I Would love to have Feed Back, From Female Pastor's ( Mainly Single Female Pastor's ) On Your Convictions, Experience, Ect. In Fullfilling Your God Given Calling..And Your Exceptance To this Great Work as Pastor, When it has NOT been Embraced By ALL..Being a Female Pastor..!!!

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Hellp Elect-Lady Lockett this also Elect-Lady Sylvia Diane and yes women are also called to preach God's word because if we believe the word of God when it truly declares that we can do all things through Jesus christ which strenghths us Phillippians 4&13 so I do believe that women are also called to preach God's word to those who need to it because I'm doing all kinds of different things in the church I also teach sunday school and I strongly believe within my heart that I'm going to become a pastor's wife and pastor's just don't preach God's word women are called to become a pastor as well
Thank You for your Comment...Keep Holding on to what you Believe..In the Beginning there were NO Gender We were Both In the Mind of GOD !!! MALE AND FEMALE !!!! Be Blessed !!!!
Thank you very much Elect-Lady Lockett
Praise God for your timely Comment..Yes I ''STRONGLY'' Believe as you Believe..the Same Teachings the Same Principals ..
Kingdom Blessings
Pastor Nancy
thank you mommie
Hey mama how are you doing I know that you have been busy
"First of all we know that there is no male or female in Christ. God doesn't look at our gender when it comes to calling us and anointing us."

Are you sure you want to base your calling on this statement?
You are sliding down a slippery slope when you make statements such as these when the Word of God has not said this- in the context that you are speaking it.
If women want to use this scripture to pastor aren't homosexuals (and before you say it KNOW that I am against homosexuality and KNOW that it is sin) able to use this same scripture to condone their life/lifestyle and yet claim to be saved and filled with the Spirit of God?
The bible has CLEARLY stated that God is the head of man and man the head of woman. Paul (through Jesus) has given us clear instructions on how to organize our churches and if the bible is silent on an issue (i.e. women pastors) and does not speak expressly about it should we not make it so by using our own intellect and philosophy
The bible doesn't speak on a few things expressly however, it is not right to do these things nonetheless.
I agree, I believe a woman can be a great teacher, preacher and evangelist but as far as pastorship is concerned how can she be a pastor when God has said He is the head of man and man the head of woman?
If your statement is true then what we've been taught to believe about homosexuality is not true, am I right or wrong?
Seeing that there is "no gender in Christ" what would homosexuality matter then?
Especially seeing now that they are trying to get married all they would have to do is get "saved" and then they'd be right in the eyes of God.
Is that what you are saying with this statement?
Thats a real easy question no women aren't called to pastor, thats right I know alot of men won't stand up with me here but thats ok.


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