Hi blessed believers, I wanted to address the issue of abortion. It is a medical procedure that is used by doctors to terminate or end a pregnancy in case the life of the mother or child is endangered.


However, the 'act' of 'ending a pregnancy' has been around forever, if you will. In antiquity righteous women knew and valued life but abortion was legalized. Check out these facts:

"Roman couple; 1st-century fresco from Pompeii ©
Abortion was accepted in both ancient Rome and Greece.

The Romans and Greeks weren't much concerned with protecting the unborn, and when they did object to abortion it was often because the father didn't want to be deprived of a child that he felt entitled to.

The early philosophers also argued that a foetus did not become formed and begin to live until at least 40 days after conception for a male, and around 80 days for a female. The philosopher Aristotle wrote:

..when couples have children in excess, let abortion be procured before sense and life have begun; what may or may not be lawfully done in these cases depends on the question of life and sensation.
Aristotle, Politics 7.16

Aristotle thought that female embryos developed more slowly than male embryos, but made up for lost time by developing more quickly after birth. He appears to have arrived at this idea by seeing the relative development of male and female foetuses that had been miscarried.

Bible times
The Old Testament has several legal passages that refer to abortion, but they deal with it in terms of loss of property and not sanctity of life.

The status of the foetus as property in the Bible is shown by the law that if a person causes a miscarriage they must pay a fine to the husband of the woman, but if they also cause the woman to die then they are liable to be killed.

The New Testament doesn't explicitly deal with abortion.

Western history
Through much of Western history abortion was not criminal if it was carried out before 'quickening'; that is before the foetus moved in the womb at between 18 and 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Until that time people tended to regard the foetus as part of the mother and so its destruction posed no greater ethical problem than other forms of surgery."

You can read the rest in the enclosed link:


Does the Bible specifically speak on abortion? In a way it does. In the Torah, laws are given with regard to the life of a child within the womb. Surprisingly there is a controversial 'abortion' procedure or so called by some with regard to a 'woman who has gotten pregnant by another man.' Numbers 5:12-28 speaks of a priest mixing a 'potion' that some claim induces abortion or, as the Bible says, 'will rot her thigh and cause swelling' if she is lying. However, God will not let it hurt her or the unborn if she is not.

Wow, tough law, eh?

Anyway, elsewhere Scripture does speak of the sanctity of the life within the womb. Jeremiah says, 'God knew him' and by extension 'all of us' 'when we were in our mother's womb' (Jer. 1:5).

Psalm 139:13-16 - states "For you have formed my inward parts; You have covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am wonderfully and fearfully (reverently) made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well; My frame was hidden from You; When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them."

If ever there was a Scripture to prove 'abortion is murder of the unborn LIFE WITHIN THE WOMB, THIS IS IT!

Psalm 127:3 follows suit, "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; The Fruit of the womb is His reward."

What evil has humanity in its' fallen state wrought! Women blind to their own worth also become blind to the worth of the precious life within the womb. There must be an outcry to the hearts of women and men that causes them to value their own life as well as the life in the womb. We must pray for a revival to that end. No, we must pray that the Holy Spirit be poured out like never before on humanity that the life of the unborn be valued. This is how you end abortion.

An all out united blitz. True righteous clergy should daily reach out via TV, radio, Internet, and every other avenue. Have weekly scheduled 'life in the womb' seminars. Make music that elevates the preciousness of the child in the womb. Do plays, television shows, or even buy up billboards with messages of God's love for women and their children so charging them to cease using 'abortion' as an option.

Oh, there are sooooo many wonderful ways we as the 'body of Christ' can assist in dropping the astronomical amount of abortions. Hurl God's love for women, men and children. Follow suit with merciful actions like creating centers that will assist a pregnant young woman in obtaining health care, a home, and a job to take care of the child. Buy up apartment buildings, condos, of quality and so let us outreach to a lost and dying world with the love of God for the child within the womb.

Let us donate funds to honorable ministries that will apply it to such endeavors. We can unite and do this. We must unite and do this. Such actions are the proper way for the true body of Christ to assist in ending abortion.




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...Oh, there are sooooo many wonderful ways we as the 'body of Christ' can assist in dropping the astronomical amount of abortions...

I second that.
Yep Newview, so many lives could have been saved if 'political agendas' of vile men hadn't arisen to in essence, block 'unity' that could have come up with good ideas.

The Spirit of God leds me to know that Abortion is never the answer. If by chance it's an unwanted term, give the baby up for Adoption. That baby is an inocent life that is God Given, and has a right to live. To have a Abortion is nothing short of murder of a child. The reality is there is no excuse. no money, my parents said , he left me /NO excuse, God will make a way.
Hi Pastor Valentine yes, the message of 'abortion' should be vehemently preached to those committing abortions and that is, women, as well as the men who sometimes forces them to commit abortion.

Yeah adoption is a viable option. Women's self-esteem must be built via letting them no their true worth in Christ. Not only, their true worth but the true worth of the unborn.

That argument is often ignored, Bro Watson!!
That's women's lib and feminism for you. Forget the man, because I am the boss over my body. Not every man wants to see their baby terminated, but what can you do if the women insist on abortion? Take her to court, that's what you do.
Min. Jackson, I don't buy that argument one bit! If a woman is pregnant with a rich man's baby you better believe she's going to KEEP IT!

If a woman is pregnant with a poor man's baby, she's going to 'abort' it because she is considering his un-employed status and mentality of staying that way with her ending up fighting him for a nickel, if. he can scrap it together to get it, which she highly doubts. That's just the way it is.

If a true spirit-filled woman who Loves the Lord marries a true spirit-filled man, be he rich, poor or middle class she's going to keep that child. That too, is just the way it is.

Please rear just such men amidst your ministry and all of this will be a non-issue.
Watson you asked, "how come the man's income is not an issue when she is giving it up?"

I say, 'oh but it is, it is' she may be naively whoring but our blessed government is her 'pimp' refusing to let the male get off scot free if he 'knocks her up'.

Yep, the law will step right in and say, 'it's time to pay.' The Bible will second it with the flourishing reminder whisperings of "the 'wages' i.e. 'cost' of 'sin is upon you. So obey the law or, go to jail. and don't even think about praying to me to stop it because I won't!' says Wisdom who warned you in the first place (Prov. 7).
Yeah, sad but true on the one hand but on the other hand, you are comparing 'apples to oranges' with regard to your overall disposition on this issue.

From what you have stated, your problem is that 'females can get pregnant, lie about who the father is or, as you delightfully put it, 'pick-a-daddy' and then cause the said chosen one to have to spend half his income i.e 50% paying for the child's upkeep whether he believes it is his or not.'

Well, that's a whole different issue from Roe V Wade. Roe V Wade is the law of the land. A woman can terminate her pregnancy. Albeit, the original argument was 'what if a mother's life is in danger? Doctors should be able to legally terminate the pregnancy in order to save the life of the mother for the fact is, 'abortion' is a medical procedure in that way.'

Now, unfortunately, this legalized law has been abused by wretched doctors in order to make millions on the termination of life of the unborn. That is evil before God.

They will pay for this evil. As well, clergy will pay for not properly reaching out to women with regard to the ramifications of abortion.

They chose to declare a political war and put all the funds toward that, rather than declaring a spiritual war and saving the lives of millons of the unborn.

Now, that's one issue of abortion. Again, your issue is really about having to pay for the sin of fornication.

FORNICATION is defined as 'SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE.' The Bible says, it is WRONG..i.e. DON'T DO IT!

Male and female, DON'T DO IT!

If you do, the 'wages' or 'costs' in the U.S. is that the father must pay half for the child. The mother must and do understand this quite cleary Watson, pay MORE THAN HALF.

Oh, you present a picture of her sitting at home raking in Welfare but it's not that simple especially in light of the new laws that are advancing with regard to 'From Welfare To Work.'

She too, has to work for a living and darlin', a livin' is COSTLY. The 50% of any given males probable 'minimum wage' income can't even buy a proper box of expensive diapers and formula, and clothing and pacifiers, and etc. etc.

So you see, it costs her, big time. Her life is permanently altered. Not only that, she alters societies' life in that society ends up paying for the child. Thank God for the new 'From Welfare to Work' programs that are put upon her to stop her from this 'insane' behavior of pumping out fatherless children.

She is penalized in that she must now take proper care of the child and if she doesn't, here comes 'Social Services' to remove the child from her midst. . She must now get out and work. Bottom line, her body itself is permanently altered. Her life is permanently altered. The little girl must now grow up fast and take care of the life that she recklessly brought into the world.

Sin is costly Watson, for both the male and female. Not to mention, society at large who has to deal with a young, ignorant teen-ager, mothering children who end up in and out of the prison system because she has little to no education to breed into him with regard to right and wrong.

Of course, we thank God for all the exceptions to the rule who make it. However, overall that is the case.

Sin costs so much Watson, so very much and that poor, lost bewildered child unfortunately, gets the worst of it.

Let us pray down morality amidst the black culture. Indeed, amidst white, brown, yellow and red for only the Holy Spirit can make the difference now.
Hey Watson, you spoke of the 'temptation' some young women put forth with their provacative dress.'

Well, the Scripture worth heeding with regard to such matters is this: YIELD NOT TO TEMPTATION! Please, heed it.

Elsewhere, Scripture says, 'there is no temptation that has overtaken you that God is not able to help you resist.'

Galations 5 speaks of the 'sins of the flesh' and how to avoid it. One can avoid it by 'yielding to the spirit' as the Holy Spirt will help you to resist such temptation and show you the true value of love in Yahshua Hamashiach.

What I mean is, Christ will teach you to value yourself and women. To honor purity, holiness, righteousness and seek for a virtuous woman who you can love and cling to all the days of your life (Mal. 2:15; Prov. 31; etc.).

You see, truth is, the marriage bed i.e. intimacy between a man and a woman was made solely for married people.

The world is dying and the lust thereof. We must pray for our youth to become clean, sober, decent, and virtuous in their outlook with regard to this matter.

Here's how you remedy the lusts of the flesh, begin to pray for the youth to walk in righteousness. Daily pray down the Holy Spirit on our youth and you will see that you are a righteous vessel meant to be a light that God is using for His finest purpose.

His finest purpose is to turn you into a holy, warrior unleashing righteousness in a dark and dying world.
Yes Bro. Watson, I agree, that's what I said in my commentary, secular women specifically believe, 'this is my body and leave me alone.' I do not agree when it comes to the child in the womb. However, if a man has gotten involved with a secular woman then he gets the full impact of her ungodly decisions.

Let us hope that righteous men are not joining themselves together with unbelieving women so that this should be a non-issue for them. ,Afterall, Christian women believe in keeping the child in the womb.

Oh, one more thing, if a male who is unemployed with no foreseeable income gives input to a secular woman, she is just naturally going to bypass anything he has to say, see what I mean? Afterall, diapers cost money.
lol "Pick-a-daddy' eh? That's a good one. You know, the Maury Povich show is too tacky for me to watch but from time to time I have observed bits of it and seen those alleged 'DNA' tests results. Sometimes, depending on the guest, i truly believe that the staff deliberately says 'it's not, when it is' or vice/versa. It's all about the ratings you know.

Still, yeah you are right there is those who will deliberately lie like that but then, the male just has to come up with the money to get a offical DNA. As we see from the Maury Povich show the types of males that are accused usually don't have 2 nickels to rub together so the point is moot anyway.

Now, when you get down to a real, decent working man, the story changes. If she is lying it becomes a cruel injustice that he will just have to fight through the courts.

Every now and then something slips through the cracks and an ultimate injustice is wrought where the woman lies, and gets away with it. That is sad, but then, that is the price of fornication, eh? That's why God's word tells us both male and female, not to do it.It'll cost you, and like you more or less said, it has cost some.

The wages of sin, the wages of sin, eh?

Now, with regard to 'abortion' yeah, Christian women out of the will of God may feel that way and it is true, may have had an abortion. I hope all such repent. I guess, what I should have better gotten across is this, the Bible being our moral compass, if heeded, will allow no Christian woman to 'commit abortion' because the life within the womb is from God.

May all women wake up to that reality.

Oh, as for that 'GOOD AND RIGHT' 50% rule, hey, the kid's half his so he's got to pay half.


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