...He has 3 wives and 7 children.

The last wife has become a believer like him.

His second wife will go along with whatever he’s into because she’s very obedient , easy to get along with and she loves him.

His first wife does not believe but she wants to stay because she loves him and does not want to hop in the bed with another guy after 18 years of marriage to this one.

He loves Jesus and loves his new found faith but is not looking to become a leader in the church - just live the rest of his life for Jesus.

Here is the question:

Which wife must he get rid of?
Does he have to get rid of any? - he's not seeking the office of an elder.

Now remember the holy apostle Paul knew there were guys that had more than one wife back then. Of course its not so much of it going on in the west but in many middle eastern lands they live like they did back in the Old Testament days - so you know Paul had to come across it in the early Church days.

He addressed men with more than one wife and told them what they could not do - but did he EVER tell them to divorce the ones that they had already.

What say you?

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Let him stay as he is, and take care of his family. If he neglected any of those wives or kids, he'd be worse than an unbeliever. Be restrict him from taking on any new wives, for witness' sake.
Oh wow Newview, I had written a whole commentary on this. I pushed 'add reply' and boom, it not only didn't go through but I lost it all. Okay, basically, I said this, 'God never ordained multiple marriages as a rule'. He tolerated it during ancient history and one would have thought that those barbaric derelicts would have progressed since then. However, the fact is, multiple marriages is man-made out of a spirit of lust. It is also satan unctioned, out of a spirit of evil to destroy.

I went on to give Biblical examples of the damage that was always wrought via multiple marriages. Abraham and Sarah. Sarah, not God brought in Hagar the Egyptian and as a result, that little Ishmael and his satanic offspring would come upon the Earth and reek havoc on humanity (Gen. 16).

With regard to Jacob, his father in law's wicked ways is what caused him to have 2 wives, and later his wife Rachael's jealousy would be the result of the other 2 wives coming into the mix to create the 12 tribes (Gen. 29:16-31; 30). Even David originally just had Michal Saul's daughter but later, when he became king would take on several wives whose children would wreak havoc in his life (1 Sam. 18:20; 2 Sam. 11 1 Chr. 14:3; etc.).

Anyway, God's original command was for man and woman to be one each, with a portion of God's Spirit in them so that they could raise godly children to inhabit and rule the Earth (Gen. 1:26-28; Mal. 2:15).

Since man was disobedient, you end up with the dilemmas such as you've described. What to do? I don't know. Oh wait, yes I do. I think that 2 of the wives should remain celibate and not allow him to force himself upon them.

Or, they could get a divorce and remarry but since the females in that region are so beaten down and stripped of real womanhood that is highly improbable. As so, 2 should remain celebate and allow him to continue to provide for those children, if any exists.

See the un-necessary mess fallen males are always creating.
"...As so, 2 should remain celebate and allow him to continue to provide for those children, if any exists..."

Which two?


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