Are we supposed to be separate from sinners or not? Are we suppose to look act and mingle with the world? Aren't there places that I should not go as a child of God. If a young lady is saved (born again) but single is it OK for her to marry a sinner? What do you think about this?

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Brother, the word states to not be unequally yoked. We live in this world but are not of it. The answer to your question is simple, Yes!! we are seperate,but there are those that complicate it with a spirit of legalism.

If my salvation wouldn't keep me saved around sinners, I couldn't minister in prisons. A born again saved young woman, would not be interested in a unsaved man, Our young women fall into this because we dressed them up in long dresses to the floor, take off their makeup, tell them not to go to a movie theater, a circus or a zoo......

All of which that do not have anything to do with salvation, they get interested because they are simply lonely. We have to teach them and our young sons as well, what their blood covenant of virginity means. How they are less likely to be tempted if they stay virgins until marriage, and how they will not need to compare their mate with someone else from their pass when they get into their undefiled bed.

How stealing is just not about taking with their hands but how their motives can steal others dreams, how murder can be accomplished with the tongue in gossip causing others to become the living dead.

So much we need to teach them, and when they understand why, what, and most of all that who they served ascended and sits at the right hand of God and is their advocate and the authority for now and forever, the Snoop Doggs and JayZs, Eves and lil Kims, become less attractive and appear as death to them.

And i'm not giving up on Snoop Dogg, for I know a man that make him holler who let the dogs out!, and turn JayZ into Jesus in my llife, Eve will give life to a new creation and lil Kim will know that she is mighty in the Lord, we can't give up on them, look at Candi Staton, Helen Baylor, look at ME,

Yes, we are seperate from the world, but most of all we are a light to them and not a blinding light,
Hello Sister, I have to say amen to most of what you are saying. However, I wasn't talking about going around them, I mentioned mingling with them, like hanging out at the clubs or going other places they shouldn't go. Did you really think I was saying don't go around sinners? LOL, I worked around sinners for years and lived around them and have witnessed to them on the streets of Detroit. I was a barber in my home for years and many of the thugs in the neighborhood would come to my house for a hair cut, some of them were my friends when I was growing up. Many of them were drug dealers and killers wanted by the police, and I didn't let that stop me Because the Lord wanted me to witness to them about Jesus. Many of them were blessed and became born again and were saved as a result. they put away their drugs and gave their life totally to Christ. Two of them became ministers of the gospel and are my closest friends, so please don't mis-understand the questions here.

What's on the inside usually manifest itself on the outside, if a person is taught correctly when they first become saved, and they receive enough word in their heart, they will learn how to walk in the light. No one here wants to dress up the people of God on the outside without first dealing with the inner man. But there are those who refuse to walk according to the word of God. In my home church in Detroit, there was a young lady that had been raised in the church, that began to court a brother that had a serious problem with his life style. Everyone in the church warned her not to marry him and she did it anyway. To make a long story short it was a total disaster. They were divorced in less than six months.

Now as for the Snoop Dogs and the JayZs, all I can do is pray for them but if they come around me, I'm going to tell them to repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and not to continue to go down the path their on or they will perish. And if I saw a child of God listening to their music, I'm going to say put away that filthy music, because they worship the Devil and Satan is trying to get a hold on you through their music. All of this I will do with love, but I refuse to hold back and keep silent.

What about mixing the profane with the sacred?

I will address this from two angles:

Jesus Christ said:
I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Luke 5:32

We must go among them for them to hear the gospel because many won't come to our Churches. I wonder why? I find that unbelievers are not impressed by what they see in American Churches. I do however think that most will use this scripture as an opportunity to justify unions with unbelievers. Many that claim to be Christians have friends that live contrary lives and the subject of Jesus never comes up. Which brings me to the next scripture:

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

We as believers must be very careful of this because God's word is our guiding light.
Amen Brother!
The word mingle means to unite with or agree with, so your answer as I said earlier is simple, what business does light have with darkness.

where I think, I and your wife differ is on "calling" some saints are called to to minister in love, and some with fire, by no strength of their own, but with the love of Jesus in their hearts,

it's funny you brought up night clubs, God had to deliver me from reveling, in my youth, I loved the night scene, the drama of it, but when I gave my life to God, I had to choose, and of course obeying God's word I came from amongst them.

The church taught me, stengthen me, showed me how praise something that was benefitting my soul. I thank God for my church. Those things it had been teaching me all along.

But God called me to go right back to those people in the world, I loved with a message, a new walk, and talk. I love them because I was once like them and understand that God can change and use them, just like he did me.

See you guys may see mini skirt, baggy pants wearing, and it appear despictable to you, I see testimonies for Jesus.
Fugett said: See you guys may see mini skirt, baggy pants wearing, and it appear despictable to you, I see testimonies for Jesus.
We don't see that as despicable those are your words. What we were speaking of are women being in the church that know better dressing like whores to tempt the brothers. We are not speaking of new converts or sinners. With proper teaching they will know how to dress.

There is no excuse for people that KNOW BETTER. And for the record we don't get mad at you, God is mad when people don't rightly divide his word.
Please get over it, you hold a grudge like no other. Me and my wife both witness with love and fire when needed. You heard us say one or two things about the way young people dress in the church and you're running with it. As if we would not witness with love to young people wearing mini skirt, baggy pants. LOL, you are so funny!
I've seen this guy GCraige Lewis,cause a church I was attending to split literally.Someone thought this should be shown others didn't,the pastors character came into question,because of private conversations he had with certain indiviuals.Then G.Craige Lewis record came up.This man is a long way from a prophet.with a rhema word,as a matter of fact,after many of his meetings he's been accused of some degrating acts.and even though there have'nt been any convictions yet,I guess that answers one of your questions,because his defense is,being caught in these positions,he claim to be spreading the word of God.And God would be in the streets with the prostitutes,drug dealers,gang bangers,robbers etc.,He would be in the clubs making the music short out people spill thier drinks,step on each others shoes,get so angry that they would want to leave that enviroment,and have a revival on the parking lot! as far as a young lady marring a sinnerif it's known from the beginning NO,but so many come in as one kinda of person and end up being another entity completely.So YEAH,we must go were they are to bring them out,and my true love of the FATHER will protect me,because He"s already given the devil a chance to sift me and the devil loss.So I believe in the power given me by the LORD!
AMEN,great question!!
Amen brother! thank you, see they get mad at me, but I'm trained in a field, where when ones come with hell and damnation ONLY, always attacking others, they have issues of their own

The tricky part is that it's mixed with truth, that is why we must wait for the fruits to come forth, thanks for picking this one and showing us.
Brother, this sounds a lot like heresy to me. Gossip?
Gossip is not heresy or do you mean hear say?
I was saying both


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