Well the race is finally over history has been remade we have a black man who has not only won the presidential election once in a country where not so long ago blacks and white could not even drink from the same fountain much alone be educated to the same standard but one who has the tenacity to stand again and won for a second term.

We the world have seen him compromising himself in the course of this election over the gay marriage but I hope he will now come to his senses and forget that issue and move on. Regardless though of his stance over the gay issue, there have been many, many people who claim to be believers in Christ who have placed themselves in a position where they will need to be in much repenting. Many who have forgotten that there are some battles that belong to the Lord and not battles that they should be taken on themselves.

With all that said we are all in for a very bumpy ride if the past four years are anything to go by we need to be bracing our selves because one thing is clear he cannot run the country without the cooperation of the American people and the cooperation of other leaders around the world. It is impossible to properly govern when your authority is constantly being undermine so people think about it if you want the next four years to be better than the last four then you need to be offering support to your president in much the same way you all offered it to Reagan, Bush etc. You cannot expect improvement if you don't all work together.

Now this is not just about cooperation in American but there has to be a world wide cooperation from world leaders, this nonsense of world leaders not wanting to shake his hands etc. because he is black need to be frowned upon.

Now with all that said the eyes of the world is upon America because if they go through a bumpy ride it could have a detrimental effect on the rest of us whole wide so I pray that the next four years will be much better than the last four years.

History has been made, however, there some unhappy people out there who are far from please with this decision so now we the nations must pray not only that he is able to lead with cooperation but pray for the safety of both him and his family. The family need to be covered in the blood of Jesus that means the church must get over their issues and allow God because there is a greater cause and that his keeping the president and his family covered in the blood of Jesus so that there will be a safe transition of the next four years.

Black people it is time to wake up and shake off, this victory for the second time has send a message which is clear and that is the majority of America wants to get pass the past they want to move on they want to be one nation of people regardless of colour and when you consider a country such as America there is no way that he could have been victorious in two presidential election if white people did not vote for him too so you yourselves need to realise that if you find yourself in a ugly situation after this then you need to get up shake off and move forward. Black people, America has moved on so don't continue being a beautiful people sitting in an ugly situation rise up and walk forward knowing that you are a person who matter, a person of importance.

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Couple of thoughts. To me the presidential election was about trusting God in whatever is best for His people. 

Our choice, if you want to call it that is be of flesh or spirit. In the flesh there is black, white, Jew, Muslim and shades in-between with religions and beliefs of which some totally boggle the mind and certainly the heart. Our choices is to be in Christ or not to be in Christ. In Christ we are a new creature and if that is true, we are no longer black or white or Jew or Muslim or Christian or Hindu or .......  well the list pretty much goes on. 

I am thoroughly convinced that one cannot win in the flesh our outside of Christ. I am not trying to convince anyone of that, because we all have a free will where we can put our trust, but if we are of God then we put our trust in Him, which through the relationship with God, the trust becomes greater as time goes on. The closer and the longer we are with God the more that we trust to a point and then we get put in a place where we make a decision one way or the other. At one time I put my trust in God, which to me was the best thing I could have done and honestly since then I probably have waffled somewhat, but not intending to waffle, but I try to see things from His perspective and not my own. 

At one time He told me that He would keep me. My first reaction was, probably somewhat less than what He wanted, but it was where I was at. I didn't know what it meant or what was involved in all honesty, but I will say that Daniel had a similar situation in the lions den, of which Daniel survived it and so did I. Have to think that Daniel probably did better than I ever thought of doing, but then again? 

If we that are of Christ are putting our trust in a president, we probably are in bigger trouble than we may like to think or admit to, but I can see where it is best for the body that Obama stay in office for a while at least as it gives us much needed time. I am not so sure though that a person not in Christ can be covered by the blood of the Lamb as they seem to be outside and not inside and even if they could be protected in such a way may take them further out of God's hands then they are at this point. For example currently there are a whole lot of Christians praying for the safety of Jews in Israel and I am not convinced that is the right thing to do as we all need to come to the point of deciding whether we need a Savior or not and if one is protected, then one does not need a Savior? 

I do realize a very big deal has been made out of this marriage thing, which makes it worse, rather than better. As it goes whatever God has ordained let not man put asunder, so my big question is, if God did not put two people together then is it really a marriage? I think not. Man certainly has no right to put people together that are not ordained of God to be together and honestly if we had something to repent of that might really be a good place to start? From God's point of view is a marriage even a marriage if God had not ordained the two to be together? I would add that if we are putting people together that God had not intended then we are the ones in trouble, besides the fact that we are then misrepresenting His will. So it is not just about male and female, it is about something that was ordained by God as it is God that makes the marriage and not man, but have to give men some credit, because they keep trying, but maybe it be better if we stop trying to do something that is ordained by God?

If we really grasp why this planet is in the shape that it is in, is not because of those not of God, but those of God. The world, where Satan is the god of this world is not over Christ or God or the body of Christ, it is God and Christ and the body of Christ that are supposed to be over Satan and the things of this world. The body of Christ was ordained by God to be over Satan and his world and if we are not living that way, then it is us that is out of line. Now I have to say with the concept of being over, it is that we have been empowered by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony or the words that we speak or write as we are supposed to be living epistles. It is us that decides what happens tomorrow and not Satan or even God as it was Christ that was given all power and authority in heaven and earth and through Christ as we are His bride we represent all things for the Groom in His absence as it pertains to man, but with the power and authority also comes the responsibility of what is happening on earth as it is only the body of Christ that can fix it and if the body of Christ is not walking with God, then it is us that is out of line and not the world or those in the world. Our example was Jesus and Jesus did not pray for those in the world or of the world, but prayed for those that belonged to Him and those that belong to Him are known by our love one for the other and if the love is not there it is a counterfeit.

What has happened though is that the body of Christ has moved outside of what God had ordained and as a result the fruit of that is being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. What I clearly see is that God has a plan for everyone especially those in the body of Christ and we all have a purpose and calling and either we have sought God for that purpose and calling or we have not and as such are out of line again with God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 makes it clear that if we God's people go back to Him and His ways then He would restore us and the land, which is all badly needed. It is not just about right and wrong, but the word sin comes from an old archery term which means missing the bullseye and the only way one can hit the bullseye is for us to find our purpose and calling and then walk in it by love. Other than that we are in sin and it gets worse from there. Repentance is not just being sorry, but going in God's direction and for all of God's people it always has been about going in the direction where God has called us to go. For Israel God told them to enter the promised land. We through Christ can also enter into the promised land, but how we do that is by walking in our purpose and calling as Israel was called of God to do, to represent God's love and will to all people on earth equally, not having favoritism towards anyone or any group or church. 

As a part of repentance it probably also is a good idea to finally decide which day the Sabbath is? Always has been on the last day of week, but in Christianity it was a pope that changed it to Sunday as it was declared as the Christian Sabbath. I mean back to whatever God has ordained? Well, God ordained the Sabbath to be the last day of the week. Who am I to argue? 

Here is the good news, not just that whatever we agree to and touch anything it will be done, but we eat from the fruit of our lips, which means we decide what happens next by the words we speak and my prayer is that the body repents, gets back to where it is supposed to be, because how one can tell what is in ones heart is by the words they use or speak. The Spirit of God is love and His fruit is love and His words from Him are always about life and overcoming and not destruction. The tribulation happens because the body of Christ is not walking by faith, not just the faith they are saved, but the faith we are supposed to walk in, in our purpose and calling. One professes with the mouth what they really believe if we just listen. Are the words of life or are they words of destruction and doom? God never told anyone to walk around speaking words of destruction or doom, but of life and of peace. 

What is happening and it is an error in the body is many in the body are praying for justice, not understanding that justice always starts with God's people. Many today walk around saying America was founded on Christian morals and standards and if that is true then apparently it was ok with God to slaughter Indians and steal their land. So if we seek justice, which really sounds like a great idea, it likely means that people living in America need to surrender their homes or have them taken away. I know sounds weird, but that is how justice works The absolutely funny part about America and Christians in America is that at least the Indians knew enough that they could not own the land as it was created by the creator and Americans and Christians tend to own the land. Go figure. In fact scripture makes it clear in Psalms that it is God that owns all the land and everything on it, which takes us back to repentance again? 

I do agree with one thing, which is that we all need to learn to see things from God's perspective and what He has ordained and leave it as that. What He has ordained let not man put asunder, for any reason. It is one of those signs we carry if we really are of God, respecting what He has ordained. 

You know Sarah what I find especially among believers here and on facebook is that when it comes to president Obama people are being told it is not about being black and they should not be voting for him because he is black or that they are not supposing to be looking to man but to God. The problem was that the people who were saying this were usually the white folks who did not want Obama back in government just because He is black.

The fact is Obama is black and it means a lot to a lot of people who just a few years ago were treated worst than people treated their dogs, it mean a lot to people who know or suffered loss of their family members just because of the colour of their skin so in their eyes Sarah to have Obama as president is not a fleshly desire it is a Godly choice because to them God has come to their rescue, God has come through to make them feel they are someone, that they are important, that they are just as good as the folks who don't want Obama to succeed because he is black. No way in the Bible does it say or dictate to people that when it comes to circular government they must elect to vote for a white person because a white person is the better candidate.  The fact that many people have voted for Obama and he is black so there is a lot of people who are still scared who will feel that now they have hope now they have a chance, lots of young children who are still to this day experience the feeling of being a second class citizen because of the colour of their skin will now be able to look up and say maybe God really care for me because against the odds he has made it possible for a black man to be president not just once but twice. 
The other thing people need to stop claiming is that because people are happy that Obama is elected that one's trust is in man because if that is the case Obama would not be elected the simple matter is people place their trust in God and they prayed and prayed for the courage and the strength to make it to the polling booth and stand in a line even at the age of 90 odd, so that is not only faith in God it is placing trust in God that He would help them and those very people of that age they have been trusting in God for a long time throughout the times they were growing up and seeing the signs no black, or black at the end of the line and to them God has come through God has finally told them your faith and your trust were worth something.

Sarah at the end of the day history has been made and it could not have been made without God's approval and there are many many people who feel this is a way to bring unity to the world for all mankind regardless of colour and nationality so how we get a few people thinking that this is in the flesh only God will know.  It is like suddenly we have people failing to realise that God has always use people, whether they belong to Him or not to bring about His plans so who are we to think that electing a black man is thinking fleshly and not Godly.

The many people I hear up to the election stating if Obama wins they are separation themselves from America, people who are in Christ, people who are white and there was absolutely no other reason for this stance other than the fact Obama is black yet I don’t hear it been said that these people were thinking in the flesh come now my post was about coming together in unity as it is now clear there is a need for healing and for getting pass the past and walking forward in victory together. So what is fleshly about that desire or the joy of seeing that God has decided to give hope to people who have been suppress for a very long time and about letting people know that it is now time to realise that you are someone, that you are precious.

You know Sarah there is a lot of people who fail to realise that more than half the worlds population ave a deep seated hurt which is still very fresh because the passage of time has not been long gone, I am not america or from America but I understand because my own grandmother was born a slave child and even though I am just over fifty I know because I know my grandmother she was alive in my time, and many of the people who struggled to vote were vitcims of klu klux klan either directly or in the family so they needed to know God really care and seeing Obama many have that feeling that God has finally shown them He cres for them

There is a lot of truth to what you said, except for me I do not go to black or white or anywhere in-between as it makes no difference to me that is. To others maybe and yes, but in this election I simply sought God's will to be done, which is not always what happens as man is given a free will. I am not democrat nor republican, but simply stand with God and represent His love and will. 

Bush was put in as president as he stated he was a Christian and it was a disaster, so to me it has little to do with parties or people, but His will. Now in honesty I cannot say that it has been that way with me all the time in the past, but through time and a lot of care by God I have learned some things and to me it is to look to the Spirit of God in all things pertaining to man. 

I have worked in all sorts of churches even in the south in black churches, which really doesn't mean I am special or anything, just giving a point of reference. While in the south I lived in a house that was one of the few houses left after sherman was done touching the south. I lived in a small town called Monticello GA outside of Atlanta about 70 miles. So I am well acquainted with churches in the south and the north, black and white. 

It is true that I had and have concerns about Obama being linked to Muslims, but God gave me a peace about what was happening, which is the only thing I base any of what I wrote about. My core being is very attuned at whatever God ordains let no man put asunder, which includes me. I have no doubt in my heart that God kept Obama in office. 



I speak as a Messianic and as a Canadian so forgive my ignorance of American polotics. I struggle with the thougght that seems to expressed here that the main reason Obama  was elected was that he was black, or a inority. Perhaps I may be deluded in thinking that it was a well orgamised and hard fought election based on what each person felt was important to the nation and the people. consider that many citizens did not excercise thi

er right to vote and that translates to failure on both to get the word out. 

we here  in Canada followed this election closer than at any time due to the see saw tight race we witnesseed. We sat biteing our nails staying glued adicted to this fighht until its bitter end. WE HADTO KNOW !!!!

I am one person that stands traditionaly for minority rights. Taking stands for women, children and peoples of alternate ethnics. I appreciate the struggle of bpacks and espanics and those of other colors. But if you care about oppression maybe take a 

ook at how the original "tenants" are treated. Let us talk about the wirking poor as well, where children are neg

exted due to mom and dad both workng just to keep a sub standard home.

If blacks have risen now to the highest office America has to offer, then let us see what they have  learne in this time.  Perhaps we need to see an end to the color divide and rise up as humans.

If we can not then in my humnle oppinion we doom our selves to continue in a ghetto mentality.

Congrats Mr President,! May the next 4 years be more than anhistpric second term o a black mam for you. May these 4 years be of one where one maan went and changed things for all regardoess of race, color , cre

ceed or religion.

Hi Daniel, in my post I was not saying he was elected because he is black I was saying that it is clear with two election where Obama a black man has been elected that the majority of American has looked beyond the fact he is black which is an achievement considering it was only the other day that blacks and white in America could not even drink from the same fountain.  

That was what my initial post was about, the fact that History has been made because the America people of all race and nationality has look beyond the fact of his blackness and voted for someone who is a descendant of the very people they kept in slavery so they must be congratulated for not allowing the colour of one skin to determine the government at the same time I am telling black people of America they need to get up and go on because it is clear they no longer of a case of saying I have been kept down because I am black because the majority of American have stated loud and clear I don't care about colour anymore, I care more about your ability.

Now of course the first response came it that one should not care about the fact he is black but Daniel many do care because the fact that America has decided to go beyond the fact that he is black has given a lot of a sense of acceptance some of those people who are still alive who was not even allowed walk on the same side of the road, some who had to sit at the back of the bus, some who were treated worst than animals they finally got the chance to see that they have now finally been accepted in the country where they were born, a country which taught nothing of stringing them up on a tree or killing them because they were black finally they can say they belong.

And of course it should not matter about one's creed or religion but it did that is why a few years ago black people were even able to vote because America did not consider them people because they were black so now History has been made.  

The young black kids who opt to get involve in drugs and crime not just in America but many other country because they believe there is no place in society for them just because of the colour of their skin now have hope because history has been made, a history where the majority of people in America black, white, spanish have taken a stance that colour is not what we want to decide our future because they too now have a role model, they now know that their hard work can pay off before all they saw was the white man's hard work paying off and theirs became shattered dreams

By the way there were more people who did not vote for him because he was black than who actually voted for him because he is black.

Oh and by the way remember I am not American either just an observer like you Daniel so no vote from me there

there was an article I read that made the comment that the nation that conquered the most territory or countries was England. 

In history indeed many nations were influenced by England, Scotts, Ireland, parts of Africa and Americas,  India even china and Japan. The majority of "Christianized" nations also came from English Missionaries. Much of modern theology came first from Greek text and latin, the first translations (from Greek/Latin) were english, the King James "authorized" and not so authorized Tyndale, and Weslian translations as well as Knox . English lead in the slave trade and English lead later in the abolishing. 

All of us our ancestors were at onetime slaves or servants. But the most repressed  are the "first nations" peoples who still to this day suffer . I know history Angela, I know about repression and subjugation. I was raised by a very liberal mother and trained on rights. . 

We need to speak up not just for Blacks, but every repressed nation and color, of the subjugation of women and mal treatment of them in some nations. Honor killings must stop,The abortion of fetuses simply because they would be female in favor of boys ... the poor and impoverished, I need not go on

Imay not agree completly nor trust Obama .. but America is not my country, so I simply express my opinion, wether or not any agree. Had I been American I would have had a hard choice , but I will say as a Canadian this was by far one of the most interesting campaigns I have seen A real nail bitter to the end! Now what ?? No hockey .. and reruns ... I think I will discontect my cable loll 

That is really good stuff on the history of what we call the Bible. Always wondered who authorized? I mean that tells me there are some thing missing if it had to be authorized to start with and the English were control freaks to the max. 

Honoring past is not a bad or good thing as long as it does not replace what God has done for us? Salvation in part is partially about giving up our past? I guess what I see is that with God and through God we have a calling and purpose and a future and well, honestly should have a present if we believe that we can do all things through Christ? Many believe we have no power. A few believe we may have some gifts and very few believe we can bring change, but how do we bring change, by our pasts or by what God has given for us.

My concern whether correct or not as I do not have all the answers, our salvation is in looking forward and doing and not going back to where we were or came from? The concept is to die to self and I would think that would be our past as well? 

Mind you this or anything I write does not mean I am right in anything, but it is certainly something to be seeking God about, as to what to do with our pasts and our futures? 

I am going to assume you dont mean all of us as in the ever single nation in the world were ever slaves, I know you mean the people you are refered to as the minority was slaves at one time or the other, that may well be true, not sure how many nations have been slaves but I do know that the blacks have suffered the longest and most as slaves. I am aware of course of the terrible circumstances of the holcust which liken our past yours and ours.

However as a black person I can almost sympatise with the feelings of black America (note I say almost) because as well as being slaves there was a great robbery of our identity, language, cultural, our past and no one has ever stood up officially and said sorry.  The holocaust was disgraceful but the reason so many of the Jewish people are getting over it and moving on is because there have been an official recognition and apology for what occur. There have never been anything of the sort for black people no one was brought to justice, no one truly acknowledge the wrong in fact there have been attempt to cover up and no one have compensated the viticms, our mothers were raped, some torn from there husband and raped, families torn apart and sold, names changed etc but no one has gotten up and said we recognised that a wrong was done, that is one of the reason black people have not put closure to this episode.

Now note I said I can almost sympatise the reason I choose not to waller in it is I refuse to accept that I in anyway am inferior to anyone.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made a daughter of a King therefore I am as good if not better than any man or woman alive which include the queen or president or prime minister of any nation. From a child I had the sense that nothing and no one can stop me from being what I want to be except God and that where ever I am at in life I am just as good as even the next queen of leader ofany nation, there may be a difference in our finances but in status as a human being I am a match or better to another human and that is the same principal I installed in my children.

To me to waller in the past is to place yourself beneath another man by allowing your circumstance to keep you down and I dare or challenage anyone to look down or cast aspertion on me because of the colour of my skin because believe me I will use any means legally to get recompense, that has been my stance all my life from a child growning up and my youngest daughter took my training exceedingly well when she was five someone at her primary school called her chocolate in the play ground and she marched right into the school to the headteacher and she stated I have just being called a chocolate which is a racist remark and I demand to know what you as the head teacher intend to do about it, because I have a right as a hman being to be treated with the same respect as anyone else. The head teacher was so stunt at how my five year old asserted herself that she straight away got on the phone of the parents of the children that were involved and the parents were called into the school and the matter address and dealt with. The headteacher then called me explain what had occured and told me that never in her life had she encounter such a brave and well verse five year old who knew her rights as a human being and who demanded her right in the most profound and professional way that she had ever heard.  The head teacher congratulated me and having a child whose manner and standard of what she would or would not accept and one who was so articulate.

You see we are all created as one and we are all created equally but you have to believe and know that you are and many people do not believe so even though slavery has been gone many still have the slave mentallity because no one nation's government have gotten up and said sorry it was wrong no one goverment have aknowledge the wrong and remember the black people were slave to almost every conceivable nation so it was wide spread.  No one dare talk about the mass killings of the blacks on the ships while they were chained and thrown abroad etc.

So while I will agree that the Jewish people have too suffered I don't agree that every other nation were slaves, some nation were I will agree were repress such as the Irsih but they were not slaves. A slave has no choice or rights.

Some had other terms... like what was a serf? Anglo Saxons were conquered by Normans  and became slaves, others were hauled off by Vikings and Danes, Romans made slaves' of many nations , before them Babylon and so on... Empires rose, Empires fell each "nation" Dominated and were dominated. Crowns fell to make way for new greed. 

 By far the 2 most notorious nations that enslaved were Rome and Britain. American First Nations are still a subjugated people and treated as minor class citizens with minimum rights and privlages... so add those years against the oppression of Blacks. 

Understand I do not deny the oppression of minority groups, and niether do I ignore the abuse of black persons in NorthAmerica. Nor am is silent in regard to modern tapetstry of oppression displayed by genocide of fellow "blacks" over tribal issues or worse due to religion in regard to the Christian - Muslim conflictg in the Sudan. 

I pray against and speak against all forms of oppression. While first nations complain here in my nation how bad it is, we arrange tours of Mexico for them so they under stand there are worse things that others may face. 

Perhaps a tour of the Sudan or other countries that suffer extreme conditions and face the crime of genocide. 

Jews suffer, Christians still suffer, blacks suffer, browns suffer, reds suffer, Messianics suffer. My people die every day every hour for the right to pray to the God of their choice . Just this month 1,000 Netzari were slaughtered and beheaded because they worship Elohim and not Allah . At the writing it is November 12, 2012

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he has chosen for his own inheritance." Psalm 33:12 Well we know that the LORD is not the God of America. And that why America is not blessed, because it has made other gods, idoalatries, backsliding & whoremonging with things of the world it's god. Therefore, "If My people which are called by My name would humble themselves and pra...
y, and seek My face and turn from their wicked  ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their lands." 2 Chronicles 7:14. The church/people of God must get in the posture of prayer and stay there, until we see God move in our nation as needed, and until America becomes again "One nation under God, and In God we trust." - Apostle Dr. Melody Barclay

Well you do realize that the pledge of allegiance started in 1892 and was changed for times and the last time it was changed was about 50 years ago to read "one nation under God" but that was not the original version? The founding fathers concept was freedom to practice one's own beliefs, which does not mean the nation was formed under or around God? 

The phrase in God we trust first was used for the first time in the currency in 1864 and was not a motto of the US until !956.

What is important is if we preach or teach things, they need to be accurate, which is not a put down, but you make it sound like the US was founded on trusting God and it was always one nation under God, which were things added at a later date, but affects a statement like God wants us to return to one nation under God and and that we stopped trusting God. Perhaps many have, but there have been a number of people from the very beginning that have not trusted God, but the inference is that everyone trusted God and we need to return to that like it was at one time. God no doubt is saying trust Me. But it is like a prayer to say one nation under God and in God we trust.  


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