For more than 200 years jail and prison ministry has been administered mostly by lay people with little or no training and even less knowledge of the inner workings of an evolving slave system. Whoa!!! I can almost hear the religious demons as they bristle. You see the enemy for the last 12-1800 years has made a mockery of the teachings of Jesus Our Christ. How and why I make such an audacious claim will be explained shortly.

Recidivism rates hover around 67-68% nationally. That means 2/3 of all offenders released will be back in jail within 3 years of their release. Yet week in and week out mostly good religious Christians with a few Muslims and other religions thrown in, collectively, have impacted recidivism rates very little if at all.  How is it that the life changing Word of God does not seem to work where needed most? The answer is simple.... the Word of God is not being taught. The Word of God has been replaced by religion. Christianity like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other number of ritualized belief systems is a "religion". Look up Christianity and you will find that it is a religion. I stop calling myself a Christian sometime back when the Holy Spirit began teaching me. Jesus was not a Christian, never referred to himself as a Christian and true followers of Jesus are not Christians. The Romans first called followers of Jesus "Christians" at Antioch, which is in modern day Turkey while the apostle Paul was on mission there. Unfortunately the name stuck.  The Emperor Constantine really got the ball rolling when he used the cross as his battle standard. Since then countless wars have been waged in the name of the cross. Christian is mentioned 3 times in the "New Testament". The Kingdom of God is mentioned 68 times.

When Jesus began to minister He picked up where John the Baptiser (how many of you know, John was not a Baptist) left off by proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God. Jesus said seek first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). Throughout the New Testament we learn of the importance of the Kingdom of God and how it impacts our salvation, those who live in it and the world. The Church in the Book of Acts lived according to Kingdom principles. Modern Churches are based on the old Roman business model hierarchy. Pastor and first lady on top and everybody else beneath them. Totally unbiblical... 

The Church must undergo Kingdom Principles Training. The longer we hold off teaching what Jesus commanded us to teach the longer we suffer needlessly. The modern Church reminds me of ancient Israel who in their disobedience stayed in a wilderness for 40 years. Jesus stayed in the wilderness for 40 days. Please do not ignore this. You can either remain in the wilderness for 40 days or 40 years. I have been given a  Kingdom Mandate. The teaching that the Holy Spirit has imparted to me will destroy the demonic spirit of recidivism and restore families. Let me retrain your jail and prison ministry ministers.  404-580-2194

His In Service,

Chaplain Bernell Wesley

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