Has the high cost of gas hindered you from church or related functions?

Just curious? I noticed a slight dip in Bible Study and choir rehearsal the last few weeks- Has the high cost of gas caused you to slow down your ministry activities?

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Greetings Woman of God,

I pray that you are having a Wonderful day in the Lord.

Has for me in My House We will serve the Lord. And if Serving the Lord meanings.. going to Bible Study, Or attending Church Services.. That's What I will do, inspite of the gas Prices... My Lord will provide. We Go to everything else.. Baseball games, Soccor Practice.. So on and So Forth.

So we should Continue.. to be about Our Father's Business... So No the HIGH GAS PRICES.. has not Stopped Me From Keep on.... for the Lord.

Woman of God Continue... to do the Will of the One who sent You.

Agape and Shalom Be With You,
Tracy Lawanda
I'm in total agreement with you on this! We do what we want to do don't we? If there is somewhere we really want to go, we will get there regardless of the price of gas! I pray that all of us stay committed to growing in Christ regardless of how it looks around us!

Be blessed!
Sista when it come down to church we can make a lot of excuses what if God made and excuse were would we be. But one day I made a vowel to the lord that if he send me I'll go were ever he wants me. And the song writer(Otis Clay) made when the gates swing open I'll walk In thats what it meant don't just go when you feel good, or got money in your pocket,or when your children are acting up and you need Pastor to pray just go and watch the power of God


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