"asking Jesus into your heart" is that in the bible?... A question I  had to aske myself a few years ago as a travelling preacher  Was there anyone who asked “Jesus into their heart” in the bible?

... I could’nt find one example of anyone asking Jesus into their heart in the bible.

Many today like me have preached this type of salvation, a Romans 10;9 salvation,  we had forgotten that that souls were saved in Acts. That’s how the church began in Acts.  

Then I saw two things. First salvation in Acts 238 repent and be baptised everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is what the apostles preached, and if it’s the gospel then, it’s still the gospel now, wouldn’t you say?

We’ve left out the book of Acts...and jumped straight into Roman’s!

The epistles were given to correct what’s wrong with the church. So rather than preach what’s in Acts, like salvation, we preach the problem, what’s in Romans. Strange, Romans was written in AD 57. 24 years after Acts.

My question then was, what did the apostles preach as a salvation message for those 24 years? The answer, I found was Acts 2:38 (the completion of John 3:5)... Wow.. Imagine having that kind of church meeting this sunday in your church, Pentecost Acts style?

The choice is ours, truth or error, it starts with us the preacher!

For me I will preach it like they had it and then trust God to do it as he wants it. Acts 2:38... why not?


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Thank you my sister for your participation...I feel this is a subject that all good preachers should have a clear bible based answer too. We are exhorted to preach sound doctrine and the only gospel... if any man preaches another gospel let him be cursed (Gal 1:8) and as you noted its common to preach a gospel where the message is "invite Jesus into your heart" and "pray this prayer after me"....  The Lord bless you...

May I encourage you as a preacher to become involved in healthy discussion. See it as a way to foster understanding and so become better communicators of truth ourselves. If you can challenge your own ideals youre more likely to arrive at truth quicker than those that don't. What we should fear is not the test of truth, but the absence of it.


     Is asking Jesus into your heart simply acknowledging that He is your Lord and Saviour?  Is it simply a public statement professing one's faith in Jesus?  Matthew 10:32, "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven."

     Careful not to get caught up with The Book of Acts Religion.  Man creates religion.  God looks at and searches the heart. 

Mybrother every book in God's word is my religion

Has anyone found an example of someone, just one person who asked Jesus into their heart in the bible? of course what about the masses in the book of Acts were they saved and if so how?

What about "repeating a prayer after me, the sinners prayer!" Where is this is in the Word? yet we say we live to preach the gospel. If its not the gospel then folks are not saved. If folks are not saved when we preach, have we preached a lie declaring in the pulpit that which is false. Have we deceived people by preaching an easy believism?.

So how do we know what's the gospel and what gospel is the true gospel.. Look at what the apostles preached. In Acts. They preached salvation and souls were saved. So lets do it their way, would'nt you agree!

I'm not condemning anyone thats not the tone of my message just something I had to face in my own life that made me study the truth as it was in Acts, not the gospel which was and is now popular. If I can help another to see the apostles doctrine and not churchified stuff then Amen.



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