Feel free to visit our online shop at: http://alpha-omega-w-e-ministries-inc.myshopify.com/

Your donations & purchases makes it possible for this (w/e) ministry to purchase Bibles, socks, gloves, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, beanie caps, water, fresh fruit for women/men in rehabilitation/recovery program, bag packs for children at the rescue missions/homeless, reading glasses, care packages and so much more!!! When (w/e) hold evangelistic services (in reach/outreach) or events, (w/e) spread the Word and provide for basic needs for those within and without the church walls in the community.

Stay prayerful as more products/inventory becomes available at our online shop. As always, “to God be the Glory!!!” in all that we do. Saints whatever we do, remember to do it 1.) with God and 2.)for God 3.) all your might, heart, and soul— to please God not man. While God is doing new things in all our lives, it is important that we embrace unity and stay kingdom minded, rather than self minded and divided, God’s agenda involves a we participation effort, not a me or denominational emphasis. When all parts within the body work as a team, something amazing happens; dramatic, life-changing, divine events, and performances. W/E love all of you in Christ Jesus!!! And (w/e) look forward to networking and working with you according to God’s will and shifting.

Thanks you for your prayers and support. God send restoration, renewal, revival, growth, *deliverance in our own lives and in our congregations. “It’s time to catch on fire!”

Alpha & Omega (w/e) Ministries, Inc.

Founder/Overseers Favorite Quote: “ I DON’T NEED A PULPIT, JUST DROP ME OFF AT THE CORNER!". (Minister Paquita Henderson)


For donations ($5.00 and up), visit either links below prayerfully, by faith, with kingdom- minded perspective and supportive spirit:

http://igg.me/p/153875    OR    http://fnd.us/c/4Kns9    

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