Are you Celebrated or Tolerated? Do you know? Should you care? Who does this apply to?

The time is past time, yet it is now time. That man (mankind-man, woman, boy, girl)  will and has turned from sound doctrine. Now it is not a matter of just the (some) busy bodies in church, who has worsen.  (some)-The Deacon and Deaconess not following their true assignment, yet they run the church and very few seek God for the the man/woman and or the church. The (some) usurers at the doors of the church setting the unwelcoming atmosphere, when it seems to be someone visiting that is not their liking. The (some) administrators tipping in the benevolence change, not returning important calls, that the pastor never knew called. Those (some) who are placed in various functions of the church body, carry on as if though,  they are irreplaceable. Children under the age 21 being molested, in the church, and then being made to feel like dirt and befriended, because they were violated. Have been sworn to secrecy. They (some) are ruined. It would take an act of God to get them back in church, due to the filthy spirits released in and dumped on them! We want even talk about sexual immorality-homosexuality, lesbianism, silly women laid captive when the bible tells that man to run, she is a black widow-and he'd get caught in her web. A social and political environment that has been labeled "The House of God"!  In the church when you see desolation and abomination the time is near. The Kingdom of God is at Hand. Small or large congregation, is God Celebrated or Tolerated? Is Jesus still knocking to come and sup with you or is He kept out of the
very service you (some) take up a collection in His name. Some say this is the real world. So that means some are saying The Kingdom of God must be a figment of our imagination! We see our little children being taught through television of carried out acts by children and we want turn our television channel. We are so divided that (some) everyone separates when thay get home to their own room, each with TV, games, DVD and more, not to mention sitting down to have grace and fellowship while eating together. The most interested thing in this hour is not just the water down messages and tolerated sin in the church. God forbid if the Word convicts anyone, they might not pay tithes or better yet this anti-spirit that Christians use after using up folk and have a dead prayer life (some) say their season is up and seek like their father, the devil (which is the children of disobedience) whom they may devour. Believers (some) change churches and pastors more than their clothes. Never rooted, grounded, never still, never submitted to leadership, complained about everything, rarely lifting a hand other than for the micro-phone, not faithful, yet boastful, prideful, lovers of themselves. Then there are those shepherds whom Jeremiah, Paul, even Jesus Himself, called some vipers, hypocrites! Where is the sacrament and respect of God's house! How long will we tolerate evil to rain in the position of Holiness? Who's held accountable? Ezekiel 34 Talks about God tolerated and not celebrated, see ch.44, see ch.45. Here is a question are you celebrated or tolerated by God? Do you know?

servant Ann Sampson (inspired by The Holy Spirit)

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