What is the purpose of life?

My question is, What is the purpose of life? I can see what is going on around the world and it seems that man does not know what they are here for. They think they are here to make money, or here to become famous. God has a bigger plan for your life than for you to be rich and famous. God has a purpose for each and every one of us and until you find out the reason that you were born, you will do the works of the devil and the wrath of God will abide on you. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, but people don't know that so they are still doing his dirty work and hating, killing, sexing, kidnapping, stealing, etc etc...

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Good Day! Rev. Anthony Luckett

I needed to hear these words of faith and truth right about now. I believe that a person should be content with the things they have. I know that many people have abundance and they believe that God gave them that abundance for them to have. I believe in the book of Acts where they brought everything to Apostle Peter in order to bless those in need. I do not believe that Christians should live in this world as it is in expensive homes. I mean the million dollar homes. The reason is that you are not going to take it with you, and the world is passing away. I want people to have a home to lie their head at night from danger, but it does not have to be in a million dollar mansion. I don't believe that a Christian should wear expensive clothes either. All of these things show that you love the world in my understanding. I would rather give the money to those that have nothing. I believe that the reason there is so much poverty in the world is due to the lack of givers that know they have too much. Why does a woman need 10,000 pair of shoes. A woman would rationalize that I earned this with my godly talent and this is my reward, but you know that some people do not have shoes at all. When I look at the world as you stated - and they are entertainers that make a lot of money and they smile for the cameras because they think they are somebody and they are loved. All of your money is earned by your talent as a great singer, actor or whatever else you do. When you have so much in surplus and you don't ever think of others and I do not mean give a penny with your abundance as Jesus outlined when he separated the woman who gave all that she had verses those who gave out of their riches. I know that rich people will think that I am upset with them and want their money, but I don't want their money, I know that it can be used to house many people who really need housing. I know that you think you are rich and famous on earth and that is not reality. No man deserves glory, and I reject all people who love fame and honor from a man or a magazine, how vain, shallow and empty and futile.
When I wrote what is the purpose of life, it was written from a broken heart that read so much choas like the WAR of infants that are constantly being abandoned and other atrocities across the nation, and within the nation. I was just hoping that God would enlighten my despair at human beings that do not ever act like human beings. The ones that do not treat other people humanely. I had never thought that HELL was on earth until recently when I would see the brutality of (it looks like a person) but operates like a beast. I now know that HELL is on earth. I didn't know that before. I would just say it is HELLFIRE in judgment day, but people have made other people know HELL on earth. The Martyrs that are crucified for Jesus name are fulfilling prophecy, but it hurts when your distant brothers and sisters in the faith are dying and people want to buy another pair of shoes when they have 50 pair at home.
I think like this all the time. I want to do more than what I do now, and I serve the poor already. I want God to blow it up and for me to speak out and tell the people their sins and for them to repent and for Isaiah's prophecy 58:12 to become a reality...Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings...
Many ministries are involved in outreach and community and that is where Christians belong with the people serving them with whatever they need. A sermon will not feed a hungry stomache, but food will bless him and then preach afterwards or while they are eating. This is the ministry that I am a part of right now in New York. We provide, food, shelter and clothing, but we do it based on the freewill offerings of New Yorkers who care about the hurting and homeless. I thank God for them all the time and I have to use my financial blessing wisely because it is Kingdom money. Therefore, I am a non-consumer, I only purchase what I need.
Hello, Rev. Anthony Luckett
You are right, there is nothing wrong with money as i would love to have it more in abundance to share with those in need and those who are hurting. I am grateful that you explain the ministry of Chirst being to clothe,and feed the people who are lacking. I know that USA is able to play Police and Preacher to the world at large, but we have such a harsh reality in USA. I also know that many other countries have it worse than any USA ghetto too. It is hard to really explain the pain of it all. Many government programs have failed people and many people are still depending on government funds when there is nothing wrong with them to do hard labor. The situation of teenage drop outs and teen pregnancy is scary. The focus is not on academics at all. They still watch wrong TV and get influenced by media and want the wrong image and go after the wrong things in life. The shelter system is not the best either without giving the people more than food, but a GED or some technical skills in order for them to become self-sufficient. I do not believe that one should rely or depend on a system to support them and be in need for a long or extensive period of time. For example, you may ask someone how long have they been living in the shelter and they tell you for five years etc and that is a long time to depend on food and shelter from the system.
This is the reason that I thank God for programs that will give a person an amount of time to try to seek employment, save money for their rent and then move out. We try to get people to believe in their dreams and then go back out there and live their life and not sit around waiting for a hand out.
I do believe there is a time for someone may be in need, and I also know that some people just sit around and want other to do for them and they do not want to be responsible for their own life. I have seen it with my own eyes. It hurt me to know that someone would not try to benefit from a place that was willing to give them the tools to go on to a brighter future, but people want other people to pity them and not help them help themselves.
USA can help people around the world as much as they like as long as those people turn around and give back to the USA in some way which is probably their motive.
We go to church and we worship God, and then there is a part of us that wants to just be in the glory of God and sit there and that is fine, but the real work and the real fun is when you go and sit with someone who is giving their life of drugs over to Jesus and they are in your house and in your life and they want their life to transform and you hear where they came from and where God is taking them - to use them for His glory and they are the miracle and church service is the icing on the cake - but that is the cake that God gave me.
I hope you can go to my myspace webpage at myspace.com/circleoflovelifeandlaugh to see the pictures and videos of the Bowery Mission - the place where I work in NY. if that does not work and you don't have a mypace account then go to youtube and put in Bowery Mission - there are 2 videos - the other one is called - to dream again. Anything you watch with Bowery - I know all of those women since I was here from the beginning.
Tell me what you think,
God Bless,
Hello, Rev. Anthony Luckett

I appreciate that you visited youtube to see the place where I work in detail. I went to Perfecting Faith Church yesterday and their was a Pastor who is hands on ministry - he takes care of the children in the inner city and he has seen a lot of horror and he told us in detail. He made DVD's of this real life things and I didn't get it yet but will go on the website and get some of the things...metroministries.org - when you have a chance look at this and you will see a man that is honest and real and reminds me of Jesus. He is bold as a lion for the gospel where the people are the darkest, but the light shines brightest in the darkness. I called the leader and told her that I really feel blessed at the direction this church is taking with this mission Pastor coming and Pastor McClurkin stating that he is going to link arms with him and then the Pastor stated that whatever Perfecting needs then he will be there for us. This was great news because we need to start up something for hands on for grown-ups who are in need.
This young lady joined the church yesterday - it was her second time there. She is originally from Jamaica (the Island)- she lives with her mom, but since her mom got remarried - she doesn't want her daughter to live with her. She is in progress of getting her papers to work legitimately in America. Well, we were divinely placed to be together after the tent meeting, then some lady (another sister) drove us to Queens and then we took the train, then she told me more of her story and I opened my heart and home and asked her, Do you want to come with me tonight and she said yes. We had dinner, we shared a plate - and then we shared the bed. I couldn't sleep because I am a wild sleeper but she slept like a baby. We were up last night - doing girlie talk - do you have plans of marrying etc and she just was my eternal sister although I just met her...It is not that I want another home to help people, but there is a real need. This is not the first time that someone from that church has come up to me and told me that their circumstances are in emergency. I can't fit everyone into my room and bed, but if I could then I would. I am working on buying property which will take a miracle because I don't have great credit, but this is the reason that I was upset with clergy at the church - I want to help people and I just wanted help to help the people, but I may be putting all my eggs in one basket. I may need to write letters to somewhere and see what happens. I have been working at this mission for four years, I know how it works, but it takes money to get started and that is the only issue that I have right now with getting it on track. I know that God had me to go up to Long Island which is a two hour commute, and I was still tired because I went to bed at 4:00 a.m. and woke up at 8:00 a.m. you don't know me - that is a beauty sleepers nightmare. I didn't care about my lack of proper rest I had to get going. I don't sleep at night regular time, but it was Sunday. I go out to church and I told God every time I go out you have to use me (after service) it never fails. yes, I will admit it - I hide because God is making room for my gift, but as you can see, I need more room or space literally. I love it but at the same time, I was exhausted. When I go to church and do a double service of praise worship dance and then travail, I want to sleep, but God says you got more in you to give and you will be ministering to her tonight. I was taken aback, like I know why this is happening it is because I took a break off now I am doing a double shift. Well, at least that is what it felt like to have this girl for all of those hours. It was like I was still working since I took care of her breakfast, lunch and other things. I love it dont' misunderstand I just was tired, since church is far and I exercise myself in the sanctuary, but then I crashed and fell asleep when she went back to her mom, she says for maybe this last week until something else comes up.
God Bless,
Hello Rev. Anthony Luckett

I must be honest with you sometimes I look at the women in the mission that were former drug dealers and users and I try to be hopeful that they will make it back in the world. I get discouraged when they fall back into their old vernacular and their face change like (they want to get even by physical attack or peace-breaking) violence. This happens every other day with this one girl here at the house, and I just doubt sometime if she will make it when she gets out there and someone at the job rubs her the wrong way...if she will say (whatever)...I am not saying that I think her being here is in vain, but I have seen many women go back to their former lifestyle of sex and drugs and it is heartbreaking. I don't know what to do with that feeling when I see them sliding back into their old life patterns and they are legitimately upset and they are venting, but it is over minor issues that they react so negatively.
I want to be hopeful that God can deprogram them supernaturally by faith and they can become no longer a statstic in Jesus name.
Many women need to depend on God and not these government funds, but they will make excuses for being irresponsible. I know that USA builds prisons and don't care about the real horror of lack of education which leads to poverty and the ugly dark lifestyle of survival so they believe.
I do not know if you know about the SEED foundation which is remarkable that some kids are being rescued from the pathetic statistic that only 50% of the youth in Washington have their high school diploma. Where will they go without an education but to beg or steal or commit crimes.
More prayer, More Power,
Oh, I have to tell you about metroministries.org - this man came to Perfecting Faith on Sunday and he literally lit the house with Numbers 15,16,17- he told us that the people were dying that were complaining about leadership etc and God was killing them off - and Moses told Aaron - do something and Aaron went in the temple and grabbed fire to stand between the living and the dead. This man told us examples of horror that he has seen in Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant - live or die bedstuy- he believes he does not look the part - which he doesn't he is a pale white man that loves God's people and he was shot in the head and things happened to him, but that is what God called him to do. I travailed in crying because I felt God's presence - the man was like Jesus in the bible - not afraid of death - not afraid of anyone at all. He just told us if a man need a body guard then he don't need to be outside if he can't take care of himself. He told us that he really does not like church folk because they get all cute for nonsense and he had made me understand many things about - press my way in spite of the ones that hate me or talk about me or judge me critically. He just kept saying that wherever he goes he does not fit in - he went to Benny Hinn and Benny Hinn - stretched his arm and all of the preachers were slain - except one - he was the one. He said that the White House calls 8 men out of 10,000 - to go meet President Bush Sr. and he was called - he told us he was in a room full of senators and men of high regard and he knew he didn't fit in so he went up to President and asked - why am I here? The President asked him if he could duplicate the way he started the metroministry and he said, yes, he could - the President told him, that's why you are here.
I was enriched by his demonstration of the spirit of ministry - he told Pastor that he would link arms and whatever we need then he will be there for us and that was important to me because his whole message was - touch - and he went in the congregation and touched shoulders when he said the word. Pastor told him - go in the back and rest - he declined and came to the back -both services - and shook our hand - he shook my hand and was answering questions...he is on TV he has written books, has DVD's but he is not about (him) at all. I was astonished to finally see a man like us- he had not arrived although God is using him mightily - if I would have it that he stay until I come back - what is that to you? His ministry is different than mine, but what is that to me? I do not lessen what i do because i never took a bullet for anyone, because what I am doing is what God would have for me to do - I minister in a million dollar home right now, but that may change. The home was a gift to the ministry and there are many more homes out there with my name on it...In Jesus Name,
Be Blessed,


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