Well the race is finally over history has been remade we have a black man who has not only won the presidential election once in a country where not so long ago blacks and white could not even drink from the same fountain much alone be educated to the same standard but one who has the tenacity to stand again and won for a second term.

We the world have seen him compromising himself in the course of this election over the gay marriage but I hope he will now come to his senses and forget that issue and move on. Regardless though of his stance over the gay issue, there have been many, many people who claim to be believers in Christ who have placed themselves in a position where they will need to be in much repenting. Many who have forgotten that there are some battles that belong to the Lord and not battles that they should be taken on themselves.

With all that said we are all in for a very bumpy ride if the past four years are anything to go by we need to be bracing our selves because one thing is clear he cannot run the country without the cooperation of the American people and the cooperation of other leaders around the world. It is impossible to properly govern when your authority is constantly being undermine so people think about it if you want the next four years to be better than the last four then you need to be offering support to your president in much the same way you all offered it to Reagan, Bush etc. You cannot expect improvement if you don't all work together.

Now this is not just about cooperation in American but there has to be a world wide cooperation from world leaders, this nonsense of world leaders not wanting to shake his hands etc. because he is black need to be frowned upon.

Now with all that said the eyes of the world is upon America because if they go through a bumpy ride it could have a detrimental effect on the rest of us whole wide so I pray that the next four years will be much better than the last four years.

History has been made, however, there some unhappy people out there who are far from please with this decision so now we the nations must pray not only that he is able to lead with cooperation but pray for the safety of both him and his family. The family need to be covered in the blood of Jesus that means the church must get over their issues and allow God because there is a greater cause and that his keeping the president and his family covered in the blood of Jesus so that there will be a safe transition of the next four years.

Black people it is time to wake up and shake off, this victory for the second time has send a message which is clear and that is the majority of America wants to get pass the past they want to move on they want to be one nation of people regardless of colour and when you consider a country such as America there is no way that he could have been victorious in two presidential election if white people did not vote for him too so you yourselves need to realise that if you find yourself in a ugly situation after this then you need to get up shake off and move forward. Black people, America has moved on so don't continue being a beautiful people sitting in an ugly situation rise up and walk forward knowing that you are a person who matter, a person of importance.

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Yes there is truth in what you say about repentance and most don't even have a clue as to "repentance what?" 

From what I see and I am certainly not saying I see everything, but from what I do see sin is an archery term, meaning to miss the bulls-eye. Repentance is about being sorry for what we have done in part, in fact grievously sorry, which goes far beyond "oops", but the other part of repentance is going in a different direction, but most in the church still to this day have not been taught that each of us has a calling and purpose and that we are to walk in that calling and purpose. The only way not to sin is by being led by the Spirit of God, but also walking in our purpose and calling and always if we walking in our purpose and calling love, a fruit of the Spirit is generated and love covers a multitude of sin. 

So here are a few questions that we need to honestly look at so the word can get out to all in an effort to turn this thing around. Yes, 2 Chronicles 7:14 is at the heart, but are we willing to keep His commandments and one of those is the Sabbath. Back to reality, it says fairly clearly that if we do not keep His commandments we do not love God. It is that simple or complicated, the rest is justification why we do not have keep His commandments, which does not take us back to the law, but in respecting our Fathers ways, His will, His Covenants, Statutes and Ordnance's. 

Secondly and this is a big secondly, which is getting back to basics and the five fold gift ministry, which is ordained of God as it is their responsibility to make sure that people are not longer tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine and so that we can all walk neatly fit together. You know we all spout off this phrase in the marriage ceremony and then tend to forget it? Whatever God has ordained let not man put asunder. Dah? Well the five fold gift ministry is ordained of God.

Next is each of us have a calling and purpose, but we each have to seek God for a vision or dreams, which will take us to our calling and purpose, but then once knowing that calling and purpose, one needs to be trained and then needs to walk in it. So why doesn't that happen as it is supposed to? Simple answer, we are to exhort one another daily in our calling and purpose. You see that's on us to do that. So if we are not doing that then it is us that needs to repent in part as we are not following through with our jobs either? 

Here is also the importance of our calling and purpose, because if we are walking in it, each of us as we should, then this planet would not be where it is at this point. Life would be better. It is like the story where about 4-5% of the church is doing about 90% of what is getting done and that is not enough either. 

Who ever the heck started this thing or concept that all that it is important is for one to believe and the do nothing else, really isn't doing anyone any favors? I mean its like this in honesty, we get on kids for going out and having babies and not be responsible enough to take care of them, when they shouldn't, but then in the church what do we do, go out and create babies in Christ and then don't take care of them? Like dah ............?

Now we get into the great falling away, which really is important. Why do people fall away? One huge reason is that they have not come to maturity and at least according to the Bible the only way to come to maturity is through the five fold gift ministry. WE can stop the great falling away, but it will take, taking care of the babies in Christ so they can come to maturity. Part of coming to maturity is finding out our calling and purpose and then walking in it and that is really what standing in the faith means. I realize over the years standing in faith simply today means, believing that one is saved, but there is a slight difference between reality and beliefs?

You make it sound like God was the Lord of America at one time, but historically that is not the case. I read somewhere recently that American was founded on Christian principles and what came to me at least was, well maybe if Christian principles included slaughtering Indians, stealing their land and resources and owning slaves, then ok maybe? Like really was pretty dumb for someone to suggest that American was founded on Christian principles. But we can get it that way, but the only way to do it is through love as love conquers all. Nothing else will work.

Here is a biggie and each of us should ask ourselves if we are really doing the following because if we are not it is us that have been doing the backsliding, you can always tell the real people of God as they always "represent the love and will of God to all people equally on earth." Either we have or haven't. Some have, a few here and there, but if we really belong to God and that is the important part, then what we all should be doing is representing His love and will to all people equally on earth. Why do people sleep unto death? Because they take the sacraments without discerning the body of Christ. What we do to each other, whether good or bad, we do to God directly. There are today people in the body of Christ going hungry and are homeless and they are a test for us to see what we will do? Do we judge them unworthy of our help or do we accept them as a part of the body? There are angels among us and people do not even see them. How do we treat them? It is an eye opener. 

WHAT PRESIDENT OR MAN ARE YOU TRUSTING IN????  - "This is what the LORD says: "Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD. (6) He will be like a bush in the wastelands; he will not see prosperity when it comes. He will dwell in the parched places of the desert, in a salt land where no one lives. " Jeremiah 17:5-6 -  You better make sure your hope and trust is in the Lord God.

PEOPLE OF GOD, CHURCH, BELIEVERS, BODY OF CHRIST, We must repent,  humble ourselves, pray, seek God's face & turn   from our wicked ways on behalf of America and ourselves as God's people, that America will change for the better. Obama and any other man/president will not be able to turn America around.  The world's system/world's way of doing things, will not work nor is capable of bringing Ameri...
ca back to a place of wealth and flourishing like in the days of our forefathers who established America on biblical principles and the Holy Bible. There is a spiritual element of the  forces of darkness - principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12)that have long been working over and in America, to make America turn her back on God and become a Godless nation, thus positioning herself for the judgments of God as we have been experiencing with hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, terrorism, etc. God's people were mandated tohave dominion over the earth and to reign as kings (Rev 1:6) We as God's people must occupy the high places of the earth, and establish the kingdom of God/God's system & way of doing things, and operate &live by the principles and mandates of the kingdom of God, and when we do, we establish God's kingdom & God's system here in A merica and any other place where we live.  And God system is a flourshing system, wiith no lack, insufficiency, bankruptcy, and the like. - Apostle Dr. Melody Barclay

It is a good thing to repent, but know part of repentance is making things right and the whole country was based on killing Indians, stealing their land and enslaving people, which would seem to be in the wicked side. 

Are we willing in repentance, willing to make it right with people that have been wronged? If not then we are not really repenting? 

I agree that things are not right and yes I see the signs, but what is it in particular that needs to fixed in order for repentance to take place? I mean when I was rather broken, I wanted to ask people for forgiveness even though I hadn't done anything wrong? (Just in case) 

What I am seeing at least is that it is a Jonah type message that is needed.

But I also think that if we establish God's kingdom in America or God's system then we no longer have freedom of religion. It will be dictated what is right and what is wrong? 


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