Its a new season to leave all the issues, people and situations that have been draining . oppressing us  for years . We should be in healthy relations ships that complement and enhance our lives and  encourage and assist  us to full fill the call and purpose and destiny of God upon our lives.As Pastors we are not called to Pastor , the goat, and wolves and the rebellious people that dont want to hear and obey Gods word. After a period of time and no change we are to  leave them in the hands of the Lord and go on and feed the willing flock..Whats you thoughts and ideas.? Love is not to drain and kill your selves  and wear your selves out.The Bible states it should be a joy and not a burden to Pastor Gods people.

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I never read in the bible that the Lord or the disciples...etc..etc.. had to pump and prime (pet if you please) people to follow them. They were following them because they wanted to. Even the children of Israel it was up to them to rebel or not. and we see what happen when they rebel against God and we also she the outcome when they decided to return back to God.

Pastor need to understand yes you love them and do what you can.. But the bible told them to feed the sheep, preach that word, rebuke, exhort..etc..etc... Not to be in clicks, and be buddy buddy, Be a leader.... (hope yall understand what I'm saying)

Too many pastors are having heart attacks, strokes.. and dying because of the stress and the worrying some of them are doing to much... for people that use them... ( Hope yall understand what i'm saying)

It's time for a Pruning.... teach those that want to be taught... go out in the highways and compell other to come.. Because there are many that want to be saved, that wants to be obedient.... yes you are going to have some bad eggs in mist.. But the bible states let the wheat and the tare grow together and God will do the seperating or pruning if you please....
Evangelist Kyles, This is very well written and so true. Thanks so much.
Great cmments, Lets continue to discuss this subject


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