is written as a man think so is he.

Its Time
Brother Time, While we are not sons, but servants, we do yet serve. The son does not differ much from the servant while he is in his father's house. He must obey and serve as well. The difference is that the son is more faithful than the servant because he has a vested interest in what belongs to his father. He has an inheritance and a birthright to his fathers wealth. He is an heir, and therefore is greater than the servant. We are sons, and we ae also servants. We are sons who serve. look it up. But again for your encouragement, we are god-material. But it does not yet appear brother, what we shall be...In due time we shall see Him face to face. As He is so are we in this world. When we have learned to walk according to this divine nature that we partake of with God, we will know all things even as they are known. Peace friend. Keep seeking, You are not far from the Kingdom of God.
Its Time


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