Apostles and prophets are sent by God to bring order, holiness and truth to His churches. Most leaders do not receive them because they are corrupt or ignorant to the Word of God. In Ephesians, chapter 4 and 1 Corinthians, chapter 12, apostles and prophets are high ranking officers of God. We need true and perfect apostles and prophets to eliminate lusts, lies and unclean living by God's saints. A-men

                                                      Apostle, Riley

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ALL the questions and comments I make can be backed up with scripture so if you have an issue with what I say go to God about it and me.


As I stated earlier, if you don't like what I have to say then pass by my comments and move or better yet see if there is a way you can block me.


I can do the same for you.


I'm too old to be "cyber-bullied" by some elitist reverent hiding behind a computer screen lol!!!


Shouldn't you be in bed anyway so you can go pimp some ignorant church folk out of their hard-earned money in the morning?!


Be blessed man of God!!!

You are wicked, confused and dumb. These discussions are above your level. The more you defy authority, then you mark your destiny toward becoming a reprobate.


                                              Apostle, Riley

     You state in your post, "We need true and perfect apostles and prophets to eliminate lusts, lies and unclean living by God's saints."  Change in the church can only be achieved by preaching a "change message."  There is to much prosperity preaching going on today and to much prophecy (divination).  People are more concerned with the "laying on of hands" to have church patrons fall down to the ground.  They fall down and get back up without any significant or real change.  

     Change comes by preaching repentance (repent) Greek "metanoeo" meaning to change one's mind.  Most prophets today do not operate under the same mantle as biblical prophets.  Today there is more fortunetelling going on in the church rather than biblically inspired prophecy. 

      Acts 16:16, "And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination (prophecy) met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying (prophesying):"  What people do not realize is that just because a word of prohecy comes to past it does not mean that is was a word from God.  As long as a person is prospering materially, who is going to want to submit to change?

     Ministers are supposed to deliver a word from God that changes people.  Today the message has been changed to a "feel good" message that is primarily concerned with emotional happiness and self-gratification through prosperity preaching.

Good post!

This true.... But true apostles and prophets must take a stand. Come against false teachings and false apostles! I am ready and willing to rebuke those false leaders, so a change can happen. god is displease with leaders who compromise with sin and the Devil. The truth will set God's people free. It is time for saints to be saints.



                                                               Apostle, Riley

My brother they did, and there is no way you are a true apostle. YOU know that as well as I do!


You will be cursed!!! You are a heretic. I am who God says I am, "An Apostle". You have a reprobate mind and your followers have a delusive mind. You are blind and all who follow you will fall in a ditch.


                                                   Apostle, Riley



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