Are their Pastor's with a healthy productive relationship with their Deacon Ministry? Methods of success?

I would like to provoke a discussion of the relationship of Pastor's with their Deacon Ministries/Boards. (Which ever applies) If you are experiencing success, what key principles have contributed. If you are having issues or challenges in this area, what would you say is the problem?

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I really appreciate the openess to the responses that are posted. I agree that this is a real issue worthy of much discussion and I wish could be addressed from a national platform by prominent leaders of the church who have the attention of the public. I am helped by the responses of both areas being the Pastoral Ministry and Deacon Ministry. I hope the discussion continues along with suggestions for improvements and ideas for advancement from these challenges.
thanks for the link information...looks like it was a lively discussion.
I'm wondering if this is also a situation where a "spirit" affects persons who serve in deacon capasities. I find it interesting that the same patterns are found through out the country. I Pastor in the south (texas) and I am hearing and reading about some of the same characteristics from other areas and churches. Perhaps this need has to be addressed in "spiritual battle" as well. Another question, some churches have women deacons, not deaconess, but actually deacons. Are they practicing the same traditions of power struggles? What about large churches or "mega churches" what are those conditions and relationships with Pastoral Ministry.
I love that living bible translation. I do agree that more attention needs to be on training before the appointing to be a deacon. This brings to mind a statement that I heard a old preacher say, ( Dr. G.W. Winters of Bmt. Tx) he made a statement that said, "Sometimes we create our own problems..."


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