Are we supposed to be separate from sinners or not? Are we suppose to look act and mingle with the world? Aren't there places that I should not go as a child of God. If a young lady is saved (born again) but single is it OK for her to marry a sinner? What do you think about this?

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a gossiper does not necessarily have to be a heretic. Heresy means that ones beliefs are in conflict (in Christianity) with the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

a gossiper can believe in Jesus and just be overtaken in the fault of gossip(sin)
I know what it means, I was saying the guys statement was both gossip and heresy
how heresy?
Amen, I remember going on a adseg dorm in a prison (adminstrative segregation) the women are in their cells and not allow to come to church services because of discipline problems.

When we and my team mate walked in some covered their heads with their blankets while others greeted us.

We started with small talk, where you from?, Dallas, I asked them had they ever been to the Cliff Club,that I use to party there, blankets flew off, the dorm belong to Jesus. (I won't go into details about the Cliff Club) but it gave me a testimony to them. A way to show them a change was possible for them, if HE did it for me, HE would do it for them.
Amen Brother Luckett! This is the comment I was looking for when I posted the discussion. Some folk like to argue, they look for things to be argumentative about. There is a thin line between those hanging around their old friends and claiming to witness to them. When I got saved the Lord taught me a valuable lesson about this. I was content on witnessing to my unsaved friends, most of were thugs and gangsters. God didn't want me to go around them to witness to them, but he allowed them to come to me. I decided to go around them anyway and witness to them and the Lord kept warning me. One day I and my unsaved friends was walking to the store and my friends got into a shoot out with some guys in a car and I just stood there bullets flying holding my bible. The Lord protected me but I knew what he meant we he said "come out from among them." BE YE SEPARATE!
Brother I would never spread lies!The church I'm speaking of is Valley Harvest Ministries,Bentonville Arkansas,I was part of it,I went with one of the pastors that left because of the response to the people by the senior paster/founder.He didn;t need anyone who wouldn't follow him completely,which was stated in a meeting of the church .As far as complaints filed against this brother G Craige,thats all i'm saying is that it's multiple complaints.And when we put our children under the word of the accused,before we find out one way or another,we're at fault.and with this situation happening in multi states,all i'm saying is you know who's trying to attack you,why keep putting yourself in that position.I served the law for 15yrs,so i know that an accusation could be just that,but why then do you settle foranything besides a trail,to prove COMPLETE innocense!A lot of what he preached was helpful,but then don't live it.And when as they say in law enforcement theres a paper trail of inappropriateness,somebody needs to look into that.I CAN"T MAKE THAT UP! The only reason I said something about this is because it hiy close to home.And I would never slam a person,saved or not,somethings we are responsible for not just the youth!!
That is why brother we don't look for certain pastors, we look for pastors coming with the word of God. HE is love! Man is but of flesh and blood.
I did not say that you were saying lies about the church splitting up. But as far as you saying all the other stuff, sounds like gossip. Do you know how many religious leaders have lies put on them? And Satan is an accuser of the brothers. When I first got saved the brother that witnessed to me had a lot of lies against him. It was so bad until when he tried to witness to me I didn’t want to hear him. Eventually the whole neighborhood came to realize these were lies sent by the Devil. A lot of souls were saved through that brother and he was nothing like the lies that the devil spread. I seriously doubt if there is one leader that doesn’t have something going around about them. I need proof, where are the witnesses? where is the arrest and the conviction? Until you, I have heard nothing but the marvelous works from Craig Lewis Ministry and I have seen his fruit. I know of some of the people he deals with in ministry and they will cast him to the wind if they thought anything was wrong.
Before this topic gets out of hand I personally want to APOLOGIZE,to any one offened,I'm not going to be one of these guys on here to debate my opinion.Facts or facts and thats,that!(Matt10:14)AND WHOEVER SHALL NOT RECIEVEYOU,NOR HEAR YOUR WORDS WHEN YE DEPART OUT OF THAT HOUSE OR CITY:SHAKE OFF THE DUST OF YOUR FEET!! (MATT10:22) AND YE SHALL BE HATED OF ALL MEN FOR MY NAME"S SAKE,BUT HE THAT ENDURE TO THE END,SHALL BE SAVED!As a soildier of the lord I do what,is reveal to me,not start wars,it's to easy.prevention is worth a pound of cure on all sides is my point,Thats all,no malice intent here.Just revealing what happen in my neck of the woods!
I understand where you are coming from and I also don't mean to offend anyone. But I got to say what the Lord put on my heart also. God bless you brother.
Just remember we should ALL search our hearts, including me.


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