--Am I My Sisters’ Keeper? Yes I Am!
(article in Texarkana Community Journal)
- By Sandra Dukes
There is an epidemic that has seized our nation for far too long. Its symptoms are exhibited in the form of raised ferocious fists, brutal kicks, and cruel threatening words. The plague of domestic violence is cloaked within vindictive and malicious emotional and physical mistreatment, resulting in the death of not only the body but also the spirit and the soul! These acts of violent behavior are strangling our people of its integrity and divine purpose. We are birthing generation upon generation of a populace delivered from ‘Wounded Wombs’. One might ask themselves “what can I do, why would anyone subject themselves to such treatment”? The answer to this question should be approached like any other. First we must recognize and admit there is a problem, explore the cause with research and education to seek a solution and then and only then can the healing begin. Again you may ask yourself if this infliction does not touch your life “why should I bear the duty, assume the responsibility”? Throughout history when we as a people have ignored the injustices of others it has had tragic effects on us as a whole. These atrocities which have spanned time from the “trail of tears”, the robbing of Africa of its sons and daughters and imprisoning them into slavery, the Japanese American internment, to the hate crimes of today which has scarred our nation. I contend that “yes we are our brothers’ and our sisters’ keeper”, I also contend that the atrocities fore- mentioned are no more or no less than the scourge of abuse that plagues and threatens to destroy our children and our women. If we approach this dilemma from a spiritual perspective all that is required is to read and meditate on these words in the bible;
And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?
And he [God] said, what hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground.-- Genesis 4: 9-10 (KJV)
The blood of our brother is now our sister’s and it is still crying out to be heard! We must band together and be a voice of rescue and active reform. We should have a sense of duty not only because it is beneficial to our well- being, we should reach out because it is decent, moral and loving. We must become the remedy that will cure this disease that has infested our families, community and nation. Dr. Sandy Murphy is her sisters’ keeper. She is one of the vessels from which God’s anointing flows to administer an antidote to the poison of domestic violence that infects and affects us all. Dr. Sandy Murphy, minister and noted author of Houston, Texas,* a survivor, knows too well the effects of this crime against body and soul. She is a healer of the heart and spirit who offers her service “Experiencing God through Sandy Murphy Ministries at the School Ministry & Mentoring Academy” and her blog talk radio show “Dr. Keeping It Real”. Dr. Murphy also host her television show “Real sessions with Sandy” Houston Access Cable Media Source.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse or need counseling here are a list of Dr. Sandy Murphy’s websites and a list of local ministries, organizations and agencies that can help you. I, Sandra Dukes, implore you to seek help, I too am a survivor-Let the Healing Beginning!
Websites: *You can read Dr. Sandy Murphy’s* compelling story: http://www.electladypreacher.org
*“On September 6, 1974, her then husband shot this then 18-year-old mother of two between the eyes at close range with a twelve-gauge shotgun. Even though the entire right side of her face was almost blown completely away, she miraculously survived”.

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