If you are a progressive Pastor who is anointed and who knows that God has called you to His Kingdom work, you have probably figured out that there is more to building a successful ministry ( numerically and financially success) than being anointed and capable of ministering. You have probably wondered what are the dynamics that allows some ministries to grow and others remain stagnant? I can assure you that it is not necessarily the preaching ability of the leader because we all know that no matter how well you are used by God, there are some people you cannot reach and others you can just by virtue of them being able to relate to you. That is no indictment on you. It is the way God designed it. That is why the disciples came from diverse backgrounds.

     If you really want a mega church that does mega ministry to reach mega people, you have to do ministry on purpose not " just cause." I am sure that some well meaning person will try to debate this with me and talk about " it is the anointing," or " it is the Spirit; " and while I will agree that you need both, I will also show you ministries that have them and year after year struggle to grow.

     The secret that you don't hear from some of those who are reaping the benefits of a ministry that is financially strong and numerically strong is that they have the anointing and they have strategy. The get the advise of people who are both spiritual and who have the business knowledge to take ministry to another level. For example, there is a ministry in North Carolina ( I want call the name) that is growing leaps and bounds. It is growing so fast that they have several locations and they are not only feeding the hungry but providing rehabilitation programs that don't require government input. In other words, they are taking care of the spirit of man and the natural needs of man as God designed.

    You can do that as well, but you will need strategy and input from those who know how to get you to that point.

     I have had the opportunity to purchase a 1.9 million dollar structure in Atlanta, Ga and at the time we only had about 30 members with us. At the same time we went on national television and added another $5,000.00 a month to our budget and with only 30 people we were able to manage a budget of $20,000.00 per month. Not bad! How? Because my background is in Theology, Information Systems Security, Real Estate Development and Investment, Project Management and Management. The skills I did not have, I hired outside sources to handle and in a short period of time we had hundreds attending our services.  You can do that too with the right strategy, prayer and fasting and the right team. I can help. If you are serious about moving forward and growing, no matter how big or small you are, you need expertise. Write me for a free consultation of your ministry and what needs to be done at drwillardsmith@gmail.com.

Please do not write me if you are not serious about Kingdom business and if you are not willing to do what it takes to see God bless your ministry. When you write, please put " I want to grow my ministry" in the subject box or we may not respond to it.

On the other hand, you are welcome to comment on this discussion.

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